What If It All Means Something

What If It All Means Something

Infobox Album
Name = What If It All Means Something
Type = Studio album
Longtype =
Artist = Chantal Kreviazuk

Released = December 24, 2002
Recorded = 2002
Genre = Adult Alternative
Length = 46:45
Label = Columbia
Producer = Gregg Wattenberg
Reviews =
* Allmusic Rating|3|5 [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:ov851vk4zzxa~T1 link]
Last album = "Colour Moving and Still"
This album = "What If It All Means Something"
Next album = "Ghost Stories"

"What If It All Means Something" is the third album by Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, released in 2002 (see 2002 in music).

Track listing

#"In This Life" (Kreviazuk) – 3:51
#"Time" (Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, G. Wattenburg) – 4:07
#"What If It All Means Something" (Kreviazuk, Maida) – 4:03
#"Julia" (Kreviazuk, J. O'Brien) – 3:43
#"Flying Home (Brenda's Song)" (Kreviazuk) – 3:18
#"Weight of the World" (Kreviazuk) – 3:33
#"Waiting" (Kreviazuk, Maida) – 4:29
#"Ready for Your Love" (G. Eaton, Kreviazuk, Prophet B.W. West) – 3:38
#"Morning Light" (Kreviazuk) – 3:57
#"Miss April" (Kreviazuk, Maida) – 3:38
#"Turn the Page" (Kreviazuk) – 3:47
#"Feels Like Home" [bonus track] (R. Newman) – 4:41


*"In This Life"
*"What If It All Means Something"
*"Weight of the World" (featured on the TV Series Charmed)


*Chantal Kreviazuk - piano, keyboards, vocals
*Jeff Allen - bass
*Sherrod Barnes - acoustic guitar, guitar, electric guitar
*Michelle Branch - background vocals
*Avril Brown - violin
*Cenovia Cummins - violin
*Sylvia Davanzo - violin
*Jamie Edwards - acoustic guitar, guitar, electric guitar, keyboards
*Ralph Farris - conductor, viola
*David Gold - viola
*Adam Grabois - cello
*Joyce Hammann - violin
*Conrad Harris - violin
*Adam Hyman - viola
*John Kalodner - voices
*Conway Kuo - viola
*Victor Lawrence - cello
*Dorothy Lawson - cello
*Gerry Leonard - guitar, electric guitar
*Shawn Pelton - percussion, drums
*Todd Reynolds - violin
*Mary Rowell - violin
*Gregg Wattenberg - guitar, mandolin, electric guitar
*Mary Whitaker - violin
*Krystof Witek - violin
*Paul Woodiel - violin


*Producer: Gregg Wattenberg
*Engineers: Ross Petersen, Brian Scheuble, Gregg Wattenberg, Chuck Zwicky
*Assistant engineers: Peter Doris, Ricardo Fernandez, Femio Hernández, Claudius Mittendorfer, Ross Petersen
*Mixing: Tom Lord-Alge, Brian Malouf
*Mastering: Dave Donelly
*A&R: Mike Roth
*Programming: Shawn Pelton
*Guitar technician: Art Smith
*Arrangers: Chantal Kreviazuk, Gerald Eaton, Jamie Edwards, Ralph Farris, Brian West
*Score: Ralph Farris
*Orchestra contractor: Victor Lawrence
*Art direction: Gail Marowitz
*Design: Michelle Holme
*Photography: Raphael Mazzucco


Album - Billboard (North America)

Singles - Billboard (North America)

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