Propaganda (disambiguation)

Propaganda (disambiguation)

The term propaganda, besides its primary meaning, may also refer to the following:

Books and magazines:
*"Propaganda, The Game", part of the set of Academic Games developed by Professors Robert and Layman Allen
*"Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes", a book by Jacques Ellul
*"Propaganda (book)", a book by Edward Bernays
*"Propaganda (magazine)", a former influential magazine of the Goth subculture

In music:
*Propaganda (band), a 1980s German pop group signed to Paul Morley and Trevor Horn's ZTT record label
*Propaganda (Serbian band), a 1980s former Yugoslav pop-rock group
*"Propaganda" (album), a 1974 album by Sparks
*"Propaganda" (Sound album), a 1999 album of unreleased early material from The Sound
*"Propaganda" (compilation), a compilation album released in the United Kingdom which contains songs by various artists, including The Police and Joe Jackson
*"Propaganda" (song), a song by Sepultura on their album Chaos A.D.
*"Propaganda" is also a song by Briskeby
*"Propaganda" is the official fan club and magazine of the Irish rock band U2
*"Propaganda" (Drum&Bass Duo) is a Drum & Bass duo from UK, signed to Offkey Recordings

In film:
*"Propaganda" (film) is a film by the Turkish director Sinan Cetin
* Propaganda Films, a music video company

Other uses:
* Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples in Rome, Italy, since 1622. Once called "De Propaganda Fide", it was designed to inform people in non-Christian lands everywhere about the Catholic Church.
*Propaganda (operating system), a collection of free desktop backgrounds by Bowie J. Poag and later Naru Sundar, popular from 1998-2000

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