Concepción (volcano)

Concepción (volcano)
Elevation 1,610 m (5,282 ft)
Prominence 1,579 m (5,180 ft) [1]
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Concepción is located in Nicaragua
Rivas Department, Nicaragua
Coordinates 11°32′16.8″N 85°37′19.2″W / 11.538°N 85.622°W / 11.538; -85.622Coordinates: 11°32′16.8″N 85°37′19.2″W / 11.538°N 85.622°W / 11.538; -85.622
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption 2011

Concepción is one of two volcanoes (along with Maderas) that form the island of Ometepe, which is situated in Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua, Central America.

Concepción is an active stratovolcano that forms the northwest part of the Isla de Ometepe. Since 1883, Concepción has erupted at least 25 times; its last eruption was on 9 march 2010.[2] Concepción's eruptions are characterized by frequent, moderate-sized explosions. Active fumaroles are present just north of Concepción's summit crater.

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