Adventureland (New York)

Adventureland (New York)

Infobox Amusement park
name = Adventureland
slogan = Long Island's Amusement park since 1962

area= 12 acres
location = Farmingdale
location2 = New York
location3 = United States flagicon|USA
season = weekend in March, weekdays in April and May; Open all summer; weekends in September and October
opening_date = 1962
rides = 29
coasters = 2
water_rides = 3
homepage = []

Adventureland is an amusement park in Farmingdale, New York. Adventureland is located on Route 110.


As Long Island become more populated and more housing developments were starting, a source of entertainment was needed. Many kiddielands were popping up throughout Long Island. Two people who were big in the industry were Alvin Cohen and Herb Budin. After visiting a trade show in Chicago, they acquired a convert|6|acre|m2|sing=on site on Route 110 in Farmingdale, New York. First the team of two constructed a building which housed a restaurant and arcade so the park could be open year round. Along with the building, four rides opened outside: a Carousel, train, Little Dipper coaster, Card, and boats. There was also a mini golf course. In 1962, the 1 million dollar park opened under the name of Adventureland 110 Playland. As the park success went up, the name of the park was changed to 110 Adventureland. Then in 1965 the first major ride opened, a convert|500|ft|m|sing=on long Skyliner.

Growing up

In the early 1970s the park was extremely successful. Alvin Cohen was now the primary owner of the facility and he bought 6 more acres behind the park for 1 million dollars. Over the next few seasons Cohen turned the ride count from 16 to 30. In 1973 3 new thrill rides were built. These rides were the Tobogan (a compact roller coaster), the Amor Express (a high speed circular ride), the Galaxy (a steel coaster). The next season brought on the Wave Swinger - a European ride (a spinning swings ride), and was one of the first of its kind in America. With the success of the Wave Swinger, Cohen decide to import more European rides. In 1976 he imported two more European rides, Enterprise and Troika (both spinning rides). Cohen got this rides from Willy Miller (owner of a business which imports European rides). Cohen saw Miller's interest in the park, and asked him if he wanted to buy 110 Adventureland. Over the next two years the talk, and finally on September 15, 1977 the sale was final.

Under new management

In 1978 Miller bought several new rides, including an antique auto ride, which originally operated at the New York's World's Fair. In the first season under new management, profits increased 50%. Also, during this time Miller changed the name to just Adventureland. In 1979 Miller got a new Merry Go Round, a ride called Black Hole, and another ride called the Lost Continent. Then at the end of the 1982 season Miller brought in the Looping Star another European ride. Then in 1983 Miller brought in UFO, also with the UFO Miller brought in 6 new rides replacing Enterprise and Troika. Some rides he put in were a new bumper car system and bumper boats. Then the next year a ride called Gravitron replaced Black Hole, also Miller added a Bavarian Village with food outlets and stores. Over the next few years, brick walkways replaced blacktop, and the landscaping was done over. Then in 1986 the Lost Continent was changed into 1313 Cemetery Way, a haunted house ride.

Changing hands

In 1987 Miller sold the park to Tony Gentile (a partner since 1978). The Gentile family kept park operation as normal while taking a major expansion. This was so he could add Pirate's Cove in the rear of the park. In this new era, Gentile added a huge new Pirate Ship and a ride called Scorpion. Also added to Pirate Cove was a mini golf course called Treasure Island, voted the best mini golf course by Long Island Magazine.

A Long Island oasis

As 1990s dawned, customer of Adventureland wanted more water rides. So Gentile opened Splish Splash (sold in the late 90's to a corporate amusement company) a 6 million dollar water park. Then in 1991 Galaxi was replaced by Hurricane, a roller coaster. New rides were regular through the 1990s. In 1992 Super Raider a climbing/fun house was opened. Then the next year the antique car ride was updated, the Scorpion ride was switched with Surf Dance, Tubs of Fun and Flying Clown replaced older kiddie rides. Then in 1995 the balloon Wheel replaced the Big Wheel. Then in 1996 the Dragon Wagon replaced the Sooper Jet, a kiddie roller coaster. Then in 1999 a double decker merry go round replaced the old merry go round. Then in 2000 a child roller coaster called the Lady Bug was built. In 2001 the mini golf course was replaced with Adventure Falls a log flume. Then in 2002 a ride called Top Scan was put in. Then in 2003 Viking Voyage replaced the kiddie boats, the last original ride. Then in 2004 a Spinning alligator water ride called Crocodile Run replaced the bumper boats. In 2006,they added a kiddie log flume called "Little Dipper" to where the Top Scan used to be and the "Frisbee" to where the "Surf Dance" was. In 2007, they also added a "Glass House" (a.k.a "Mirror House") to where some of their games were and also bought all of the outside games and updated them.


Thrill rides

*Hurricane coaster
*Pirate Ship
*John Silver's Twister
*Bumper Cars
*Musik Express
*Haunted House

Kids and family rides

*Antique Cars
*Free Whale
*Ferris Wheel
*Balloon Tower
*Lady Bug Coaster
*Wave Swing

*The Glass House

Kiddie rides

*Flying Clowns
*Tour De Paris
*Tubs Of Fun
*Hip Hop
*Kiddie Carousel
*Viking Voyage
*Super Raider
*Kiddie Swings

Water rides

*Adventure Falls
*Crocodile Run
*Little Dipper


*Pirate's Cove Water Race
*Vertical Water Race
*Long Range Basketball
*Taxi Roll-a-ball
*Ring Toss
*Outside Balloon Dart
*Rising Waters
*Dog Pounder
*Short Range Basketball
*High Striker
*Rope Ladder
*Frog Bog
*Roll-a-ball Bulldogs
*Squeeze Play Water Race
*Arcade Balloon Dart
*Kiddie Striker
*Water Balloon Pop
*Goblet Ball Toss

Past Games

*Clown Water Balloon Race


Admission is free. Tickets cost $1.00 and rides take 3-5 tickets. You can also get a P.O.P. (pay one price) for $19.99 for people under 48 in; $24.99 for people over 48 in.


During the same week in 2005 two people died. The first person was a ride operator for the "Lady Bug Coaster." The worker was pushed onto the tracks and then struck by the coaster car; he passed away the next morning due to internal injuries. The second incident involved a 45 year old woman on a ride called the "Top Scan" (replaced by the "Little Dipper"). She was flung from the spinning ride and crashed into an employee's car in the parking lot. The ride was never used again at Adventureland. In 2007, a 6-year-old boy's hand was mangled on an attraction called Super Raider (Fun House). In 2008, a prop of a skeleton bicycling on a tight rope fell on a 5-year-old girl. She was in the hospital for a few days and then was released.

Adventureland in pop culture

Adventureland was in the music video "Love of a Lifetime" by Chaka Khan.
Adventureland was also featured in the movie "Music and Lyrics in 2006".
Adventureland was also shown in the movie Sweet Liberty in 1986.
Videos from Adventureland were shown in a recent Girl Tech commercial.


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*New York Amusement Park; by Jim Futrell

[ Long Island Adventureland by Surfdance Chris]

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