Breaker or breakers may refer to:


*Breaker Morant, an Anglo-Australian soldier cum folk hero named Harry Harbord Morant
**"The Breaker", a 1973 novel about him by Kit Denton
**"Breaker Morant (film)", film based on that novel


*Breaker Island, an island off Antarctica
*Breaker Reef, an island of Hong Kong
*Breaker Bay, a suburb of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand
*Breakers Stadium, an Australian stadium, located in Newcastle, New South Wales, now known as The Gardens
*The Breakers, a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island
**The Breakers (1878), the original estate at the Newport site
*Breakers Hotel, a historic hotel in Palm Beach, Florida
* Hotel Breakers, at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, a former National Historic Landmark


*Breaker (reef), a reef over which waves break;
*Circuit breaker protects equipment from an overload or short circuit
*Breaker wave, an overextended ocean surface wave that collapses as it approaches the shore
*Breaker, a breakdancer
*"Breaker", a term used in CB radio slang
*Breaker, one involved in breaking (martial arts), breaking objects with force

*Breaker (nautical), a small water cask or scuttlebutt, often used in lifeboats
*Breaker is a United States Department of Agriculture carcass grade for slaughter cattle
*"Breakers" and "Breakers Revenge", a 1996 videogame for the Neo Geo MVS Arcade system
*Breaker (hydraulic), a percussion hammer used for demolishing concrete structures or rocks

Breaker may also mean:
*Icebreaker, a ship that can navigate through ice
*Coal breaker is a structure that processes coal
*Ship breaker, a business involved in Ship breaking, demolishing vessels for scrap metal
*Breakers yard, also called a wrecking yard, a business which demolishes cars or other items for scrap
*Breaker bar, a tool used to increase the torque of a socket wrench
*Breaker-grozier pliers, pliers used by glaziers for breaking and finishing small glass pieces
*Sword breaker, a Middle Age weapon
*Vacuum breaker, a simple backflow preventer
*Contact breaker, an electrical switch
*Braid-breaker, a filter that prevents television interference (TVI)

*Ankle breaker, slang term for a basketball move
*Breaker a lager from the United Kingdom.

Books, entertainment, etc.

*"Breaker (album)" is an album by Accept
*The Breakers (band), Danish rock band
*Breakers (TV series), an Australian television series that ran from 1998 to 1999.
*"Breaker! Breaker!", a 1977 film starring Chuck Norris
*Breaker 1/9, a 1992 single by Common
*Breaker High, a TV series that ran from 1997 to 1998, set at a high school located on a cruise ship, featuring Ryan Gosling
*Breaker, a character from the G.I. Joe universe
*Breaker, a character from Custom Robo
*Breakers (Stephen King), humans with special psionic abilities in Stephen King's The Dark Tower (2004 novel)
*"The Breaker", a 1998 book by Minette Walters.

ports teams

*British Columbia Breakers, an ice hockey team in the National Women's Hockey League
*Boston Breakers, a professional soccer team in the Women's United Soccer Association
*Long Beach Breakers, a minor league baseball team in Long Beach, California
*New Zealand Breakers, a basketball team in the Australian National Basketball League
*North Bay Breakers, an American soccer team in Santa Rosa, California
*Portland Breakers, an American Football team in the United States Football League during the mid 1980s
*Santa Cruz County Breakers, an American soccer team
*Seattle City Breakers a former dance group from Seattle, Washington

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