Hypnotic Suggestion EP

Hypnotic Suggestion EP

Infobox Album
Name = Hypnotic Suggestion EP
Type = EP
Artist = The Apples in Stereo

Released = 1994
Recorded = December 1993-February 1994
Genre = Indie rock
Length = 09:30
Label = Elephant 6
Bus Stop (BUS 044)
Producer = Robert Schneider
Reviews =
Last album = "Tidal Wave 7""
This album = "Hypnotic Suggestion EP"
Next album = "Fun Trick Noisemaker"
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Upper caption = Back cover
Type = EP

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"Hypnotic Suggestion EP" is the second EP by The Apples in Stereo. The album was released in 1994.

The EP's four tracks were later re-released on 1996 compilation album "Science Faire", after the release of the band's debut full-length LP "Fun Trick Noisemaker".

Track listing

All tracks written by Robert Schneider except where noted.

Side One
# "Running In Circles" – 2:29
# "Hypnotic Suggestion" – 2:09Side Two
# "Touch The Water" (J. McIntyre) – 2:10
# "Glowworm" – 2:42


The Apples in Stereo

*Hilarie Sidney – drums, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
*Jim McIntyre – electric bass, lead vocals on "Touch the Water"
*Robert Schneider – lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards

Additional performers

*John Hill – chorus member


"Hypnotic Suggestion" was produced by Robert Schneider and recorded from December 1993 to February 1994 on four-track tape machines at The Elephant 6 Recording Co. The album was mastered by Paul Brekus, Aardvark Records, Denver, Colorado. All art for the album was created by Will Cullen Hart.

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* [http://www.opticalatlas.com/artaishypnotic.html Album art and liner notes] at Optical Atlas

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