Enchantica (band)

Enchantica (band)

Enchantica was a cyber industrial metal band from Falkirk, Scotland formed in 2002. One of the forerunners in the world of cyber metal. They were on the independent record label "Hybrid Nuclear Zone Records.", formed by the band to distrubute their material.

Enchantica was a two piece band consisting of Malphas (later Cosmosys) (Lead Vocals-Guitars-Keyboards-Lyrics-Programming) and Hypnos (Lead Guitars-Backing Vocals-Bass-Keyboards-Lyrics-Programming).

The Severing Reality Demo

At the end of earth year 2003, Enchantica released the "Severing Reality" demo CD. A 17 track album of their trademark industrial meets death metal music with industrial interludes piecing the tracks together. In 2004 the band secured gigs across the central belt of scotland, adding new material to their performance along the way. The "Severing Reality" demo contained tracks like the dark 2Unlimited inspired "Silent Destruction", the Cannibal Corpse - meets - Pig Destroyer "Sledgehammer to the Kneecaps" and the Drum 'n Bass meets death metal of "Soundtrack to the accident".

Hybrid Nuclear Zone

During the recording sessions for "Severing Reality", work was well underway on material which would blow the world of metal in to pieces. Over 30 songs were written for this new body of work - a concept album called "Hybrid Nuclear Zone". Set in a cold mechanical future and largely inspired by Terminator, the album told the story of 'Jackson' and his struggle to exist in violent times.

The music was much more orchestral based, with aggressive tracks slowing down in places to almost mood music. The balance of industrial and metal wasn't as equal, with more extreme guitar based tracks taking the spotlight.

Although this album was never recorded, several of the tracks were included in the set list of their 2003 tour. These tracks included the dirty black metal "Cryptkicker" (inspired by local lad Sonny Devlin and his breaking in to the Greyfriars Mausoleum), A revised "Alien Noisecore" which was a remake version of an old song from "Severing Reality" and "The mechanics of death" - an industrial death metal track in the vein of The Berzerker.

Tracks written for HNZ

This is an incomplete list of tracks written for the release "Hybrid Nuclear Zone":

* Hybrid Nuclear Zone
* Evolution
* Jungle Jammin'
* A Perfect Future
* Desolate Wastelands
* Spaceport
* Alien Noisecore 2
* Cryptkicker
* The Mechanics of Death
* Dr Clownelius and the amputee puppeter's freak show


* Hypnos now writes music under the monikers "Anowrexiya" and "Artificial Interest", whilst Cosmosys has settled down with a family - Information about his "A Catastrophe of Biblical Proportions" musical project can be found below.

A Catastrophe of Biblical Proportions

Beginning with the guitar driven "Below the Waves", released in Spring '05, A Catastrophe of Biblical Proportions fused ambient soundscapes with traditional rock instrumentation. Although no material was commercially released, the following albums were produced.

Below the Waves

* A storm shook the earth and mankind withdrew in fear.
* Suddenly the land was enveloped in silence.
* The sea raged and the ground cracked
* ...and the currents swallowed all.
* Slowly the light began to fade.
* The would be the darkest day.

Running Time (29 min 10 sec)


* Stretch out your hand to the sky so that darkness will spread.
* First born sun
* ACoBP: i. Infection ii. Summoning the swarm iii. Embracing the inevitable

Running Time (35 min 25 sec)

This World is Crumbling

* The first day
* This world is crumbling
* Co-exist with chaos
* Watching the fall
* Dividing atoms
* A last grasp for control
* Neptune

Running Time (34 min 10 sec)

The Growing Void

* Continuum (& the death of evolution)
* Post-Infinity
* Cold winds blow
* Inanimate
* Vision
* Signs
* The default few
* Intention

Running time (54 min 05 sec)


* Severing Reality (2003)
* Hybrid Nuclear Zone ( [2004] ) (Unreleased although rogue tracks exist across the Internet)

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* [http://www.myspace.com/0123456789anowrexiya Anowrexiya Myspace]
* [http://www.myspace.com/artificialinterest Artificial Interest Myspace]

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