Stay may refer to:


* Stays (nautical), the heavy ropes, wires, or rods on sailing vessels that run from the masts to the hull
* Guy-wire, a metal wire used to support tall structures, such as radio masts
* Bone (corsetry), one of the rigid parts of a corset
* A part of a steam locomotive's firebox
* Collar stay, a small rigid piece used to maintain the point of a men's dress shirt collar


* Two types of court order, either of which may be called simply a "stay":
** Stay of execution, a ruling to temporarily suspend the enforcement of a court judgment—often, but not always, referring to a stay of a death sentence
** Stay of proceedings, a ruling halting further legal process in a trial


* "Stay" (novel), a crime novel by Nicola Griffith
* "Stay" (2005 film), a psychological thriller directed by Marc Forster
* "Sleeping Dogs Lie" (2006 film) (originally titled "Stay"), a romantic comedy directed by Bobcat Goldthwait


* "Stay" (Jeremy Camp album)
** "Stay" (Jeremy Camp song)
* "Stay" (Oingo Boingo album)
** "Stay", a song by Oingo Boingo from "Dead Man's Party"
* "Stay" (Simply Red album), or the title song
* "Stay" (David Bowie song)
* "Stay" (Elisa song)
* "Stay" (Eternal song)
* "Stay" (Fayray song)
* "Stay" (David Guetta song)
* "Stay" (Jodeci song)
* "Stay" (Ne-Yo song)
* "Stay" (Pink Floyd song)
* "Stay" (Jay Sean song)
* "Stay" (Shakespears Sister song)
* "Stay" (Sugarland song)
* "Stay" (Maurice Williams song), a song by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs notably covered by Frankie Valli, The Hollies, Jackson Browne, and others
* "Stay?", a song by the Rogue Traders
* "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)", a song by U2
* "Stay (I Missed You)", a song by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories
* "Stay (Wasting Time)", a song by the "Dave Matthews Band"
* "Stay", a song by The Blue Nile from "A Walk Across the Rooftops"
* "Stay", a song by Destiny's Child from "The Writing's on the Wall"
* "Stay", a song by Stephen Gately
* "Stay", a song by Alison Krauss from "Forget About It"
* "Stay", a song by Ray Lavender
* "Stay", a song by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
* "Stay", a song by Sash! from "It's My Life - The Album"
* "Stay", a song by The Waifs from "Sun Dirt Water"
* "Stay", a fan-given title for an untitled song by My Chemical Romance
* "Stay", a song by Hillsong Music Australia, from the 1999 album "By Your Side"
* "Stay", a song by Madonna from her second album "Like a Virgin"

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