World Association of Universities and Colleges

World Association of Universities and Colleges

The World Association of Universities and Colleges, WAUC, is an institutional accrediting body not recognized by the United States Department of Education. [cite web | author=Bartlett, Thomas and Scott Smallwood| year=2004| title="Maxine Asher Has a Degree for You" | format= | work=The Chronicle of Higher Education | url= | accessmonthday=24 January | accessyear=2006] It is run by Maxine Asher, director of the American World University, an unaccredited school." [ 'Stealth U' in Iowa City duped many, experts say] ", Ryan J. Foley, The Daily Iowan, published January 27, 2003, accessed February 21, 2007.] WAUC's website claims that "laws in the U.S.A. prohibit the recognition of global accreditation associations."

In March 2001, WAUC was reported to be using an executive suite in Henderson, Nevada as its address. [ [ 3 Unrecognized Accrediting Agencies] , "Chronicle of Higher Education", March 23, 2001.] As of June 2007, the organization's website lists an address in Beverly Hills, California.

As of June 2007, WAUC lists 57 accredited schools and 28 nonaccredited "members only" schools.

chools listed as "accredited" by WAUC

:"This list may not be inclusive or current. It is available in part at [ WAUC accreditation list] ."

*Abbot Institute of Modern Sciences (United Kingdom)
*Alhuraa University (Netherlands; operated by Iraqi academics living outside of Iraq)
*American Global University School of Medicine
*American International University of Learning
*American International University of Management and Technology
*American Middle East University
*American Northeastate University
*American University of London
*American World University
*Arab Open Academy in Denmark
*Atlantic National University
*Barron University
*Bolton International University
*Buckingham College (United Kingdom)
*California University of Management Science
*Cambridge International University (Spain)
*Cambridge State University
*Central School of Professional Studies
*City School of Commerce and Technology (United Kingdom)
*City University (located in Pacific time zone; not to confused with the City University of Hong Kong, London, New York, or Seattle)
*College of Applied Sciences (United Kingdom)
*College of Management and Technology (United Kingdom)
*Columbus University
*European Business School (California; not to be confused with other schools of the same name)
*European University of Lefke
*Foundation University (Netherlands; not to be confused with Foundation University of Philippines)
*Freie Und Private Universtitaet Sersi (Switzerland)
*Hegel International University
*Holland Academy for Sciences and Arts
*Huntington Pacific University
*International School of Management (ISM) []
*International University of America/Management Education Resource Centre (MERC Education Group)
*Keller International University
*Laureate University (United States and United Kingdom)
*Lincoln College of London (United Kingdom)
*London College of Technology and Research (United Kingdom) (accreditation in-process)
*Madison University "(not to be confused with University of Wisconsin-Madison or James Madison University)"
*Medical University of the Americas Belize
*Medical University of the Americas UK
*Mist University
*St. John's College (London)
*TEC Institute of Management
*Thompson International University
*Universal Church of the Master
*Universal Studies Academy (Gaza, Palestine, Israel)
*Universidad Central
*Universidad Internacional De Las Américas
*Universidad Ortodoxa de las Americas Inc. (Puerto Rico)
*University of Central Europe (California)
*University of Global Religious Studies
*University of Health Science
*Universidad Internacional De Las Américas
*Universidad Ortodoxa de las Americas Inc. (Puerto Rico)
*University of James
*Washington InterContinental University
*Universidad de los Pueblos de Europa (Spain)
*Universidad y Seminano Apostilico de las Americas Inc (Puerto Rico)
*Virtual American International University
*Washington InterContinental University
*York University (Mobile, Alabama) "(not to be confused with York University of Toronto or with the University of York)"


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* Accreditation mill
* Diploma mill
* List of unaccredited institutions of higher learning
* List of unrecognized accreditation associations of higher learning

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* [ World Association of Universities and Colleges] - main site
* [ Accrediting bodies NOT recognized by the United States Department of Education]

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