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Family Radio

Family Radio (Family Stations Inc.) is a non-commercial, 24-hour, listener-supported, Christian radio religious broadcasting network in the United States, founded in 1959 by Harold Camping, also known as "Brother Camping" and is based in Oakland, California. The network consists mainly of FM radio stations with non-commercial licenses (and a few commercial licenses used as non-commercial) and relays, with some AM stations and two television stations, plus WYFR shortwave in Okeechobee, Florida. The network produces programming in more than 30 languages. [Family Radio Worldwide. Family Radio. 21 January 2008 ] citation|title=Family Stations, Inc.|url=|publisher=Goliath Business Knowledge on Demand]


Family Radio's music programming consists mainly of early American hymnals and avoids other genres generally, Contemporary Christian Music and southern gospel specifically.

One of Family Radio's most enduring broadcasts is a call-in broadcast called "Open Forum" in which Mr. Camping responds to callers' questions and comments as they relate to the Bible. "Family Bible Reading Fellowship", "Family Bible Study", "Sunday Preaching", "Beyond Intelligent Design", "Christian Home", and "Family Radio World Wide" are examples of other programming offeredcitation|title=Family Radio broadcast programs|url=|publisher=Family Stations, Inc.] .


Family Radio relies solely on listener-supported funding and donations, and is unaffiliated with any religious denominationcitation|title=Family Radio General Information|url=|publisher=Family Stations, Inc.] .Outside programming broadcasted over the Family Radio network is always aired free of charge and Family Radio does not sell programming time to ministries. Unlike other non-commercial stations, Family Radio stations do not get a percentage of donations coming from ministries in Family Radio listening areas. Few outside ministry programs are aired over Family Radio presently.


Family Radio has neither discussed politics directly, campaigned for political candidates nor recommended to their listeners candidates, or issues, for whom they should vote. Family Radio attempts to distance itself from political social issues -- one reason the "Focus on the Family" progam was removed in the early 1980s. Nevertheless, Family Radio has presented programs that may have political and social ramifications, such as advocating creationism citation|title=Family Radio Monday/Friday Program Schedule|url=
publisher=Family Stations, Inc.
] .


Family Radio (aka Family Stations Inc.) began obtaining FM broadcasting licenses on commercial frequencies earlier in FM radio's history, and by 2006, was ranked 19th among top broadcast companies in number of radio stations ownedcitation|title=State of the News Media 2006.|url=|] . Presently, Family Radio's affiliates in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and San Francisco are on prime commercial frequencies and the licenses of these stations alone may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars if sold today.

In 1958, a Family Radio founder,Harold Camping, joined with other individuals of Christian Reformed, Bible Baptist, and Conservative Christian Presbyterian to purchase an FM radio station in San Francisco, California, KEAR, then at 97.3 MHz, to broadcast traditional Christian Gospel to the conservative Protestant community and minister to the general public. With the primary purpose of broadcasting doctrines of Christianity reflective of the teachings of the Holy Bible, Family Radio remained independent, never merging with any particular church organization or church denominations citation|title=Who or What is Family Radio?|url=|publisher=Family Stations, Inc.]

Through the 1960s, as a ministry, both non-profit organization and non-commercial, Family Radio acquired 6 additional FM stations and 7 other AM stations under guidelines established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) citation|title=Multiple Ownership;Radio Broadcast Stations|url=|publisher=Small Business Administration|accessdate=2008-05-22] . The flagship station for the network of both full-power and low-power translator stations is KEAR in San Francisco (now at 610 kHz, since 2005 at 106.9 MHz).Due to FCC rules regarding translator stations, the legal primary station for the translators was changed to KEAR-FM in Sacramento, after the former primary FM station in San Francisco was sold to CBS Radiocitation|title=Infinity Broadcasting|url=|publisher=CBS RADIO pressroom|accessdate=2008-05-22] . With the sale of KEAR-FM to CBS Radio in 2005, broadcasts from San Francisco moved to an AM radio frequencycitation|title=Family Stations, KEAR 610 AM
publisher=Radiotime your guide to radio|accessdate=2008-05-22
] . Family Radio continues to own other large market FM commercial band stations, including WFME 94.7 MHz Newark, NJ in the New York City radio market.

Many program productions broadcast throughout the Family Radio station network were produced in the Oakland, California facilities. The production process involved pre-recording two weeks of broadcast programming on reel-to-reel tapes to be distributed to each Local Family Radio station. Free broadcast time was provided by Family Radio to national fundamentalist and evangelical ministries -- outside ministries' programs were sent in cassette and reel-to-reel tape formats to respective Family Radio stations for local broadcast. Each local Family Radio station had local board operators providing local news, announcements, local traffic reports via phone call-in, and weather reports broadcast during morning and afternoon weekdays. Outside ministry programs included "Focus on the Family" (which was pulled in 1985), "Freedom Under Fire", "Unshackled", "Back to the Bible","Family News in Focus", and Beyond intelligent design. Local Family Radio stations broadcast church services from local community
fundamentalism churches, and a remainder of Family Radio's broadcast time was allocated to traditional Christian music.

By the late 1980s, programming was delivered via satellite, local news was taken off the stations in favor of a various national news from a Christian news source, and presently, all but a few local announcements are produced at their Oakland, California facilities citation|title=Family Stations fact sheet|url=|publisher=Hoovers, a D&B Co.|accessdate=2008-05-22] .

Music broadcast by Family Radio in the 1960s and 1970s was typical of religious stations, commercial and non-commercial. Some commercial stations played Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) for a few hours a week, but in the 1980s, as commercial and some non-commercial Christian stations evolved to Contemporary formats, Family Radio remained with traditional music formats such as choir hymns, various Gospel singing groups, vocalists of the 1950s, and softer urban contemporary gospel songs. In the 1990s, Family Radio included some lighter contemporary Christian artists but abandoned this direction by 2002.

Family Radio's text publications, and their telephone call-in program, "Open Forum," have continued to be based on the text of the authorized King James Bible [cite web|title=Family Stations text Bible|url=|publisher=FamilyStations, Inc.] [cite web|title=Open forum/text, authorized King James|url=|publisher=FamilyStations, Inc.|author=Harold Camping|accessdate=2008-05-30] . Prerecorded Bible readings broadcast over satellite, shortwave, radio frequencies and the internet are generally based on the Modern King James Bible [cite web|title=Family Stations audio Bible|url=|publisher=Family Stations, Inc. ] .



Eutelsat Hotbird 6 - 13 degrees east, Transponder # 89, Vertical LNB polarization; Satellite frequency: 12.597 GHz
* Family Radio Europe (English): channel 8222
* Family Radio International 1: channel 8233
* Family Radio International 2: Channel 8234
Astra 2B - 28.2 degrees East, Transponder # 36, Vertical LNB polarization, Satellite frequency: 12.4024 GHz
* Family Radio Europe (English) : SID 9558

Full-powered stations

call1 = WBFR
freq1 = 89.5 FM
city1 = Birmingham, AL
call2 = KPHF
freq2 = 88.3 FM
city2 = Phoenix, AZ
call3 = KFRB
freq3 = 91.3 FM
city3 = Bakersfield, CA
call4 = KHAP
freq4 = 89.1 FM
city4 = Chico, CA
call5 = KECR
freq5 = 910 FM
city5 = El Cajon, CA
call6 = KFNO
freq6 = 90.3 FM
city6 = Fresno, CA
call7 = KEFR
freq7 = 89.9 FM
city7 = Le Grand, CA
call8 = KFRN
freq8 = 1280 FM
city8 = Long Beach, California
call9 = KEAR
freq9 = 610 AM
city9 = San Francisco, CA
call10 = KEDR
freq10 = 88.1 FM;
city10 = Sacramento, CA
call11 = KEBR
freq11 = 1210 AM;
city11 = Rocklin, CA
call12 = KEAR
freq12 = 610 AM;
city12 = San Francisco
call13 = KFRS
freq13 = 89.9 FM;
city13 = Soledad, CA
call14 = KPRA
freq14 = 89.5 FM;
city14 = Ukiah, CA
call15 = WCTF
freq15 = 1170 AM;
city15 = Vernon, CT
call16 = WMFL
freq16 = 88.5 FM;
city16 = Florida City, FL
call17 = WJFR
freq17 = 88.7 FM;
city17 = Jacksonville, FL
call18 = WYFR
freq18 = SW;
city18 = Okeechobee, FL
call19 = WWFR
freq19 = 91.7 FM;
city19 = Okeechobee, FL
call20 = WFTI
freq20 = 91.7 FM;
city20 = St. Petersburg, FL
call21 = WFRP
freq21 = 88.7 FM
city21 = Americus, GA

* WFRC Columbus, GA 90.5 FM
* WJCH Joliet, IL 91.9 FM
* KDFR Des Moines, IA 91.3 FM
* KYFR Shenandoah, IA 920 AM
* KPOR Emporia, KS 90.7 FM
* WFSI Annapolis, MD 107.9 FM
* WBGR Baltimore, MD 860 AM
* WBMD Baltimore, MD 750 AM
* WOFR Schoolcraft, MI 89.5 FM
* KFRD Butte, MT 88.3 FM
* KBFR Bismarck, ND 91.7 FM
* WKDN Camden, NJ / Philadelphia 106.9 FM
* WFME Newark, NJ 94.7 FM
* WFBF Buffalo, NY 89.9 FM
* WFRH Kingston, NY 91.7 FM
* WFRS Smithtown, NY 88.9 FM
* WFRW Webster, NY 88.1 FM
* WFSO Olivebridge, NY 88.3 FM
* WCUE Cuyahoga Falls, OH 1150 AM
* WOTL Toledo, OH 90.3 FM
* WYTN Youngstown, OH 91.7 FM
* WUFR Bedford, PA 91.1 FM
* WEFR Erie, PA 88.1 FM
* WFRJ Johnstown, PA 88.9 FM
* WFCH Charleston, SC 88.5 FM
* KQFR Rapid City, SD 89.9 FM
* KTXB Beaumont, TX 89.7 FM
* KUFR Salt Lake City, UT 91.7 FM
* KARR Kirkland / Seattle, WA 1460 AM
* KJVH Longview, WA 89.5 FM
* WMWK Milwaukee, WI 88.1 FM

Family Radio can be heard in English from the following local international stations:
* Moscow, Russia, Center 1503 kHz AM
**11 pm to 12:30 am, and 8 pm to 9:00 pm
*Istanbul, Turkey, Radio Joy FM 89.6 mHz
**5 am to 8 am, and 8 pm to 11 pm

*Southern Africa, Maseru, Kingdom of Lesatho, 1197 kHz
**6 pm to 9 pm, and 10 pm to 1 am


In addition to its full-powered stations, Family Radio is relayed by an additional 54 low-powered translators:

call1 = W205AP
freq1 = 88.9
city1 = Pascagoula, MS
call2 = K227AH
freq2 = 93.3
city2 = River Pines, CA
call3 = K204CL
freq3 = 88.7
city3 = Smith River, CA
call4 = K209CE
freq4 = 89.7
city4 = San Luis Obispo, CA
call5 = K272DU
freq5 = 102.3
city5 = Black Eagle, MT
call6 = K217CD
freq6 = 91.3
city6 = Great Falls, MT
call7 = K220EI
freq7 = 91.9
city7 = Ogden, UT
call8 = K259AN
freq8 = 99.7
city8 = Billings, MT
call9 = K290AG
freq9 = 105.9
city9 = Stockton, CA
call10 = K268AH
freq10 = 101.5
city10 = Palm Springs, CA
call11 = W203AT
freq11 = 88.5
city11 = Albany, GA
call12 = K217BJ
freq12 = 91.3
city12 = Banning, CA
call13 = K206BF
freq13 = 89.1
city13 = Fort Dodge, IA
call14 = W206AH
freq14 = 89.1
city14 = Eau Claire, WI
call15 = K206BI
freq15 = 89.1
city15 = Carson City, NV
call16 = W220BD
freq16 = 91.9
city16 = Roanoke, VA
call17 = W215AF
freq17 = 90.9
city17 = Muncy, PA
call18 = K223AL
freq18 = 92.5
city18 = South Lake Tahoe, CA
call19 = K216CJ
freq19 = 91.1
city19 = Galveston, TX
call20 = K219CK
freq20 = 91.7
city20 = Coos Bay, OR
call21 = K214CQ
freq21 = 90.7
city21 = Grand Island, NE
call22 = K209BQ
freq22 = 89.7
city22 = Amana, IA
call23 = K219BX
freq23 = 91.7
city23 = El Paso, TX
call24 = K254AK
freq24 = 98.7
city24 = Reno, NV
call25 = W203AL
freq25 = 88.5
city25 = Duluth, MN
call26 = K205CA
freq26 = 88.9
city26 = Ottumwa, IA
call27 = K213BZ
freq27 = 90.5
city27 = Richvale, CA
call28 = K214CA
freq28 = 90.7
city28 = Grand Junction, CO
call29 = W220AN
freq29 = 91.9
city29 = La Grange, GA
call30 = K201CQ
freq30 = 88.1
city30 = Prescott, AZ
call1 = K214BO
freq1 = 90.7
city1 = Ashland, OR
call2 = K202BY
freq2 = 88.3
city2 = Enid, OK
call3 = K206DU
freq3 = 89.1
city3 = Lafayette, LA
call4 = W207AG
freq4 = 89.3
city4 = Freeland, PA
call5 = K220EY
freq5 = 91.9
city5 = Porterville, CA
call6 = K205CI
freq6 = 88.9
city6 = Phoenix, AZ
call7 = W212AG
freq7 = 90.3
city7 = Berwick, PA
call8 = K219CA
freq8 = 91.7
city8 = Casper, WY
call9 = K203BE
freq9 = 88.5
city9 = Roseburg, OR
call10 = K220GM
freq10 = 91.9
city10 = Placitas, NM
call11 = W209BC
freq11 = 89.7
city11 = Wakelee, MI
call12 = K213CH
freq12 = 90.5
city12 = Ridgecrest, CA
call13 = K219AO
freq13 = 91.7
city13 = Fairmont, CA
call14 = K203EP
freq14 = 88.5
city14 = Shepherd, MT
call15 = W207AX
freq15 = 89.3
city15 = Burlington, VT
call16 = K203CI
freq16 = 88.5
city16 = Cave Junction, OR
call17 = W212AP
freq17 = 90.3
city17 = Notasulga, AL
call18 = K238AC
freq18 = 95.5
city18 = Salida, CA
call19 = K241AJ
freq19 = 96.1
city19 = Palmdale, CA
call20 = W280CV
freq20 = 103.9
city20 = Scranton, PA
call21 = W208AF
freq21 = 89.5
city21 = Nanticoke, PA
call22 = K261BF
freq22 = 100.1
city22 = Black Butte, OR
call23 = K202CG
freq23 = 88.3
city23 = Jonesboro, AR
call24 = K236AA
freq24 = 95.1
city24 = Cedar Rapids, IA


* WFME-TV, West Milford - Newark, New Jersey

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* Harold Camping

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* [ Family Radio Worldwide Website]


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