List of Ikki Tousen characters

List of Ikki Tousen characters

The following is a list of Ikki Tousen characters. Characters are listed by the school they are affiliated with and the character from "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" on which they are based.

Nanyou Gakuin (南陽 學院): Nanyang Academy

=Sonsaku Hakufu (孫策 伯符): Sun Ce - Bofu=

(Sun Ce, eldest son of Sun Jian, elder brother of Sun Quan. He was second leader of Wu, also called "Little Conqueror" (小霸王, xiǎo bo wáng, shō-haō) ) ( His death at a young age is believed to be caused by the mystic Yu Ji).

*Manga version

The protagonist of the series. She is busty, blonde haired (light red in the anime), green-eyed, not terribly bright but immeasurably powerful despite only being a D-ranked toushi. Hakufu cares little for the politics involved between the toushi, only caring about fighting for the sake of fighting, but is staunchly against unnecessary violence and killing. Lately, however, with trouble brewing all around her, she is beginning to take up the mantle of a leader to protect her friends and family. Hakufu possesses a unique gift for predicting enemy moves very accurately by reading the flow of chi around her opponents, which occasionally makes her seem brighter than she is. For instance, she will put an end to a fight simply by stating the next moves of an opponent with frightening accuracy, breaking his will to fight after he realizes the futility of fighting her. She is also very good at "delayed striking"; basically she makes a feint attack in order to leave an invisible "chi bomb" which detonates moments later while the enemy's guard is down. She is skilled at "inner striking," which is another chi attack where she sends her chi into a person, causing damage to manifest at unusual places. She also inherited Master Chouchou's knowledge of chi magic, and, while currently unaware of this, is able to use it partially by instinct. Choushou passed it to her spiritually while Hakufu was unconscious; this is how she healed Koukin after she stabbed him and extracted the evil chi from his body into her own. She still has the evil chi contained inside her. It appears on her body as a skull-like mark and is slowly creeping up to her heart. Hakufu harbors a powerful dragon as one of the Three Great Rulers (founders of the "Three Kingdoms", with Sousou and Ryuubi). Before joining Nanyo, Hakufu lived with her mother, Goei, outside of Kanto where she practiced feminine things like flower arrangement and the tea ceremony while paradoxically training heavily in martial arts. Goei was hoping to spare Hakufu her fate, but after Hakufu pummeled a travelling toushi looking for easy prey, they moved in with Koukin. She is very girlish and happy-go-lucky but is capable of wisdom though she has very bad luck. For instance, in one scene where she is just about to deliver a finishing blow to Kannei, her panties get caught on a branch, tripping her over. Nanyo has officially declared Hakufu to be their ruler. She learned the Water Dragon Fist attack from Choukou with the help of Rikuson and Saji, but has apparently killed Saji who was under the guise of Ouin. After Saji's death she has become more 'leader-like', though her airheaded nature still shows.

She is currently in a coma after a confrontation with Sousou, which left both leaders incapacitated. Currently an acquaintance of Rikuson is working to restore her.
*Anime versionHer anime version is superficially similar but otherwise very different from her manga counterpart. In the manga, Hakufu is a low ranked but extremely skilled fighter, while in the anime, Hakufu is both a low ranked and low skilled fighter. She has demonstrated none of her unique fighting gifts or chi powers and is arguably stupider. It takes her longer to figure out that people are trying to take advantage of her, is more prone to doing dumber things, and either doesn't mind or is unaware of people harassing or hitting on her. She demonstrates none of her momentary wisdom either. She relies heavily on her dragon or her personal skill alone. Even when possessed by her dragon, she is easily stopped by main characters she fights before any damage can be dealt, as opposed to her manga self which is extremely difficult to stop and required the aid of artifacts. Kanu, Saji, Ryofu and Ukitsu were able to stop her without any help. She also doesn't inherit Master Choushou's chi magic (who does not exist in the anime); instead this scene is replaced with training with Ukitsu's master Choukou. She is possessed by Toutaku at the end of the first season but is saved by her dragon who devours him.

Hakufu's role in Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny is relegated to that of a minor character to allow other characters to have more show time. She only became a major character in the last few episodes, when the Battle of Chibi nears. She is still oblivious at how important a toushi's destiny is, especially her own. However, in this sequel her character wasn't portrayed to be as idiotic as the first season. She is actually more of a ditzy character than an idiot. Upset at being the cause for much of the violence in Kanto, she travelled to Kyosho to challenge Sousou to a duel in order to end the conflict. She had to take on Kanu instead, who took Sousou's place. During the fight Hakufu became possessed by her dragon. Sousou appeared while in full control of his own dragon and dealt a powerful blow that sent Hakufu flying out of the area, leaving all three schools to think she was killed. Her unconscious body was discovered in a lake by Hakugen, who brings her to Choukou. He performed a revival on Hakufu's but was only able to wake her dragon. Ukitsu gave her life in order to revive Hakufu's soul. Hakufu thus recovered and gained complete control of her dragon. She returned at the Battle of Chibi to fight Sousou, where she and Ryubi teamed up and defeated Sousou. At the end of the series Hakufu and Ryomou now work for a cosplay cafe, dressed as cat maids. She hopes to use the money to go on a 'battle tour' around the world.

=Sonken Chuubou/Shoukyou (孫権 仲謀): Sun Quan - Zhongmou=

(Sun Quan was the younger brother of Sun Ce who allied with Liu Bei against Cao Cao at Chibi; later repelled invasion attempts by Cao Pi)

(Shoukyou is actually the Japanese name of Xiao Qiao, Zhou Yu's wife that Cao Cao desired and becomes one of his reasons to fight in Chibi)

*Anime versionIntroduced as the younger sister of Hakufu(which she is not) in the Great Guardians season, but then tells them that her name is in fact Shoukyou. She is apparently Shuuyu Koukin's destined wife. Hakufu was previously unaware of her existence. She appears to be very knowledgable, as she quotes legendary military strategist Sun Tzu, (a bit of an irony since the Sun family was said to have descended from Sun Tzu) a great contrast to Hakufu whom has trouble reading. It is implied that she might have feelings for "Koukin Onii-sama." Unlike her sister, Hakufu, Shoukyou is very polite, shy, and is very skilled at cooking. It is also pointed out by many characters in the series that Shoukyou doesn't look like her sister at all. (in the upcoming episode she is about to say something about their sisterhood). It appears that she is Xiao Qiao and not Sun Quan.

=Ryomou Shimei (呂蒙 子明): Lü Meng - Ziming=

(Lü Meng was the general and strategist serving Wu, died just days after capturing the great Guan Yu).

*Manga versionAn odd girl with short blue hair and green eyes, a distinctive mole on her left cheek and a very strange history, mainly tied to her mysterious left-eye patch. Powerful and a B-rank, she is one of the Four Devas of Nanyo. She has a habit of wearing a blue miniskirted French maid outfit and specialises in submission wrestling moves, throws, and joint attacks, which she uses in conjunction with a pair of handcuffs she carries; she is also very proficient in making chi blasts. Her earlier life before she became a Toushi is unknown but is hinted as being tragic and painful. She, Teifu, and Saji have been best friends long before the start of the series. Ryomou is in love with Saji and cares for Teifu (who loves her). Ryomou has always fought for the fun of it and considers herself no one's woman. Presumably because of her dragon she has a minor split personality; one is fairly shy and normal and the other is psychosexual. Her psycho side is not nearly as bad as Ryubi, Sousou and Hakufu. Three years prior to the start of the series Ryomou fought Ryubi when her dragon had awakened and saved her life right before Ryubi attempted to rip her own heart out. In the process Ryubi's dragon possessed Ryomou's left-eye and now perfectly coexists with her. Its power even healed her completely after being mortally wounded and stabbed through the heart by Teni. No other characters seem to be in harmony with their dragons as much as Ryomou, but she still seals it with her eye-patch and is believed to be dying because of it. Very few are aware of this, and it is not stated whether she shares Ryubi's dragon or now has her own. While she has it, she is as powerful as the other Three Rulers. Her magical eye may be a reference to the Chinese idiom "To look at a person with a new eye" or reevaluate them or not to judge them by their appearance, an idiom attributed to Lu Meng who was as brilliant a scholar as he was a warrior.

*Anime versionRyomou's anime incarnation is much more taciturn and serious than her manga self to the point of being almost unemotional. She is not shy or spoony and acts uninterested in relationships. In one scene she isn't even phased when Saji puts his hand down her shirt and gropes her. Her magatama is also shown as being silver in the first season, and by the second season she is arguably as strong as Myousai, though she retreats during their first battle in order to protect the Dragon Jade. She doesn't have a past relationship to Seito and Ryubi either. Instead her dragon appears to be her own, though how she got it is not known. She also appears to be closer to Hakufu than she does in the manga and goes out of her way to help the Nanyo leader whenever she can. She even went out on her own to find the Dragon Jade to save Hakufu. She was badly injured after being ambushed by Teni. Chou-un came to her rescue but Ryomou awakened her own dragon, defeating Teni. Chou-un was able to knock out Ryomou, bandage her and return her to Nanyo after stealing the Dragon Jade. Chou-un stated that if Ryomou was not injured during the awakening of her dragon, Ryomou would have been able to defeat her. Ryomou recovered to full strength and played a part in the Battle of Chibi, defeating Myosai. She is now working along with Hakufu in a cosplay cafe, dressed as a cat maid (Ryomou even wears a heart-shaped eye-patch). In the third season it's revealed that she and Hakufu lost that job and numerous others because of Ryomou's clumsiness and beating on customers. Ryomou's dragon unlike Hakufu's did not go back into hibernation after Chi Bi and it is revealed to be killing her.

=Shuuyu Koukin (周瑜 公瑾): Zhou Yu - Gongjin=

(Zhou Yu was the strategist of Wu, sworn brother of Sun Ce and the Commander-in-Chief at the Battle of Chi Bi, died at a young age because of a previously acquired arrow wound).

*Manga versionHakufu's rich cousin and an attractive pretty boy; both Kanu and Ukitsu have expressed exclusive interest in him. Although only a C-rank, his lack of confidence and his short resume of victories (or battles for that matter) keep him from becoming A-ranked despite already having the power of one. He has a crush on his cousin Hakufu and is generally shy and well-meaning, making life very difficult for him. Oddly, Hakufu doesn't seem to mind being naked around him, showing how much she trusts him. But at times she thinks he is a pervert whenever he is caught in an embarrassing situation (such as Hakufu catching him staring at her). He showed some great power when he defended Hakufu and Kakouton from the Ugan gang. He stayed behind to fight and eventually was captured, allowing the other two to escape. While being held captive in Kyosho, he was seduced by three beautiful girls (one of them being Seito's spy, Shoukan, who reveals her identity to him afterwards) in an attempt to make Koukin betray Nanyo and fight for Sousou. Although he resisted, Gakushin is now using her powers on him to learn the location of one of the Hyakuhekitou. He is now considered to be one of the Four Devas of Nanyo, taking Kannei's place.

*Anime versionMostly the same, he is still a well-meaning young man who is attracted to his cousin (though the sexuality of it is toned down) but has yet to demonstrate his considerable power and serves even more so for comic relief than in the manga. He is the only character whose after-episode biography in the first season poked fun at him, saying that after he got lost in a forest Hakufu nicknamed him "The Lost Koukin-chan". As a child he was called "Crybaby Koukin" by other children, because he always cried when others bullied him. Hakufu was usually there to protect him from bullies. Koukin was unable to stop Hakufu's dragon when she fought Ukitsu; instead he got pummeled half to death in the attempt only to have Hakufu stop her dragon on her own. After hearing of Hakufu's demise, he blames Koumei for manipulating the events that led to Hakufu's fight with Sousou. However, Kanu proved to him that it was Hakufu's choice to challenge Sousou, and her fight with Kanu was one out of respect as toushi and not out of hatred. This leads to Nanyo and Seito forming an alliance to face Kyosho. He is now considered to be one of the Four Devas of Nanyo, taking Kannei's place. He returns to being a student after the Battle of Chibi.

=Saji Genpou/Ouin Shishi (左慈 元放): Zuo Ci - Yuanfang/Wang Yun=

(Zuo Ci was the mysterious Taoshi who fooled Cao Cao, caused Cao Cao's death)

(Wang Yun was a minister whom served Dong Zhuo and plotted and succeeded in assassinating him, in the novel it was said that he used his adoptive daughter Diao Chan to seduce Lu Bu into killing Dong Zhuo, Wang Yun was later killed by Dong Zhuo loyalists)

"Voiced by:" Showtaro Morikubo (Season 1), Kōji Yusa (Season 2), Justin Gross (English)

*Manga versionA mysterious man with blond hair and a light tan, his real identity in Ouin Shishi. One of Ryomou's oldest friends he has feelings for both her and Ryofu. However, he is a complete womanizer. His goals are uncertain as are his rank and power but he is easily an A-rank. One of his goals was to remove Toutaku from power. He is one of the Four Devas of Nanyo. At the moment Saji has donned the magatama of Ouin Shishi in an attempt to further Hakufu's mastery of the Water Dragon Fist. The magatama has given Saji great power and slightly alters his appearance. He intentionally awakens Hakufu's dragon and using his experience with Ryubi's dragon from those years ago, absorbs the dragon's negative energy which calms Hakufu down, but losing one of his arms in the process. Knowing that he didn't have long to live after this act, he tells Hakufu not to be sad, declaring that he is not Saji but Ouin and he had lived a lot longer then he should have. He commits suicide by jumping off a nearby cliff in a manner eeriely similar to how Toutaku died and even though she was far away, Ryomou knew that Saji was not coming back.

*Anime versionHe is more sinister in the anime than in the manga going so far as to have Kannei murder Enjutsu which drove him insane in order to take control of Nanyo for himself. He has the power to hypnotize and mind control humans and treated them more as pawns than friends. He is more obsessed with Toutaku's demise as well and tried to control Hakufu but failed when Toutaku took over. He resolves to atone himself afterwards and has secluded himself in the mountains somewhere. He reappears stopping Koukin from travelling to Kyosho to stop Hakufu from fighting Kanu. When he returns he already goes back to his womanizing ways by flirting with Ryomou, Ryubi, Chouhi and Bashoku at separate points in the anime. He and Ryomou defeat Myosai at the Battle of Chibi. He returns to his womanising ways again at the end of the series. It is revealed in the 3rd season Great Guardians that there really is a toushi who goes by the name Saji Genpou and it wasn't just an alias for Ouin. The real Saji meets with him and in exchange for reviving Ryofu wanted to obtain Ryomou's dragon by putting on a lover's "act" for Ryomou to build up her jealous emotions to release the dragon. Ouin for the most part went with the plan, however it was to save not only Ryomou and Ryofu but Saji herself as well.

Gakushuu (樂就) - Yue Jiu

(officer under Yuan Shu who was killed by Cao Cao's forces).

*Manga versionA large muscular man with a scary face but a very nice personality. A man of honor to the very core, he prides himself in this and in his rippling muscles but usually gets beaten by all but the weakest of opponents. He is a B-rank and one of the Four Devas. He learned how to use chi blasts after Ryomou blasted him through a wall without even twitching. Despite his strength and training his skill is far poorer than that of Ryomou and Ryofu as shown when he blasted Kakouen Myousai whom still got up afterwards. Though he is helping Nanyo with their alliance with Seito, he is pessimistic about their chances such as when he commented the plan of bodily harm couldn't work since Kougai (Huang Gai) had been killed earlier. He later assists along with Saji and Rikuson to test Hakufu's worth as leader of Nanyo, he has no serious involvement since then.

*Anime versionHe plays a slightly more important role in the anime than in the manga, serving as a sort of de facto commander when Enjutsu and Saji go silent. He even investigates Enjutsu's odd behaviour and is first to find out he is dead but is captured by Kannei. He gets beaten even more than the manga only to miraculously recover an episode later. He is also shown as liking sweets and even holds a meeting with Koukin in an ice cream shop. In Dragon Destiny he becomes a lot tougher and was able to have an even fight with Myosai. At the end of the series he gets a job in a store, but risks getting fired for throwing a customer through a window when he would not stop harassing a woman.

=Kannei Kouha (甘寧 興霸): Gan Ning - Xingba=

(Gan Ning was once a pirate who served Liu Biao, Huang Zu, then serving Wu where he spear headed the battle of Hei Fei)

*Manga versionA pervert and a highly dishonorable fighter but still one of the Four Devas. He specialises in using a pair of tonfas with hidden blades. Myosai used a pressure point move on him that would kill him in ten days. She promised to remove the effect if Kannei would kill Hakufu but he has failed to do this so far. Kannei is briefly seen again in volume twelve where we find out he has three days left to live.

*Anime versionHe is crazier in the anime than in the manga and can be best described as a deranged chimpanzee. Saji drives him insane by making him kill Enjutsu. He then hypnotizes Kannei into believing Enjutsu is still alive and gives him orders which he suicidally follows. He is confined to an asylum at the end of the first season where he still remains. However, after Bashoku's framing of Kannei for the death of Kakuka, he mysteriously vanished from this confinement, which lead Koukin and Gakushuu into suspecting Seito may have been involved. His whereabouts as of right now are still unknown and he had no role in the second series.

=Enjutsu Kouro (袁術/袁术 公路): Yuan Shu - Gonglu=

(Yuan Shu was a major lord, and younger brother of Yuan Shao, once declared himself Emperor)

*Manga versionThe presumed deceased former leader of Nanyo and once Toutako's lapdog, a complete weakling at that. Myosai mutilated his face when she attacked Nanyo looking for the Gyokuji. He played a role in Ryubi's first awakening of her dragon three years before the start of the series. Kaku offered to help Enjutsu get revenge on Teifu for pushing him around. They staged a phony video of Enjutsu's henchmen about to rape Ryomou (Kaku in disguise) and showed it to Teifu, threatening they would go ahead with the rape if he would not obey Enjutsu. When Teifu fell for the trick, Enjutsu sent him to assault Seito and attack Ryubi, eventually leading to her dragon awakening.

*Anime versionDead before the anime even begins, he is killed by Kannei and only his withered corpse is seen.

=Rikuson Hakugen (陸遜 伯言): Lu Xun - Boyan=

(Lu Xun was a young strategist of Wu, alongside Lü Meng, he defeated Guan Yu, caused Liu Bei's loss of Battle of Yi Ling)

*Manga versionA cute bespectacled junior of the other characters, she has recently joined the Nanyo gang with the intention of helping them beat Sousou. She is skilled in making poisons. According to Lu Xun's history (both in the manga and from other sources), Lu Xun is sometimes credited with the defeat of Guan Yu, not Lu Meng. The manga states that Rikuson defeated Kanu and Ryubi on Ryomou's orders, but history books variably give full credit to either Lu Meng or Lu Xun for coming up with the plan that led to the defeat of Guan Yu's forces (although in any case both are very important to this victory). History also states that Rikuson was Ryomou's protege and eventual successor. Rikuson refers to Ryomou as her big sister in the English translation, although it is not confirmed if they are related.

*Anime versionAlthough she is still a student in Nanyo, Hakugen is only seen with Ukitsu and Choukou in the anime. We find out that she was also trained by Choukou. She was the person who found Hakufu unconscious in a river after her battle with Sousou. She visits Ukitsu's grave with Choukou at the end of the series. She now helps Choukou train young toushi.

= Roshuku Shikei (魯肅 子敬): Lu Su - Zijing=

(Became chief strategist of Wu following Zhou Yu's death, was replaced after his own death by Lü Meng).

*Manga versionA student from Nanyo who appears wearing many bandages. Her injuries are never explained. She first appears among the Nanyo gang to announce that Kanu has been captured by Sousou. She comes up with a plan involving Nanyo and Seito to team up and launch a surprise attack on Koushou.

*Anime versionShikei is only seen in the last episode of Dragon Destiny OVA.

= Teifu Tokubou (程普 德謀): Cheng Pu - Demou =

(A veteran warrior who served three generations of the Sun family. He was known as Master Cheng and was second-in-command at the battle of Chi Bi).

*Manga versionA long time friend of Saji and Ryomou. He was once a strong toushi and was well respected by others. He often bullied Enjutsu, even though it was Enjutsu who was the leader of Nanyo at the time. He has had feelings for Ryomou for as long as they knew each other. Enjutsu got revenge when he and Kaku tricked Teifu into awakening Ryubi's dragon. He led Teifu to believe Ryomou would get raped if Teifu would not obey him. A few years later, Teifu was chosen to be one of Nanyo's representatives for a toushi tournament. He suffered a horrible beating in a match that left him in a coma. He would have been killed if Ryomou had not interfered in the match, causing him to be disqualified. Teifu recovered from his coma but is now blind and nowhere near fully recovered. Teifu still jokes about blaming Ryomou for getting him disqualified. When Ryomou is left doubting her abilities after losing to Hakufu, Teifu offers her some much needed encouragement.

*Anime versionSome manga elements are the same as the anime version. Teifu keeps his injuries and also his feelings for Ryomou. However he does not appear at all in Dragon Destiny, which is where Ryomou discovered her own dragon.

Youshuu Gakuen (揚州 學園): Yangzhou High School

=Taishiji Shigi (太史慈 子義): Taishi Ci - Ziyi=

(Taishi Ci once served Liu Yao, then serving Sun Ce after losing his challenge battle)

*Manga versionA skilled and honorable fighter who refused to kill Hakufu despite being ordered to do so. He tried to stop other assassins from finishing his job but was stabbed in the back as a consequence, putting him in a coma and paralyzing him from the waist down. However, he seems to be recovering from his injuries. He used to be one of Ukitsu's sparring partners. It is said that Uktisu always held back when sparring with Shigi because she liked him. It should be noted that she was still injuring him in these fights. While Shiji was kept in the hospital, a girl from Nanyo often visited him and sat by his side. It turns out that the girl was transferring her chi into Shigi for him to recover from his injuries.

*Anime versionExactly the same as in the manga, except there is no mention of his past with Ukitsu. He also does not recover from his coma.

Rakuyou Koukou (洛陽 高校): Luoyang Senior High

=Toutaku Chuuei (董卓 仲穎): Dong Zhuo - Zhongying=

(Dong Zhuo was a tyrant who forced Emperor Shao to death, Emperor Xian to succeed the crown. Killed by Lü Bu)

*Manga versionThe evil leader of Rakuyou who until his death held most of the other schools in a vice-grip, possessing both the manpower and the Gyokuji as well as a Hyakuhekitou. In addition, he possesses Dragon of Hao abilities, yet he is not one of them. He is also a masochist which is seen through his self-mutilation. Exceptionally powerful and arrogant, he attempted to kill off Hakufu in order to change his destiny. He eventually ends up killing Choushou, and is brought to a near-death state by Ryofu directly after the fight with Choushou. He partially changes his fate by committing suicide instead of letting Ryofu kill him. Though the end results are still the same, he at least died with some self-satisfaction. Three years before the start of the manga, he devised a plan which led to Ryubi's dragon awakening for the first time.

*Anime versionHe is just as evil and just as crazy, though he has a somewhat more refined mannerism to his sinister nature. He is far more skilled in the anime as well; he demonstrated the power to split a watermelon and a table with his chi into perfect pieces with just a tap from his fingers and even poisoned Hakufu with chi. He was also able to possess her and take control of her body. He also seems to hate watermelons, supposedly because opening them reminds him of the inside of a human's head. His body is destroyed by Ryofu, who uses a double suicide chi blast, at which point he transmigrates into Hakufu only to be eaten by her dragon later on. It seems as though he had a change of heart on the brink of his death, revealing to Hakufu the truth about Saji, that he is the plotter behind all this and that Saji Genpou is not his real identity. He also uses a bit of his remaining strength after being destroyed by Ryofu's double suicide to remove the Fa Jing curse he had previously lain upon her.

=Ryofu Housen (呂布 奉先): Lü Bu - Fengxian=

(Lü Bu was the strongest warrior of Sanguo Period,he betrayed both of his "adopted-fathers" Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo)

*Manga versionA strong bisexual fighter with a very promiscuous personality and a habit for dressing skimpy. She was very skilled at making chi-blasts and was in love with both Saji and her best friend Chinkyuu. She had a love-hate relationship with Saji, who she claims once raped her (Saji only half denies this, claiming that she was not raped because she enjoyed it). Despite trying her best to escape her destiny, she ended up causing it anyway. Afflicted with a deadly illness that would kill her before adulthood, she ended up being manipulated by Saji into causing Toutaku's death. When she found out that Chinkyuu was raped, she went in search of revenge as her last living act. She was found by Myosai, and the two fought each other. Myosai's skill added with Ryofu's failing health was enough for Ryofu to be defeated. She was saved from Myosai's killing blow by Chinkyuu. Realizing that she was moments away from dying, Ryofu and Chinkyuu then committed a double suicide, dying happily together as their predecessors did 1800 years before.

*Anime versionUnlike her manga self, who is a skilled tactician, her anime self is more of a thuggish brute. She didn't plan on acquiring the Gyokuji or betraying Toutaku and was more easily manipulated by Saji. She was still sick however. She was more emotional as well and more promiscuous and cruel. She actually raped Ryomou in the anime opposed to simply teasing her in the manga. She was just as powerful, however, as her manga version. In the end she died fulfilling her fate by using a chi blast to commit suicide with Toutaku. Chinkyuu died earlier in the series and so did not join her. The second season recalls a different scene however with Ryofu wearing the clothes she did in the manga when she fought Toutaku tackling him off a cliff but also accounts it as double suicide. Whether that is meant literally and that the past events have been changed metaphorically where in which it was Ryomou's perspective or the aura-sensed perspective of others that has changed is not known. In the end of episode two during the Great Guardians season, she is found unconscious by Ryoumou, who in turn were being watched by Saji in the nearby rooftop.Ryofu is timid and shy now that she has amnesia. She is staying at Ryomou's apartment for the time being. She recently, went to Rakuyou High to see if she could find any clues that could help her regain her memories. On her way there she met Kakouton, who has also lost all of his memories. Ryofu meets Saji along with Myosai and says he can help her remember her past. Ryofu passes out and Saji carries her into Rakuyou. Later, Ryomou finds Ryofu unconscious and alone with her jacket unbuttoned. Ryomou asks Ryofu if she could remember anything after Saji took her into Rakuyou and Ryofu replies cheerfully "No, not a bit". At the end of episode 6, Ryofu is a lot more cheerful and outgoing after Saji took her into the abandeden school. It seems that Ryofu is being controlled, it's also implied that she is working with Saji and the mysterious girl in a cloak. In a flashback it is revealed that she was kiss by the mysterious girl and put into a trance. Ryofu, Ryuubi, and Kan'u went to an amusement park, where Ryofu took Ryuubi into a haunted house, and transferred a spell to Ryuubi. Note(Events based on ikki tousen : Great guardians) in the tv Anime ryubbi is Chinkyou) there was no mystery girl)

**NOTE**In the first installment of the "Great Guardians" series, she was shown fighting Kan'u of Seito High School. Where in she completely dominated Kan'u and both were stopped by a mysterious bolt of lighting from the sky.

=Kaku Bunwa (賈詡 文和): Jia Xu - Wenhe=

(Jia Xu was a talented strategist serving Dong Zhuo, Li Jue and at last Cao Cao)

"Voiced by:" Haruhi Terada (Season 1), Shiho Kawaragi (Season 2), Hunter MacKenzie Austin (English)

*Manga versionA bespectaled, long raven-haired beauty who was once Toutaku's second-in-command. Intelligent, seductive, and manipulative, her power lay in manipulating others into doing her dirty work as she is otherwise an average fighter. She helped set up the events that led to Ryubi's dragon being awakened three years before the start of the series. She offered to help Enjutsu get the respect he should have had as Nanyo's leader at the time. Knowing Teifu's feelings for Ryomou, Kaku disguised herself as Ryomou and faked a video in which she was about to be raped by Enjutsu's henchmen. Teifu fell for it and was forced into attacking Seito and look for Ryubi in order to protect Ryomou. In reality, the entire plan was devised by Toutaku in order to see how powerful Ryubi's dragon was. After Toutaku's death, Kaku switched sides and joined Sousou, who accepted her with open arms. She became (or always has been) Kakuka's lover, plotting to take advantage of Sousou's power. She was genuinely in love with him until he was taken out of action. However, she gets into a sexual relationship with whoever she plots with (Toutaku, Kakuka and now currently Jyunyu). She knows of Koukin's crush on Hakufu (although it 's possible that everyone in the series knows it). She also teased Koukin by taking off her underwear in front of him before three other Kyosho girls seduced him in an attempt to make him defect from Nanyo.

*Anime versionShe acts more submissive in the anime than in the manga but is also more trusting and trustworthy. She is less seductive and does not act as calculating or as cunning. In fact, she seems almost caring towards Sousou and his friends, leading them to trust her more or at least be less suspicious of her. She also gives out the orders to Myosai to search for the Dragon Jade. She could have been working for her own needs after she was told by Sousou that she was no longer necessary for his plans. However, she was not involved in the Battle of Chibi. The next time we see her after she was removed from her position is when she meets up with Kakouton at the end of the series.

=Chinkyuu Koudai (陳宮 公台): Chen Gong - Gongtai=

(Chen Gong was the most loyal officers serving Lü Bu, killed along with Lü Bu by Cao Cao)

*Manga versionRyofu's best friend since childhood and also her lesbian lover. She was a C-rank with great potential. While Ryofu was battling Toutaku, Chinkyuu knocked out Kaku to prevent her from interfering. Kaku got her revenge when she caught Chinkyuu stealing the Gyokuji and got Rikaku to rape her. When Chinkyuu recovered from her injuries, she saves Ryofu from being killed by Myosai. However, she realises that Ryofu is moments away from dying due to her illness. Since she was loyal and in love with Ryofu, Chinkyuu decides to stay by her friend's side and commits suicide with her instead of surrendering to Sousou.

*Anime versionAlmost the same other than it shows her explicitly sleeping with Ryofu. She dies in hospital from injuries inflicted when she was raped. She also tried to steal the Gyokuji of her own accord rather than being ordered to do so by Ryofu. Chinkyuu wanted to present it to Ryofu as a gift before she died.

Kyoshou Gakuin (許昌 學院): Xuchang Academy

=Kakouton Genjou (夏侯惇 元讓): Xiahou Dun - Yuanrang=

(Xiahou Dun was one of the most loyal warriors of Cao Cao, lost his one eye while protecting Cao Cao in the struggle against Lu Bu).

"Voiced by:" Yuji Ueda (Season 1), Shuhei Sakaguchi (Season 2), Josh Phillips (English)

*Manga versionAffectionately referred to as Basics Ton-chan by Hakufu for his love of using only the most basic moves in combat abhorring (and perhaps being incapable of) any other kind of combat. A honorable but eccentric young man, he goes to great lengths to repair the damage done to any place he fights, patching walls and pavement and believing such a place to be a dojo he must maintain. He is a very good friend of both Sousou and Kakuka and has a crush on Hakufu, who is on very good terms with him. Like his predecessor, Genjou had his left eye gouged out this time by a kunai-wielding assassin (Xiahou lost his eye to an archer) trying to defend Sousou before his dragon awakened.

*Anime versionMostly the same in the first season, acting as comic relief. Goei told him how to beat Hakufu during the Great Toushi Tournament and helped him by distracting her daughter while Kakouton injured her legs. Goei also flirted with him continually, leading most of the Toushi community to conclude that he likes mature women, a belief he vehemently denies to no avail. He still likes Hakufu, who is jealous of her mother and angry with him because she believes the rumors.

In Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny, he is however portrayed as a much more serious character as compared to the first season. Like his manga counterpart, he has his eye gouged out but by a needle hidden in the assassin's mouth. He is best friends with Sousou and Kakuka. After being ordered by Sousou to avenge Kakuka's death, he decided to do it his own way, instead of attacking in a way that betrays his beliefs. Kakouton had been growing aware of the increasing blood-thirsty behavior of Sousou's Dragon. Sousou is becoming extremely violent more often. Kakouton decided to confront the "Devil King". Unfortunately he was overpowered and was presumed to be killed by Sousou. At the end we discover that Kakouton is still alive when Kaku finds him sitting alone in a street. He is now suffering from amnesia and only remembers Kakuka and Sousou as his friends and allies. In episode 6 of Great Guardians, Kakouton is seen trying to regain his memories and meets Ryofu on a bus doing the same. Kakouton decides to go with Ryofu to help her and maybe himself. Kakouton meets Saiji and tells him that Myosai can help him with his memories. Ryofu passes out and Kakouton tries to help her but is stopped by Myosai. Hakufu shows up to stop Myosai's next attack and triggers some of Kakouton's memories of when they first met. Kakouton finally stands up for himself, throwing away his backpack which has his repair kit in it. Hakufu reminds Kakouton how important that kit is to him and finally remembers everything. At the end of episode 6, Kakouton defeats Myosai telling her that he'll find his own way to Sousou.

=Sousou Moutoku (曹操 孟德): Cao Cao - Mengde=

(Cao Cao was the king of Wei and founder of the Wei dynasty, famous for his cold-heartlessness and brilliance)

*Manga versionThe eccentric leader of Kyosho and best friend to Genjou and Houkou and a B-rank fighter. Until his dragon awoke, he did not care much for the state of affairs, but afterward he became extremely violent, blood-thirsty, and power-mad because he is completely possessed by his dragon. However, he is more interested in controlling powerful toushi than getting precious artifacts such as the Gyokuji and the Hyakuhekitou. When Kanu refused to be freed in return for Ryubi surrendering the Gyokuji, Sousou happily accepts Kanu's request and orders the Gyokuji to be returned. Sousou often criticizes Kaku for wearing glasses, telling her she looks cuter without them. Easily the strongest character at the moment. He also has strange dreams involving an old man with writing on his forehead asking Sousou to avenge him.

After a meeting with Hakufu he was left unconscious until his dragon manifested, though Chuukou managed to bring him back to his senses.

*Anime versionHe is less sinister a character in the anime and instead seems more like a disturbed and troubled man trying to fight his dragon. He is much calmer and more caring until he awakes his dragon. When Kanu was captured and taken prisoner, Sousou broke her out and persuaded her to join him. Kanu proved herself by fighting Hakufu one-on-one. Sousou was watching the fight on top of a nearby building and when Hakufu spotted him, she charged at him using the power of her dragon. Sousou countered with his own dragon and blew Hakufu a great distance away. While in his dragon state he almost killed his best friend, Kakouton. He was chained to a wall while being watched over by Chuukou to prevent him from killing anyone else. In the Battle of Chibi he merged with Shiba-i's evil powers and he attempts to kill Ryubi. He was defeated, and presumably killed, by Hakufu and Ryubi. Ikki Tousen Great Guardians ep 11 Sousou Moutoku is shown appearing out of nowhere behind Kakouen Myousai, after seeing him, Myousai starts crying and it is seen that he comforts her, perhaps showing that he really does treasure Kakouen.

=Kakuka Houkou (郭嘉 奉孝): Guo Jia - Fengxiao=

(Guo Jia was the great strategist of Cao Cao, helped him to eliminate Yuan Shao's sons - Tan, Xi, Shang. Sadly, he died of illness weeks before the battle of chi bi at the age of 38).

*Manga versionBest friend to Sousou and Kakouton, he was destined to die of cancer but somehow managed to be cured. He oddly flickered like a ghost around Kaku, his sweet-heart. Reasonably strong and highly manipulative (perhaps even against Sousou himself), he was put into a coma by Bashoku Youjou, who framed Kannei for the attack.
*Anime versionThe same as in the manga except that he did not suffer from cancer and was killed by Bashoku instead of being put into a coma. He is stabbed in the heart rather than in the back and dies from his wounds. He was much stronger as well, being able to defeat Ryomou very easily in the first season. Bashoku had to resort to poisoning before being able to kill him.

=Kakouen Myousai (夏侯淵 妙才): Xiahou Yuan - Miaocai=

(cousin of Cao Cao and known for his lighting quick moves. He is later killed by Huang Zhong at the battle of Mt. ding jun).

*Manga versionA female assassin Sousou once saved, earning her total loyalty. She is extremely skilled, even more so than Ryofu (however this may have been due to Ryofu's illness had reached its final stages at the time they fought), very durable to the point of seemingly not feeling any pain and specializes in pressure point attacks. She uses a jade shot attached to a very long metal wire as a projectile and for restraining her foes. She develops a deep respect for Chou-un when they fought each other. Chou-un recognises that Myosai is fighting for someone who is very important in her life (Sousou). Myosai attacks her own allies when they catch Ryubi, claiming that she wanted to capture Ryubi herself. She was stabbed from behind by one of Sousou's toushi. Chou-un defeated the toushi and ordered him to bring Myosai back to Kyosho safely.

*Anime versionSame as in the manga, in the anime it is revealed that Sousou found her years ago in the war zone in a jungle somewhere presumably in South East Asia. Myosai was dressed in army fatigues suggesting she was a rebel or revolutionary of some sort. She was nearly raped by a soldier (she isn't wearing pants and her underwear has been pulled down). The soldier is shown with a bullet wound in his back. Either Myousai killed him herself or Sousou did to save her (he is not shown holding any weapons but Myousai is holding a gun). Sousou is dressed as a tourist and it is presumed that he took her back to Japan with him. Myosai was defeated by Ryomou & Saji in the Battle of Chibi. She was also the only Kyosho member whose fate was not revealed in the anime's ending. It is revealed in Ikki Tousen Great Guardians Episode 5 that she is in fact still alive and seems to be working with the mystery girl. In episode 6, Myosai is working with Saji and used to distract Kakouton while Saij made of with Ryofu. As she was about to finish Kakouton, she was interrupted by Hakufu. In the end, Myosai was defeated by Kakouton. She again fights with Kakouton and Koukin, only to be interrupted by Sou Sou's return. She returns to Kyosho with Kakouton and Sou Sou.

=Shiba'i Chuutatsu (司馬懿 仲達): Sima Yi - Zhongda=

(Sima Yi was the great strategist of Wei, the only one could resist Zhuge Liang's tatics and later laid the foundation for the Jin dynasty).

*Manga versionThe true shadow leader of Kyosho and arch-nemesis of Koumei. She uses a wheelchair because she lost her feet, although it was never explained how it happened. She also has a dragon tattoo on her right hand. Teni looked up to Shibai and called her "Maria-sama", treating her as a divine higher power. Shibai is secretly running Kyosho and is also Sousou's lover. She is secretly manipulating Sousou towards an ill-defined goal. She shows no sympathy towards her loyal toushi. For example, she did not show any remorse towards Teni after she was horribly injured by Ryomou during their battle. She was almost killed by Sousou during one of his dragon stages but was saved just in time by Kyocho.

*Anime versionThe same as in the manga. Her tattoos glow whenever she uses her chi. In the anime she plans to send the world into chaos by using Sousou and other evil spirits. During the Battle of Chibi she attempted to run over her enemies in a car but crashed. It was during this she revealed that she could still actually walk, her crippleness was thought to be a deception tactic. She attacked Ryubi but was cut down by Kanu. She merged her powers with Sousou and her physical body crumbled away.

Ten'i (典韋): Dian Wei

(Dian Wei was the loyal guard of Cao Cao, killed when protecting Cao Cao by Zhang Xiu's Forces)

*Manga versionA psychotic powerful archer and assassin barely in her teen years. She is Christian and believes Shiba-I to be the Madonna and worships her unquestioningly. She was raped by her father as a child, but she killed him in self-defence. She spent her early school life being abused mostly by most of the other children. She learned how to fight, kill, and play the guitar from Shiba-I, whom she adores. She tried to assassinate Ryomou and retrieve the Gyokuji but Ryomou's dragon woke up and ripped off her right arm, nearly killing her during the process. She is currently in a coma. She possessed a Hyakuhekitou called the 100-Swing Blade Dragon hidden inside an electric guitar.

*Anime versionThe same as the manga, except she did not have a Hyakuhekitou. She did not lose her arm to Ryomou during their fight but was still horribly injured in the fight. Instead of fighting Kouchu in the anime, she fights Chou-un instead. At the end of the series we see her fully recovered and tending to horses with Chouryo.

=Kyocho Chuukou (許褚 仲康): Xu Chu - Zhongkang=

(Xu Chu was the loyal guard of Cao Cao, once battled Ma Chao)

*Manga versionA loyal toushi of Sousou's, she is a very tall first year student. She was easily able to block a powerful chi-blast from Sousou aimed towards Shibai. Although Chuukou plays for Kyosho's volleyball team, she is also part of the school's stitching club and is wanted for the judo club. Chuukou and Sousou used to be in a judo club when they were younger, but due to her staggering height for her age, she was picked on and assumed to be a male by the other male club members. After what could be called an attempted molestation (being that the judo club members used force to reveal whether or not she was male or female), Sousou walked in and his dragon manifested itself. He easily slaughtered all that were there in an attempt to protect his friend. After regaining consciousness, Chuukou embraced Sousou and calmed his rage. Because of this, Chuukou resolved to protect him even if it cost her life to do so.

*Anime versionThe same as in the manga. When she first appears she is kneeling in front of Shibai, resting her head on Shibai's lap. It is possible that she treats Shibai as a higher power, much like Teni does but not as devoted. She is ordered by Shibai to keep an eye on Sousou if he becomes too powerful. She is the only one capable of calming down Sousou when he is in his dragon state. After the Battle of Chibi she returns to playing for her volleyball team.

=Chouryou Bun'en (張遼 文遠): Zhang Liao - Wenyuan=

(Zhang Liao served Dong Zhuo, Lü Bu, at last Cao Cao. He had a good relationship with Guan Yu and was the leader of the Wei five Generals).

*Manga versionA devoted follower of Shibai. He takes over Kaku's place as the strategist, but keeps Kaku in his group. He was the one who ordered the Ugan gang to attack Hakufu and Teni to attack Ryomou. When he visited Teni after her fight with Ryomou, he realises that Shibai does not care for Teni or himself, she just uses them to reach her goal.

*Anime versionSimilar to the manga, but instead tells Kaku that it is Shibai who is taking over her position as Sousou's strategist, not himself (which prompted in the anime Kaku's determination to fight for herself). He also doesn't command the Ugan group. Though he does come to his manga's counterpart's conclusion that Shibai does not care after she abandons Teni. He is often seen pushing Shibai's wheel-chair. At the end of the series he is seen with Teni, tending to horses.

=Jyunyuu Koutatsu (荀攸 公達): Xun You - Gongda=

(Xun You was Xun Yu's nephew, they two were Cao Cao's strategists)

*Manga versionHe takes over Kakuka's position after being taken out of action by Bashoku. He is spotted carrying the Hyakuhekitou by Shoukan. When he catches her spying on him he used the sword on her, managing to cut her clothes to shreds, before she escaped. He is starting to become suspicious of Shibai, but realises that it is Hakufu who will play the most important role in the war. He is Kaku's latest lover.

=Jyokou Koumei (徐晃 公明): Xu Huang - Gongming=

(Xu Huang was one of Wei Five Generals, had good relationship with Guan Yu)

*Manga versionA member of Kyosho's "Three Pillared Gods", a trio of A-ranked toushi. His predecessor had skills that equalled Kanu's 1800 years ago. In the original battle, Jyokou had forced Kanu to retreat; in the present, Jyokou challenged Kanu and even managed to knock her out. However, Kanu recovered and was able to defeat him. Jyokou took a risk and bluffed about how Kyoshou's other Toushi had Seito surrounded and were about to hunt down Ryuubi. Although at the time Chou'un kept the school and Ryuubi protected, Kanu decided not to risk Ryuubi's safety and surrendered.

*Anime versionThe same as in the manga. After the Battle of Chibi the "Three Pillared Gods" become a tourist attraction in the mountains.

=Gakushin Bunken (樂進 文謙): Yue Jin - Wenqian=

(Yue Jin was the last member of Wei Five Generals)

*Manga versionA member of Kyosho's "Three Pillared Gods", a trio of A-ranked toushi. She has the ability to read people's magatama by French kissing them. When she read Kanu's mind she discovered her love for Ryubi. However, she also had a vision of Kanu's predecessor from 1800 years before. Gakushin broke down and was left stunned when she realised just how powerful Kanu is when she was reawakened. She also uses her kiss to read Koukin's magatama, discovering the whereabouts of one of the Hyakuhekitou.

*Anime versionThe same as in the manga. The timing of her reading Kanu's mind is different. In the manga she does it after Jyokou knocked Kanu out, but in the anime she does it after Kanu surrenders and is taken prisoner. After the Battle of Chibi the "Three Pillared Gods" become a tourist attraction in the mountains.

= Soujin Shikou (曹仁 子孝): Cao Ren - Zixiao=

(Cao Ren was Cao Cao's cousin, served Wei and lead the defense at fan Castle against Guan Yu).

*Manga versionA young student who launched an assault on Seito. She was given one of the Hyakuhekitou to use in battle but her gang could not get past Kanshou. She tried to distract Kanshou by flashing her shorts in front of him but he knocked her out instead, her own men attributing that she looked too boyish for that plan to have worked.

Gogun Koukou (吳郡 高校): Wu Prefecture Senior High

Ukitsu (于吉): Yu Ji

(Gan Ji was the Taoshi who caused Sun Ce's death)

*Manga versionUkitsu is a dark-skinned girl who is destined to kill Hakufu. She wears extremely heavy body weights and is an amazing fighter who has mastered nearly every type of martial arts in existence, using them instinctively and masterfully with nearly no chi whatsoever. She is nicknamed "Genius Ukitsu" because of her talents and knowledge of martial arts. Since she does not use her chi to fight, Hakufu had a major disadvantage against her. She was unable to predict Ukitsu's moves by reading her chi. Ukitsu's views on fighting are similar to those of Hakufu. She loves to fight and is motivated by taking on stronger opponents (which rarely happened before facing Hakufu). Hakufu's dragon state easily overpowered Ukitsu and nearly killed her until she was unexpectedly saved by Koukin. Ukitsu became depressed while she was recovering from the fight and has kept a low profile lately. She had a vision of Hakufu's dragon flying through the skies towards Nanyo, which should inspire her to return to action.

*Anime versionShe plays a more significant role in the anime than in the manga. She first appears saving Hakufu from two perverted men in a karaoke bar (Hakufu was oblivious to their intentions). She is continually seen watching over Hakufu as her master Choukou intends to help Hakufu harness her dragon. Ukitsu willingly follows Choukou's orders and challenges Hakufu to a fight several times but each time Hakufu passes out for some other reason. They finally fight at the end where, unlike the manga, Hakufu manages to tame her dragon before she can injure Ukitsu. The two become friends and agree to fight again, this time as friends and not as Toushi. They seal their bond by removing their magatama.

Ukitsu also appears in Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny, this time trying to fully revive Hakufu. We find out that she is also friends with Hakugen. According to Choukou, Ukitsu is the only person who is able to revive Hakufu because it is her destiny to kill her. Since Ukitsu is the one who's fate is to kill Hakufu, then theoretically she can also save her. Choukou also mentioned that her defeat at the hands of Hakufu in the past affected her greatly, an event that was interpreted differently than as shown in the first season. So it is possible that the first season's ending is not considered to be canon. This would explain why Ukitsu and her school never helped Hakufu and Nanyo in the war despite the fact that the two schools formed an alliance at the end of the first season. Ukitsu was successful in reawakening Hakufu but passed away shortly afterwards, sacrificing her life to save Hakufu's. She was buried near a waterfall where she trained.

eito Gakuen (成都 學園): Chengdu High School

=Kan'u Unchou (關羽 雲長): Guan Yu - Yunchang=

(Guan Yu was the greatest and most loyal warrior of Sanguo (Three Kingdoms) Period, the leader of Shu Five Tiger Generals, he met his demise at Mai Castle).

"Voiced by:" Hiroe Oka (Season 1), Hitomi Nabatame (Season 2), Erica Shaffer (English)

*Manga versionBelieved to be the most feared and powerful Toushi around, she even carries the nearly invincible Blue Dragon Crescent Blade from her predecessor as well as the legendary sword Kusanagi; she also has overwhelming chi. She believes her destiny is to die protecting Ryuubi. It is believed by many characters that Ryomou will one day kill her. Presumed to be an old friend of Kakouton and Kakuka and is possibly a lesbian. Despite this, however, she seems to have taken an interest in Koukin (this happens only in the "English Adaptation", it is not present in the original JPN manga). She is eventually forced to side with Sousou and plan an attack on Nanyo in order to protect Ryubi from Kyosho's toushi, who would certainly be after her. When she surrenders she is treated as a prisoner. She is handcuffed, beaten, and stripped of her clothing. When Ryubi submits the Gyokuji for Kanu's release, Kanu refuses to accept the offer and stays as a prisoner under her own will. Sousou respects Kanu's wishes and orders the Gyokuji to be returned to Seito. Kanu is able to break free from her handcuffs, clearly holding back while she was captive. She is now treated more fairly while being kept under Sousou's orders.

*Anime versionPersonality is similar to the manga. In the first series, Kanu only appears in two episodes to fight with Ryomou and Hakufu (including Hakufu's dragon-mode). Kanu's over-confidence led to her arm being broken by Ryomou. She then gets serious and beats off Ryomou using only her legs and left arm, but still manages to win a second the fight against Hakufu while she was in her dragon state. Kanu was expected to win the toushi tournament before she unexpectedly forfeits after her fight against Hakufu. Animation-wise, this Kanu shows both her eyes, which is a totally different hairstyle/look compared to the manga and second season. The blade part of her weapon was never shown in the first series. The Seito school color also appears to be teal instead of blue.

In Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny, Kanu is similar to the manga version in terms of appearance. Like her predecessor in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, she is one of the pivotal characters in the events of the series, as she lives her destiny as Ryuubi's protector and as one of the strongest toushi alive. Being the main character in this sequel, Kanu's invincibility was played down to make her character more believable; she wasn't portrayed as strong as compared to the manga and the first anime series. Kanu is less flirty, less confident, insecure, and her intentions towards Ryuubi are more obvious. She even admits her love for Ryuubi to Koukin.

When she sides with Sousou and with Hakufu looking to challenge Sousou to a fight, Kanu accepts the fight on his behalf. She is seen with a new dark, yet still revealing costume, possibly acting as a metaphor for defecting to Kyosho's evil leader. However, Kanu's loyalty to Ryuubi doesn't shake nor does her superiority over other toushi (as Chou-un pointed out and later proven by Kanu herself when she broke free of her handcuffs under her own power, she could have just left Kyosho if she wanted to). She made it clear to Kakouton that she will kill Sousou if he attempts to assault Seito or harm Ryubi in anyway. She was told to leave Kyosho by Kakouton and she returned to her own school. However she takes Chou-un's advice to stay away from Ryuubi, allowing Ryuubi to blossom as Seito's leader. She returned at the Battle of Chibi to protect Ryuubi. At the end of the series Kanu is still with Ryuubi, as her guardian and close friend. A joke at the end has Ryuubi recommending Kanu to read a book called Ikki Tousen. The book is meant to be Romance Of the Three Kingdoms, which the series is based on. In the third season, she has finally came into terms with her feelings for Ryubi Gentoku (whom seems unaware) and fantisizes about Ryubi doing intimate things with her on numerous occasions.

=Ryuubi Gentoku (劉備 玄德): Liu Bei - Xuande=

(Liu Bei was the supreme leader of Shu, famous for his virtue)

*Manga versionA clutzy, ditzy bespectacled bookworm with seemingly no combat skills. She can't even swim. In the viewpoint and humor of the one who did the "English Adaptation", a fear of homosexuals, wondering if she is homosexual herself, and convinced that Kanu and Chouhui are lesbians who are attracted to her, was added to the English version. That isn't present in the original JPN version. Ryuubi is destined to be a great leader but is presently too timid and carefree to become one. However, she is still more than willing to do her best for her friends. She is best friends with Chouhi and possesses the most destructive dragon seen, which is so evil that it radiates enthropic energy and nearly made her disembowel herself before Ryomou, Chouhi, and Kanu managed to stop her, resulting in all of them being critically wounded. She seems unaware of this and is prone to occasional highly destructive out-bursts when her dragon rouses. These outbursts happen when Ryubi sees her friends get hurt in battle.

*Anime versionThe initial difference is that the timing of her first dragon possession is different. The first time she is overwhelmed by her dragon in the manga was three years before the start of the manga. In the anime, it happens during the second series. When Kanu was forced to surrender to Sousou, her determination to rescue Kanu has her slowly gaining control of her dragon's powers. She realised that her school had to go into battle with Nanyo and Kyosho in order to finally end the conflict. Although she was targeted by many toushi in the battle, she was capable of protecting herself. Kanu's return gave Ryuubi more encouragement. She was almost strangled to death by Sousou but was saved by the returning Hakufu. Both Ryubi and Hakufu teamed up to destroy Sousou and win the battle for Seito and Nanyo. She is now back to her normal book-reading self.

=Chouhi Ekitoku (張飛 益德): Zhang Fei - Yide=

(Zhang Fei a strong fighter of Shu, one of Shu Five Tiger Generals)

*Manga versionRyuubi's best friend and an avid snack-lover. Although quite weak and only a C-rank, history states that she will one day become so powerful that legends will tell of her matching ten thousand men (just like Zhang Fei, himself), which makes her well-known around town. She has already performed such a feat, although on a much smaller scale, when Kyosho first assaulted Seito to search for Ryubi. Myosai almost killed her during their fight but she was luckily saved by Chou-un. She is currently out of action, recovering from the serious injuries suffered in the fight against Myosai. Ryubi is staying by her side.

*Anime versionShe is more bossy in the anime. She is frustrated that Ryubi is not the powerful toushi she is meant to be as Seito's leader. Despite that, she is still best friends with Ryubi and Kanu. She is strong enough to throw Kanu several stories into the air (probably representing Zhang Fei's roar at Changban when the Shu forces were retreating from Cao Cao). At the end of the series she is seen in a restaurant with Kouchu. The two could now be a couple.

=Shokatsuryou Koumei (諸葛亮 孔明): Zhuge Liang - Kongming=

(Zhuge Liang was the greatest strategist of China history, serving Liu Bei and Liu Bei's son until his death. He also called Sleeping Dragon or Tamed Dragon)

*Manga versionA young girl who appears to harbor a dragon (obviously Zhuge Liang, himself, who is released after some major feat at the Battle of Chibi) herself. She is quiet and enigmatic. It has been suggested that she has been manipulating many great events throughout the series despite being very young. This was stated by Saji, who may work for her. She is very attached to Ryubi, often staying by her side and preventing others from getting in between them. She is destined to be Shibai's arch-nemesis.

In preparation for the Battle of Chibi, Koumei has awakened the spirit of the original Zhuge Liang within her.

*Anime versionThe same as in the manga (same with Zhuge Liang's appearance). She is completely loyal to Ryubi to the point that she might have a crush on her. At one point she wanted to be the one who takes a bath with Ryubi. She is set on accomplishing Ryubi's goals no matter what. Among other things, she chose the destination for the Battle of Chibi. At the end of the series she returns to doing her favourite hobby, fishing. She is fascinated by the size of Ryubi's breasts. In the first Dragon Destiny OVA, she compares the breasts of Chouhi, Kanu and Ryubi in an open-air bath, much to their discomfort. She picks Ryubi's as her favourites because they are the softest.

=Chou'un Shiryuu (趙雲 子龍): Zhao Yun - Zilong=

(Zhao Yun was the great fighter of Shu, served Yuan Shao, Gongsun Zan and at last Liu Bei, one of Shu Five Tiger Generals)

*Manga versionA mysterious new girl from Seito High that is presumed be Seito's "secret weapon". Easily a super A-rank, she wields one of the Hyakuhekitou swords with extreme efficiency. In the Ryuubi assassination attempt, she single-handedly defeated Kakouen Myosai, supposedly one of the more powerful A-ranks characters in the series, literally with her eyes closed while defending Ryuubi from henchmen. She presents herself with her eyes closed most of the time and is the only girl in Seito that does not wear the standard Seito High school girl uniform. She believes that violence is unnecessary and that blood-shed can be avoided to solve conflicts. She has deep respect for Kanu while their strengths rival one another.

*Anime versionEyes closed, silver hair, and carries a Japanese sword. Shiryu is arguably the most skilled toushi in the anime so far. Contrary to her looks, she is very laid back. She seems nearly invincible in the manga and in Dragon Destiny. Instead of being sent by Koumei to save Ryuubi from Myosai's assassination attempt, Chou-un was sent by Kanu to defeat Teni and Ryumou's dragon before claiming the Dragon Jade. There is no way to tell her true potential because of her limited fights and her lack of seriousness in them. So far no toushi has given her a real challenge or even put a tear on her uniform. At the end of the series, she is seen doing a bad attempt at flower arranging.Though it is not clearly pointed out whether she harbours a dragon or not, it is seen in a few flashes, in between her fight scenes, that her eyes are cat-like when open, very similar to those who harbour their dragons with control. This anomaly is also seen in the last episode of the OVA when she plunges a warning sign at the eavesdroppers outside the hot springs.

=Kouchuu Kanshou (黃忠 漢升): Huang Zhong - Hansheng=

(Huang Zhong was the veteran general of Shu, served Liu Biao, Huang Zu, Jin Xuan and at last Liu Bei, one of Shu Five Tiger Generals)

*Manga versionA shaven bald monk that worked alongside Jyosho Genchoku (Zenfuku) at Tougenin. He first appeared to block Chouhi when she and Ryubi went to look for Kanu, who was in turn looking for Koumei. He appears quite embarrassed of girls, given that he blushes a lot when he sees female flesh or belongings such as panties. However he is very strong, being able to fight off Teni with ease by being able to block and break her blades with his bare hands as well as take a shot by Hyakuhekitou to the shoulder and still be able to subdue Ryomou when her dragon was unleashed. It is implied that he will kill Myosai, just like his predecessor did 1,800 years ago.

*Anime versionSimilar to the manga in terms of personality, including outright admitting to Chouhi that fighting cute girls for him is embarrassing. However since he does not fight Teni in the anime, it is unknown how strong he really is. At the end of the series he is seen in a restaurant with Chouhi, who could now be his sweet-heart.

=Bashoku Youjou (馬謖 幼常): Ma Su - Youchang=

(Ma Su was Zhuge Liang's advisor, serving Shu, killed by Kongming because of losing at the battle of Jie Ting)

*Manga versionBashoku Youjou was an assassin sent by Shokatsuryou Koumei to kill Kakuka and frame Kannai of Nanyo for the crime. Although her fighting skills did not match up to Kakuka's, her early preparation of poisoning her blades led to her victory. She only appeared once in the manga to severely injure Kakuka. She reveals that she attacked Kakuka only to gain credibility and to raise her reputation.

*Anime versionThe same as the manga, except that she ends up killing Kakuka instead of leaving him in a coma. It is also revealed that she was ordered to attack Kakuka by Koumei. She later travels to Nanyo to tell Koukin, Saji and the others that Sousou defeated Hakufu and captured Kanu. Saji was able to recognise her as Kakuka's real killer and knows it was she that framed Kannei for the murder. He flirts with her anyway. Her main purpose is to bring in reports on Kyosho and Nanyo to Koumei and to defend Seito with Kouchu should Sousou ever invade the school. At the end of the series she joins Koumei for some fishing.

=Shoukan Shiyoku (蔣幹 子翼): Jiang Gan - Ziyi=

(Jiang Gan served Wei, then Shu). (He was fooled by pang tong at chi bi)

*Manga versionA spy for Seito currently posing as a Kyosho student. She is an expert at using medical needles. She was one of the three girls who seduced Koukin in an attempt for him to defect to Sousou's side. She gave him "extra attention" afterwards to make sure he would not escape. While Koukin was asleep she sneaked around the school and discovered Jyunyu with the Hyakuhekitou sword. Jyunyu caught her spying on him and the two fought. Shoukan's clothes were cut to shreds and she escaped naked. She reappeared back in bed with Koukin and gave him a message from Koumei, as well as revealing to him what was going on. She could be developing real feelings for Koukin after she slept with him. It is possible that Shoukan Shiyoku may not be her real name.

*Anime versionShoukan is only seen in the last episode of Dragon Destiny OVA.

Yoshuu Gakuin (豫州 學院): Yuzhou Academy

=Enshou Honsho (袁紹 本初): Yuan Shao - Benchu=

(Yuan Shao was the commander of the Campaign against Dong Zhuo in Luo Yang, died for illness caused by his loss to Cao Cao's Forces)

* Manga versionHe doesn't appear in manga version, he only sent Koshaji to kill Sousou and Kakouton.
* Anime versionSimilar to manga, but after Koshaji died, Yoshuu is immediately attacked by "Three Pillared Gods" of Kyoshou led by Kaku and that causes the deaths of Ganryo and Bunshu, then Honsho surrenders Sousou. Then, to revenge Kakouton's lost eye, Sousou orders Kaku to kill them all.

=Koshaji (胡車兒): Hu Che Er =

(Hu Che'er served Dong Zhuo, then Zhang Xiu)

*Manga versionAn assassin who was sent to kill Sousou while he was injured from a gang battle. She blinded Kakouton's left eye with a hidden needle attack. This caused Sousou to unleash his Dragon and kill Koshaji for revenge, although we do not see him kill her.
*Anime versionThe same as in the manga. It is in the anime where we learn of her name. After Sousou defeats Koshaji, he grabs her by the head and smashes her face first into a wall, killing her instantly.

Ryoushuu Gakuen (涼州 学園) - Liangzhou High School

The Liangzhou High School students were the original main characters when the manga was first being planned. Although the original and final manga designs have similarities, there were some differences in the story. An example is that it was only the magatamas that originally had the spirits of past warriors. The characters were not modern day equivalents of important warriors from 1800 years ago, so it was likely that character's destinies would not be featured in the storyline. A few other characters like Kakouton and Kakuka appeared with Kakouton having a much different personality while Ryofu's/Lu Bu's (and "that Ryofu" is a guy, not a girl) magatama was used to turn a toushi into a violent maniac. The pilot chapter is included in Volume 1 of the Battle Vixens manga.

= Bachou Mouki (馬超 孟起): Ma Chao - Mengqi=

(Ma Chao was eldest son of Ma Teng of Xi Liang and older cousin of Ma Dai, he later joined Shu, as one of Five Tiger General, He was known as "Ma chao the Splendid").

*Manga versionShe was one of the original main characters when the series was being created. She is pretty much the exact same character as Hakufu. Instead of having a dragon state, she had the actual spirit of Ma Chao kept in her magatama. When Mouki found her friends seriously hurt in an attack, Ma Chao awakened and temporarily took over her body. She became very powerful and violent, much like Hakufu in her dragon state.

= Kansui Bun'etsu (韓遂 文约): Han Sui - Wenyue=

(Han Sui once served Ma Chao, then serving Cao Cao)

*Manga versionHe was one of the original main characters when the series was being created. He is friends with and also a protector of Mouki.


=Sonken Bundai (孫堅 文臺): Sun Jian - Wentai=

(Sun Jian was the founder of Sun clan's Rule, then Eastern Wu Empire, father of Sun Ce and Sun Quan)

*Manga versionGoei's deceased husband and Hakufu's father. He originally had possession of Hakufu's magatama.

*Anime versionThe same as in the manga. While Hakufu was unconscious after her defeat to Sousou, she met up with her father in a vision. Sonken appeared dressed as a warrior leading an army and encouraged Hakufu to reach her destiny.

Goei (吳榮): Lady Wu

(Lady Wu was the wife of Sun Jian, and the mother of Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Lady Sun and many Suns)

*Manga versionHakufu's widowed, extremely promiscuous and flirtatious mother, a strong fighter, and a strict mother who is not above getting drunk at parties with her daughter or pummeling her into the floorboards. She unexpectedly moves in with Koukin and Hakufu. While she teases Koukin for his crush on her daughter, she is against the idea of Koukin and Hakufu being in a romantic relationship. She accepts Hakufu's fate and shows no resistance whenever her daughter faces her apparent doom. However, when she found out that Kakouton protected Hakufu from the Ugan gang, she becomes more optimistic about everyone's attempts to change their fates.

*Anime versionShe is otherwise the same except that she is much stronger in the anime. She regularly punishes Hakufu, especially when Hakufu calls her an old hag. These punishments are usually spankings but can sometimes be something more violent. In one scene, she throws Hakufu through a door. Despite being inactive, she is still a very skillful fighter. She was able to defeat Toutoutsu and his Ugan gang after they attack Koukin and Hakufu outside their home. She is attracted to Kakouton and flirts with him whenever they meet, leading Kakouton's friends to think they are in a relationship.

=Choukou Shikou (張紘 子綱): Zhang Hong - Zigang=

(Zhang Hong was a strategist of Sun Ce, Sun Quan. Alongside Zhang Zhao, he was known as "Two Zhangs")

*Manga versionAn old man who trained Hakufu when she was a child. He is an old friend of Goei and he possibly trained her too. He also trained Ukitsu and Rikuson. He explains to Goei about Hakufu's fate to be killed by Ukitsu. When Ukitsu was recovering from her fight with Hakufu, Choukou mentions that her loss to Hakufu was a necessary sacrifice needed to awaken Hakufu's dragon. He is currently trying to teach the Water Dragon Fist to Hakufu with the help of Rikuson and Saji.

*Anime versionThe same as in the manga. He is referred by Hakufu as "Grandfather" (it may just be a title, elderly family friends are called grandfathers in Japan). He helps train Hakufu and Ryomou at his hot springs. He can be slightly perverted. In one sparring session he purposely knocked both Hakufu & Ryomou into a lake just to see them wet. In the second series he is the one who performs a revival on Hakufu's body where he only manages to awaken her dragon. He was able to keep her dragon under control. He tells Ukitsu that only she is able to revive Hakufu's spirit. We find out that he also trained Hakugen. At the end of the series he and Hakugen are seen attending Ukitsu's grave. He gives thanks to Ukitsu for sacrificing her life in order to save Hakufu, and thus changing the fates of many toushi for the better.

=Choushou Shifu (張昭 子布): Zhang Zhao - Zibu=

(Together with Zhang Hong, Zhang Zhao is known as "Two Zhangs")

*Manga versionAn old woman with the appearens of a young girl. Choushou is in charge of a set of 5 legendary Chinese jian made of jewels. Supposedly made by Cao Cao in ancient China. All five were embedded in a large boulder on Choushou's property and sealed with chi making them impossible to remove. Toutaku was the first person to train under her to obtain the Hyakuhekitou, then Kan'u, Ryomou, and Hakufu. Hakufu was the last one to seek training from her. Toutaku went berserk in a blind sight of rage after Choushou lectured him about being weak. Hakufu tried to save her but fell unconscious after a jumping from a cliff turning to get to the city faster. Choushou gave Hakufu a gift through a kiss. It is possible that she is dead after giving Hakufu her gift. It is not said yet what her gift was.

*Anime versionChoushou has appeared in episode 8 of Great Guardian and she is seen training Ryomou.

=Shibaki Tokusou/Suikyou-sensei (司馬徽 德操/水鏡 先生): Sima Hui - Decao/Shuijing Xiansheng=

(Sima Hui was a mysterious recluse and the teacher of Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, and Xu Shu. He presented Zhuge Liang the Sleeping Dragon, Pang Tong the Young Phoenix to Liu Bei)

He is Kanu's and Chohi's master. He often tells them about Ryubi's fate. He is very fond of alcohol.

=Saji Genpou (左慈 元放): Zuo Ci - Yuanfang=

(Zuo Ci was the mysterious Taoshi who fooled Cao Cao, caused Cao Cao's death)

*Anime version

Revealing herself in the 3rd season (and so far is an anime exclusive character like Chuubou), first as a mysterious cloaked girl with a crystal ball who would often show up and speak to Ryomou. Her true identity was not revealed until several episodes in as the real Saji Genpou. She is a toushi with a tragic past, harassed as a child for being different by the other children (only one girl, most likely Chuubou based on her voice, pleaded to them to stop but to no avail). She is a powerful mistress of genjutsu (illusion) magic as shown by her revival of Ryofu and mind controlling some of the stronger toushi in the series most noticably Ryofu, Ryubi and her friends excluding Kanu and even Hakufu herself however prolonged use of mind control causes great pain to her. She hates all forms of love and friendship and goes to great lengths with her powers to break them up, wanting everyone to suffer as she had. Believing that obtaining Ryomou's dragon will give her the power to do so. It is interesting to note that Saji has a crush on Ouin, beliving him as the "only one who understands her."

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