Anthony Aristar

Anthony Aristar

Anthony Manuel Rodrigues Aristar (born in Cape Town, South Africa, 1948) is a linguist, the founder of the LINGUIST List, the most important linguistic resource on the web [] , and currently a professor of linguistics at Eastern Michigan University. Aristar received his BA from the University of Melbourne in Australia, his MA from the University of Chicago, and his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984 (Dissertation: "On the Syntactic Incorporation of Linguistic Units"). Aristar is now co-director of the Institute for Language and Information Technology at Eastern Michigan University. He is married to Helen Aristar-Dry, also a professor of linguistics at Eastern Michigan University, and co-director of the institute he heads. He has been one of the prime movers in the establishment of standards for the dissemination and publication of linguistic information on the Internet, and was Principal Investigator of the E-MELD project, whose aim was also the establishment of standards for linguistic data [] . He is very involved in the preservation of endangered languages data. He is principal investigator of the Multitree project, [] and co-Principal Investigator of the LL-MAP project. [] As part of his work on the interoperability of digital linguistic data, he is involved with the Open Languages Archive Community (OLAC). He was also involved in producing the 2007 ISO 639-3 standard for the coding of languages, in that this standard is a union of the Ethnologue code-set and a code-set for ancient and constructed languages produced at LINGUIST List by him [] .

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* [ Anthony Aristar's web page] @ The LINGUIST List
* [ Anthony Aristar’s web page] @ Eastern Michigan University

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