List of youth empowerment organizations

List of youth empowerment organizations

"This is a list of organizations that promote, advocate, or otherwise affiliate with youth empowerment. This is an incomplete list which can or may never satisfy any objective standard for completeness. Revisions and additions are welcome."


* American Youth Congress
* Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions
* Article 12 in Scotland
* Article 12


* Chi Rho Omicron
* CommonAction
* Community High School (Ann Arbor, Michigan)


* District Fellows


* The Freechild Project
* Funky Dragon


* Girls, Inc.
* Global Youth Action Network


* International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations
* International Federation of Liberal Youth
* International Youth Leadership Conference


* Juma ventures


*Kwara Youth Assembly


* Millennium Kids
* Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan


* National Service Learning Partnership
* National Youth Leadership Council
* National Youth Rights Association
* Northern Ireland Youth Forum
* Northumberland Youth Advisory Council
* Not Back to School Camp


*Oaktree Foundation


* Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation
* Panafrican Youth Union
* Paulo Freire Freedom School
* Peacefire


*Reality Check NY

* Scottish Youth Parliament
* Sierra Youth Coalition / Coalition Jeunesse Sierra
* Signals Agency
* Ireland
* Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
* Students for Sensible Drug Policy
* Students for a Democratic Society


* Taking Children Seriously
* Ten Sing
* The Prince's Youth Business International
* The Oaktree Foundation


* UK Youth Parliament - a body of democratically elected young people in the United Kingdom


* World Changers Academy - a South African organization focusing on life skills training and leadership development for young people
* World Scout Committee


* Young People's Empowerment Convergence, Philadelphia, PA (
* Youth Empowerment Society, Andhra Pradesh, India (
* YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament
* Young Religious Unitarian Universalists
* Youth Activism Project
* Youth Liberation of Ann Arbor
* Youth On Board
* Youth Service America
* [ Youth Organised and United] - A New Zealand youth empowerment group.

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