List of Armenian kings

List of Armenian kings

This is a list of the kings and queens of Armenia, an ancient kingdom in Anatolia and Caucasus as well as other Armenian Kingdoms. For more information on ancient Armenia, please see History of Armenia. For information on the medieval Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia, please see the separate page, Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.

See List of Kings of Urartu for kings of Urartu, the predecessor state of Greater Armenia.

Greater Armenia

This is the historical designation of the largest and longest lasting Armenian Kingdom.

Orontid Kings and Satraps

In Armenian tradition

Early kings in traditional Armenian chronology according to Moses of Chorene.

"Note that the early dates are traditional and of uncertain accuracy."

*Orontes I Sakavakyats (570-560 BC)
*Tigranes Orontid (560-535 BC)
*Vahagn (530-515 BC)
*Hidarnes I (late 6th c. BC)
*Hidarnes II (early 5th c. BC)
*Hidarnes III (middle of 5th c. BC)
*Ardashir (2nd half of 5th c. BC)

Attested satraps

*Orontes (401-344 BC)
*Darius Codomannus (344-336 BC)

Yervandian (Yervanduni or Orontid) Dynasty

*Orontes II (336-331 BC)
*Mithranes(331-323 BC)
*Perdiccas (non-dynastic) (323 BC)
*Neoptolemus (non-dynastic) (323-321 BC)
*Eumenes (non-dynastic) (321 BC)
*Mihran (321-317 BC)
*Orontes III (317- 300 BC)
*Sames (260-243 BC)
*Arsames (243-226 BC)
*Xerxes (226-212 BC)
*Abdisares (212 BC)
*Orontes IV (212–200 BC)

Artashesian (Artaxiad) Dynasty

*Artaxias I (189-160)
*Artavasdes I (160-115)
*Tigranes I (115-95)
*Tigranes II the Great (95-55)
*Artavasdes II (55-34)
*Alexander Helios (non dynastic)
*Artaxias II (34-20)
*Tigranes III (20-8)
*Tigranes IV
*Artavasdes III (5-2 BC)
*Erato (2-12 BC)
*Ariobarzanes (non dynastic)
*Artavasdes IV (non dynastic)
*Tigranes V (non dynastic)

=Roman and Parthian non-dynastic candidates=

*Ariobarzan of Atropatene 1 BC-2 (Roman protectorate)
*Artavazd V (son) 2-11
*Vonones (former king of Parthia) 12-16 (Roman protectorate)
*Roman interregnum 16-18 (Vonones as nominal king)
*Artaxias III 18-34 (Roman protectorate)
*Arsaces of Armenia (son of Artabanus II of Parthia) 34-35 (Parthian protectorate)
*Orodes of Armenia (pretender, son of Artabanus II) 35
*Mithridates 35-37 (Roman protectorate)
*Orodes (now king) 37-42 (Parthian protectorate)
*Mithridates (second time) 42-51 (Roman protectorate)
*Radamisto 51-53 (Roman protectorate)
*Tiridates I (son of Vologases I of Parthia) 53 (Roman protectorate)
*Radamisto (second time) 53-54 (Roman protectorate)

Arshakuni (Arsacid) Dynasty

"The dates prior to Vologeses II are aproximate and still in doubt."
*Tiridates I (second time) 54-56
*Tiridates I of Armenia 56-58/59
*Roman occupation 58-59
*Tigranes VI of Armenia 59-62 (Roman protectorate)
*Tiridates I of Armenia 62-72 (Parthian protectorate 62-63; Roman protectorate 63-72)
*Sanatruk 75-110 ?
*Axidares (son of Pacorus II of Parthia) 110 (Roman protectorate)
*Parthamasiris (brother of Axidares) ?-114 (Parthian protectorate)
*Roman province 114 - 118
*Vologeses I (from the Parthian Arsacid dynasty) 118-? (Roman protectorate)
*Aurelios Pocoros ?-140/44
*Sohemo c. 140/144-161
*Pakoros 161-163
*Sohemo (second time) 163-?
*Sanatrik 164–180
*Valarsaces or Vologeses II 180–191
*Khosrov I (son) 191–?
*Tiridates II of Armenia c. 197-238
*To Persia 238-252
*Artavazd VI 252-283 (Parthian protectorate)
*Tiridates III of Armenia 283-330 (Roman protectorate)
*Khosrov II the Small 330-339
*Tigranes VII (son) 339-c.350
*Arshak II (son) c. 350-368
*Persian occupation 368-370
*Cylax (Zig), governor 368-369
*Artaban (Karen), governor 368-369
*Vahan Mamikonian, governor 369-370
*Merujan Ardzruni, governor 369-370
*Pap (son of Archak II) 370-374
*Varazdat (grandson of Tigranes VII) 374-378
*Queen Zarmandukht (widow of Pap) 378-379
*Provisional government of Enmanuel Mamikonian ("sparapit") 378-379
*To Persia 379
*Joint government of the Persian marzban (governor), Queen Zarmandukht, and Enmanuel Mamikonian 379-c. 380
*Joint government of Zarmandukht and Enmanuel Mamikonian c. 380-384
*Arshak III (son of Zarmandukht) 384-389 (married to Vardandukht, daughter of Enmmanuel Mamikonian)
*Valarchak (associated) 384-386 (married to a daughter of Sahak Bagratuni)
*Khosrov III (from arsacid family) 387-392
* Zik (regent) 387-390
*Vram Shepuh 392-414 (brother of Khosrov III) 392-414
*Khosrov III (second time) 414-415
*Shahpur (heir of Perse) 415-421
*Provisional government of Narses Djidjrakatsi 421
*Local independent governments 421-423
*Artaxes IV (son of Vram Shepuh) 423-428


*Veh Mihr Shahpur 428-442
*Vasak, king of Siunik 442-451
*Adhur Hordmidz (Adrormizd) 451-465
*Adhur Guschnasp (Ardervechnasp) 465-481
*Sahak Bagratuni 481-482
*Military occupation by General Mihran 482
*Vahan Mamikonian (provisional) 482-483
*Zarmihr Karen (military occupation) 483
*Shahpur of Rayy 483-484
*Vahan Mamikonian (second time) 484-505/510 (provisional government 484-485)
*Vard Mamikonian (brother) 505/510-509/514
*Gushnasp Vahram ? 509/514-518
*Mjej Gnuni 518-548
*Tan Shapur 548-552
*Guchnasp Vahram (second time?) 552-554
*Tan Shapur (second time) 554-558/60
*Varazdat 558/560-564
*Sunen 564-572
*Vardan Mamikonian (provisional government) 572
*Mihran Mihrevandak (Military government) 572
*Vardan Mamikonian 572-573
*Artur Madoyan 573
*Golon Mihran (Military government) 573
*Vardan Mamikonian 573-577
*Tham Khusru 577-580
*Varaz Vzur 580-581
*Aspahbad Pahlav 581-582/588
*Frahat 582/588-588/589
*Hratzin 588/589-590
*To Byzantium 590
*Mushegh Mamikonian 590-591 (governor)
*Hamarakar 591 (governor)
*unknown 591-603 (governors)
*Smbat Bagratuni 603-611
*Shahrayanpet (in the East) 611-613
*Shahen Vahmanzadhaghan (in the West) 611-613
*Parsayenpet 613-616
*Namdar Guchnasp 616-619
*Sharaplakan (Sarablagas) 619-624
*Rozbihan 624-627
*Byzantine province 627-628
*Varaztirots Bagratuni 628-634
*unknown 634-?
*Mjej Gnuni 627-635
*Vahan 636
*Davith Saharuni 636-638
*Several "nakharar" 638-643
*Theodoros Rechtuni 643-645
*Varaztirots Bagratuni 645-646

Princes of Armenia

*Thedoros Rechtuni 646-653
*Smbat I Bagratuni 646-653 (togheter Theodoros, in 753 alone)
*Theodoros Rechtuni (second time) 653-654
*Mushegh Mamikonian 654
*Maurianos 654
*Theodoros Rechtuni (third time) 654-655
*Maurianos (second time) 655
*Theodoros Rechtouni (fourth time) 655
*Hamazasp Mamikonian 655-661
*Grigor Mamikonian 661-685
*Ashot Bagratuni 685-690
*Nerseh Kamsarakan 690-693
*Smbat II Bagratuni (son of Varaztirots Bagratuni) 693-695 (Muslim protectorate)
*Abd Allh Ibn Hatim al-Bahili 695-696
*Smbat II Bagratuni (second time) 696-705 (independent)
*To Omeyya Caliphate 705
*Ashot III Bagratuni "the blind" 732-745
*Grigor Mamikonian 745-746
*Ashot III Bagratuni "the blind" (second time) 746-750
*Grigor Mamakonian (second time) 750-751
*Mushegh Mamikonian (brother of Grigor) 751-?
*Arab occupation 751-754
*Sahak Bagratuni, lord of Taron 754-771
*Smbat Bagratuni 771-772
*vacant 772-781
*Tatjat Antzevari 781-785
*vacant 785-806

=Bagratuni Kings=

*Ashot I the Great, 885-890
*Smbat I the Martyr, 890-914
*Ashot II the Iron, 914-928
*Abas I of Armenia, 928-952
*Ashot III the Merciful, 952-977
*Smbat II the Conqueror, 977-989
*Gagik I, 989-1020
*Hovhannes I of Ani - Hovhannes [John] -Smbat III (XI) (son), 1020-1040
*Ashot IV the Valiant, 1021-1039
*Gagik II, 1042-1045 , dies c. 1079

Lesser Armenia

Orontid Dynasty

Kings of Sophene

*Xerxes c. 220-212/211 BC
*Zariachis 211-? (independent 180 BC)
*Mithrobuzanes c. 170 BC
*Unknown successors second century BC
*Artanes ?-90 BC
*To Armenia 90 BC
*Sohemo c. 56-63
*Annexed to Rome c. 63

ee also

*List of rulers of Commagene
*Monarchs of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

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* [ Kings and rulers of Armenia]

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