The sticharion (also "stikharion" or "stichar"; Greek: στιχάριον; Slavonic: стихарь) is a liturgical vestment of the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, roughly analogous in function to the alb of the Western Church. It is a long, narrow robe with loose sleeves, fastened at the neck, and often open down the sides but held shut with buttons. Thus in form, it is close to the dalmatic and tunicle of the Western Church. There is usually a cross embroidered or appliquéd to the center of the back, between the shoulder blades.

The sticharion is often made from brocade and worn as an outer vestment by altar servers, readers, subdeacons, and deacons. It is also worn as the undermost vestment by bishops and priests; in this case, it is often made from a simpler fabric, usually white. In the Russian tradition, a bishop's stikharion can be more elaborately embellished than a priest's and is sometimes called a "podsakkosnik/подсаккосник" ("i.e.", "under-sakkos").

Coptic priests usually wear a plain, white sticharion, often without an over vestment. Chaldean and Assyrian priests where a similar alb-like garment, called a "kottinâ". The Syriac "kuttino" is now almost always white also. The Armenian "patmucan" and Ethiopian "qamis" are similar to the sticharion.

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