Kamen Rider Danki

Kamen Rider Danki

, which was abandoned upon becoming an Oni. Danki was first introduced rescuing a camper from a Yamabiko and its parents. During his fight, the Midaredouji appeared and began attacking the Douji/Hime and feasting on them much to his shock as Yamabiko was easily killed by the monster. Later, he is seen in civilian form reporting to Takeshi Headquarters talking on the phone. Afterwards, he and Shouki volunteered to test Konosuke Kogure's Armed Saber. The experiment resulted in both of them temporary losing their powers for almost a month. While talking to Ichiro about the experiment, he and Shouki blamed Kogure. Overhearing this, Kogure pulled out his paddle in anger a continuously hit both him and Shouki, chasing them out of headquarters.

Arsenal and technique

* Transformation device: Henshin Onsa (Tuning Fork)

* Ongekiko (Taiko Buckle)

* Ongekibou (Drum Sticks)

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