Doubling may refer to:

  • in maths:
  • in music,
    • the composition or performance of a melody with itself or itself transposed at a constant interval such as the octave, third, or sixth, Voicing (music)#Doubling
    • the assignment of a melody to two instruments in an arrangement
    • the playing of two (or more) instruments alternately by a single player, e.g. Flute, doubling piccolo
      • musicians who play more than one woodwind instrument are called Woodwind Doublers or Reed Players
    • Doubletracking, a recording technique in which a musical part (or vocal) is recorded twice and mixed together, to strengthen or "fatten" the tone.
  • in linguistics,
    • syntactic doubling is a phenomenon consisting in the lengthening (gemination) of the initial consonant of certain words
  • in psychodrama,
  • in firearms, when more than one round is fired in a semiautomatic gas powered rifle with only one pull of the trigger, also known as a slam fire.
  • in two-way radio, doubling is where two or more transmitters transmit at once on the same frequency, interfering with one another and garbling all messages.
  • doubling (yarn) is the process of combining two or more lengths of yarn into a single thread.

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