List of Iraqis

List of Iraqis

This list of Iraqis includes people who were born in Iraq and people who are of Iraqi ancestry, who are significantly notable for their life and/or work.

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* Jananne Al-Ani, artist
* Layla Al-Attar, painter
* Shatha al-Rawi, artist & designer
* Sama Raena Alshaibi, artist
* Khalil al-Zahawi, calligrapher
* [ Dr Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite] , painter
* Maysaloun Faraj, artist
* Raad Ghantous, interior designer
* Tamara Abdul Hadi, photojournalist [ [ al-liquindoi: Dubai gallery - Tamara Abdul Hadi ] ]
* Toba Khedoori, artist
* Leila Kubba, artist
* Nedim Kufi, artist
* Hassan Massoudy, calligrapher
* Talal Refit, visual artist, architect, film director and multimedia designer
* Faisel Laibi Sahi, artist
* Tamara Salman, design director
* Yitzhak Yamin - Israeli painter and sculptor. (Born in Iraq of Iraqi Jewish heritage).


* Hisham N. Ashkouri
* Zaha Hadid, won numerous awards including Thomas Jefferson Medal in Architecture (2007)
* Raed Jarrar
* Hussam Salman Al-Rawi, former dean of Baghdad University Dr. Hussam Al-rawi won numerous awards and was known for his martial arts skills (rank 4th dan) just as well as his arcitectural skills.

Fashion designers

* Amir Slama, fashion designer, stylist and owner of the most famous beach fashion brand Rosa Chá in Brazil.
* Bassem Al Cheikh Jawad
* Hana Sadiq
* May Joseph Ramou
* Salim al-Shimiri
* Essam Zaki, fashion designer [ [ Iraqi-Dutch fashion designer] ] [ [ Future TV ] ]

Business people and entrepreneurs

* Khalid Muhmood, director of Apollo Education and Training
* Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi co-founder and chairman of Arab Media Watch
* Samuel Nalo, businessman, hijacker, and burglar

Business people and entrepreneurs of Iraqi descent

* Nadhmi Auchi, British billionaire businessman. He is the founder and chairman of General Mediterranean Holding (GMH), a conglomerate of 120 companies worldwide. In the "Sunday Times Rich List 2008" ranking of the wealthiest people in the UK he was placed 27th with an estimated fortune of £2,150 million. [ [ "Sunday Times Rich List 2008" online edition] ]
* Zadik Bino - Israeli billionaire businessman of Iraqi Jewish descent. [ [ Aliyah from Iraq] ] He was ranked Israel's 24th richest man in 2006 by Forbes. [ [ Israel's Richest: #24 Zadik Bino] at]
* Bahaa Hariri - businessman. Son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and an Iraqi mother (Nidal Al-Bustani).
* Bashar Issa - British businessman/property developer [] []
* Victor Nacif - businessman and current Vice President of Design Business Aspects for Nissan Design America. He is of Mexican, Lebanese and Iraqi ancestry.



* Abd-el-latif
* Nadje Sadig Al-Ali, educator and writer

Engineers and scientists

* 'Abd al-Hamīd ibn Turk
* Abd-el-latif
* Abu'l-Hasan al-Uqlidisi
* Al-Abbās ibn Said al-Jawharī
* Al-Jazari
* Al-Kindi (Alkindus)
* Ahmed ibn Yusuf, mathematician
* Berossus
* Brethren of Purity (Ikhwan al-Safa')
* Diophantus
* Hunayn ibn Ishaq, scientist and physician
* Ibn al-Haytham (Alhacen/Alhazen)
* Ibn Sahl
* Ibn Tahir al-Baghdadi
* Kidinnu
* Naburimannu
* Seleucus of Seleucia
* Sudines
* Teukros
* Thābit ibn Qurra (Thebit)
** Sinan ibn Thabit
** Ibrahim ibn Sinan

Film actors and directors

* Ban Abdul, actress and dancer
* Mohamed Al-Daradji
* Nazem Al-Ghazali, actor/singer
* Koutaiba Al Janabi
* Nahida Al Rammah, actress
* Awatif al Salman, actress [ [ Love among the suicide bombs: Iraq's opera ] ]
* Jawad Al Shakarchi, actor
* Jawad Assadi, director and playwriter
* Namaa Alward, actress
* Naguib el-Rihani, actor
* Abbas Fahdel, director of "Dawn of the World"
* Urban Hamid, film director
* Omar Hashim, sound-designer and film maker
* Tariq Hashim
* Ibrahim Jalal, actor
* Fakhriya Abdel Karim, actress/activist/communist
* Saaed Khalifa, actor
* Farid Majari, film maker
* Lauren Nadada, actress
* Awatif Naim, actress [ [ Baghdad Bulletin - Independent Iraq news ] ]
* Maysoon Pachachi, "director of Return to the Land of Wonders"
* Maysalun Qamar, actress
* Basam Ridha, actor
* Shath Salem, actress
* Hiner Saleem, film director
* Saad Salman, film director known for his documentary "Baghdad On/Off"
* Baz Shamoun, film director and maker of short documentary "Where is Iraq?"
* Majid Shokor, actor
* Amal Yassin, actress
* Samir Ibrahim Zedan

Film actors and directors of Iraqi descent

* Layth Abdulamir
* Hana Al Bayaty, film maker and journalist
* Lewis Alsamari, actor starred in the Universal Pictures film "United 93"
* Usama Alshaibi, "director of Muhammad and Jane and Nice Bombs"
* Amer Alwan, film director known for winning an award for "Zaman, The Man From The Reeds"
* Joe Balass, film maker
* Carole Basri, filmmaker
* Zana Briski, "director of Born into Brothels"
* Jasmine Callan, actress
* Selma Chalabi, film maker
* Tamara Dhia, Iraqi-American actress
* Brian George - British-Israeli actor, most famous role is as Pakistani restaurateur Babu Bhatt on "Seinfeld". (Born to Baghdadi Jewish parents).
* Shosha Goren, actress and comedian
* Ishtar Yasin Gutierrez, film director (Iraqi father and Chilean mother)
* Yasmine Hanani - American actress featured in documentary films "Voices of Iraq" and "My Country, My Country"
* Don Hany, actor (Won Best Actor for Winning the Peace (2005)
* Nicholas Kadi, actor
* Sarab Kamoo, actress starred in "Super Sucker" as Tamara Thompson and alongside Heather Raffo in "9 Parts of Desire"
* Chris Kattan - American comedian and actor, best known for his work on the sketch show "Saturday Night Live". (Born to an Iraqi Jewish father and Hungarian Buddhist mother).
* Charlotte Lewis, actress most notable for her lead female role in "The Golden Child" alongside "Eddie Murphy"
* Anisa Mehdi - Emmy Award winning film director, journalist and director of "Inside Mecca"
* Safia Monney, actress
* Yigal Naor, actor
* Shero Rauf, Movie maker and Assistant Director for the movie The Tournament (film)
* Rashed Radwan, Spanish film director [ [ The Next Level :: View topic - 'The Hidden Iraq' - A Jaw-Dropping Video ] ]
* Shero Rauf, actor and a stuntman in the film "Troy (film)" alongside Brad Pitt
* Heather Raffo, Award winning playwright/actress most known for her role in "9 Parts of Desire"
* Yael Reuveny, film director
* Liat Ron, actress and dancer
* Mohamed Said (actor), Swedish actor
* Osamah Sami, actor
* Alia Shawkat - American actress known as Maeby Funke on Arrested Development
* Zina Zaflow, actress


* Fadhil Al Azzawi, writer, journalist and translator
* Zuhair Al-Jezairy, journalist
* Atwar Bahjat, journalist and reporter murdered in Iraq
* Rauf Hassan, journalist and writer
* Bilal Hussein, photojournalist
* Meitham, journalist
* Salam Pax blogger, translator and journalist
* Taher Thabet, journalist

Journalists of Iraqi descent

* Ghaith Abdul-Ahad - British-Iraqi journalist (born in Baghdad), has written for the "The Guardian" and "Washington Post", as well as other media outlets.
* Firas Al-Atraqchi, Canadian journalist/writer [ [ ] ]
* Hana Al Bayaty film maker and journalist
* Hassan Fattah - American-born journalist and reporter for the "New York Times".
* Dunja Hayali - German journalist and tv presenter [] [] [ Wikipedia page in German]
* Salam Karam - Swedish journalist, has reported for the newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet" and in the radio program "Godmorgon, världen!".
* Farah Nosh, photojournalist
* Daniel Pearl - (1963-2002), was an American journalist who was kidnapped and murdered in Karachi, Pakistan. (Born to an Iraqi Jewish mother).

Military figures

* Ashur-nasir-pal II
* Hamid Raja Shalah
* Nebuchadrezzar II
* Sargon of Akkad


* Dahlena, bellydancer
* Dan Halutz, Israeli air force general
* Safana Jawad
* Moshe Levi, (1936 – January 8, 2008), was the 12th Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces. He was the first Chief of Staff of Mizrahi (Iraqi) origin.
* Rachel Levy, Israeli murder victim
* Gad Ben-Meir, lawyer
* Amira Mor, bellydancer [ [ Gotham Gazette - The Citizen ] ]
* Yitzhak Mordechai, was as an Israeli general, and later Minister of Defense and Minister of Transport.
* Eliad Moreh, Israeli citizen of Iraqi-French origin, who survived fatal terror attacks at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on July 31, 2002
* Muayyed Nureddin, geologist
* Ibn Rajab, scholar
* Kaysar Ridha
* Fairuz Yamulky


* Anais Catala
* Claudia Hanna
* Pavla Drabkova [ [ Pageant News Ticker VIII ] ]
* Amy Fadhli, fitness model, actress and winner of the "Fitness America National Champion 1996" (Iraqi father and Czech mother)
* Somy Ali, former Bollywood actress and now model and journalist (Iraqi mother and Pakistani father)
* Viola Haqi, Dutch-Iraqi model


* Hashemite Dynasty
* Kings of Akkad
* Kings of Assyria
* List of kings of Babylon
* List of Kings of Iraq
* Sumerian king list


* Rida Al Abdullah
* Alfred George Al-Babilly
* Nazem Al-Ghazali
* Rahim AlHaj
* Hatim Al-Iraqi, Iraqi singer []
* Karim Al-Iraqi, poet and musician []
* Basim al-karbalaie
* Hussam Al-Rassam
* Kathem Al Saher, one of the most successful Arab singers in the Arab world
* Acrassicauda, Iraq's only heavy metal band
* Jamil Bachir
* Munir Bashir
* Dalli, singer
* Ahmed El Faleh
* Raed George
* Filfel Gourgy, singer [ [ Filfel Gourgy - The World is Happy / Le Monde est Heureux / cdRoots ] ]
* Seta Hagobian, famous Iraqi Armenian singer
* Shatha Hassoun "winner of Star Academy 4"
* Simor Jalal
* Bassam Abdul Mehdi - winner of Iraq Star 3
* Rahma Mezher "came 2nd in Najm Al Khaleej"
* Majid Al Muhandis
* Ahmed Mukhtar
* Niz-r, rapper
* Beatrice Ohanessian - (1927–2008) was an Iraqi pianist, notable for being Iraq's first concert pianist and first female composer.Combs, Marianne. [ Music in Baghdad: An Iraqi pioneer looks back] . Minnesota Public Radio. Retrieved August 7, 2008.] (Born in Baghdad, Armenian ethnicity).
* Salima Pasha - (?-1974), was a well known Iraqi Jewish singer and was dubbed as the most famous female singer, since the early 1930s. She married fellow Iraqi singer and actor Nazem Al-Ghazali.
* Ehab Salem, Iraqi pop singer []
* Janan Sawa
* Naseer Shamma
* Nawfal Shamoun
* Salman Shukur
* Unknown to No One, boyband
* Waed
* Haitham Yousif, popular Iraqi singer
* Mansour Zalzal
* Ziryab

Musicians of Iraqi descent

* Aiwa (band), Iraqi-French band [ [ Aiwa: Aiwa: Music ] ]
* Laith Al-Deen, German pop musician
* Farida Mohammad Ali, singer
* Saleh and Daoud Al-Kuwaity
* Fabian Alsultany, DJ
* Oren Ambarchi - Australian electronic guitarist and drummer. Is of Iraqi (Sephardi Jewish) heritage.
* Bruno Coulais, composer
* Mike Crush, Iraqi-German musician
* Yair Dalal
* Amir ElSaffar
* Dena El Saffar sister of Amir El Saffar
* Rami Fortis - Israeli rock singer (Iraqi/Italian ancestry)
* Linda George
* Juliana Jendo
* Chemda Khalili, singer/songwriter and co-host of the Keith and The Girl podcast
* Lowkey, British-Iraqi rapper
* The Narcicyst, "Iraqi-Canadian rapper"
* Karim Othman-Hassan, oudist [ [ Ensemble FizFuz, MP3 Music Download at eMusic ] ]
* Esma Redžepova, Romani Macedonian vocalist, songwriter, and humanitarian. Her grandfather was an Iraqi Jew.
* Shlomo, human beatbox and member of UK-hip hop act, Foreign Beggars
* Sahar Taha, singer and artist [ [ indymedia beirut | Memorial for Victims in Iraq and Palestine | 29.04.2003 15:03 ] ]
* TIMZ Iraqi-American rapper
* Elliot Yamin



* Khudayer Abbas
* Izzat Ibrahim ad-Douri
* Haidar al-Abbadi
* Ali Jawdat al-Aiyubi
* Mohammed A. Aldouri
* Iyad Allawi
* Alaudin Abdul-Saheb al-Alwan
* Jafar al-Askari
* Nori al-Badran
* Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr
* Ahmed al-Barak
* Abd ar-Rahman al-Bazzaz
* Naseer al-Chaderchi
* Kamil Mubdir al-Gailani
* Ali Faik al-Ghadban
* Mahdi al-Hafidh
* Ali Al-Haidri
* Abdul Aziz al-Hakim
* Abdul Razak al-Hashimi
* Aqila al-Hashimi
* Yasin al-Hashimi
* Taha al-Hashimi
* Hajim al-Hassani
* Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein
* Ibrahim al-Jaafari
* Mofeed Mohammed Jawad al-Jazaeri
* Rashid Ali al-Kaylani
* Abd ar-Rahman al-Haydari al-Kaylani
* Salama al-Khufaji
* Raja Habib al-Khuzaai
* Ali Adbul-Amir Allawi
* Ali Hassan al-Majid
* Sami Izara al-Majoun
* Nouri al-Maliki
* Jamil al-Midfai
* Abdel-Karim Mahoud al-Mohammedawi
* Rashid al-Rifai
* Mowaffak al-Rubaie
* Muqtada al-Sadr
* Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf
* Ayham al-Samaraie
* Hussain al-Shahristani
* Hashim Abdul-Rahman al-Shibli
* Tawfiq al-Suwaidi
* Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai
* Rafi' Dahham Al-Tikriti, Chief Iraqi Intelligence Service
* Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti
* Sabawi Ibrahim al-Tikriti
* Watban Ibrahim al-Tikriti
* Mohammed Bahr al-Uloum
** Ibrahim Mohamed Bahr al-Uloum
* Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer
* Dara Noor Alzin
* Abdul Rahman Arif
* Abdul Salam Arif
* Muhammad Najib ar-Ruba'i
* Abd al-Muhsin as-Sa'dun
* Nuri as-Said
* Zeyad Abdul-Razzaq Mohammed Aswad
* Tariq Aziz
* Salaheddine Bahaaeddin
* Massoud Barzani
* Nesreen Mustafa Sidiq Berwari
* Ahmed Chalabi
* Sondul Chapouk
* Ali Fadel
* Aras Habib
* Mohsen Abdel Hamid
* Saddam Hussein
* Faisal I of Iraq
* Faisal II of Iraq
* Ghazi of Iraq
* Hussein Kamel
* Hatem Kamil
* Yunadam Kanna
* Abdul-Rahman Sidiq Kareem
* Lamiya Abed Khadawi
* Mohammed Jassem Khudair
* Wael Abdul Latif
* Samir Shakir Mahmoud
* Abdul-Wahab Mirjan
* Hamid Majid Mousa
* Rashad Mandan Omar
* Mahmoud Othman
* Adnan Pachachi
* Behnam Zayya Polis
* Abdul Karim Qassim
* Mohammed Raad, one of the founders of Hezbollah and an important political leader [ [ MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base ] ] [ [ Fayrouz In Beaumont: Story of a Released Hostage ] ]
* Mohammed Tawfik Raheem
* Abdul-Ameer Abboud Rahima
* Taha Yassin Ramadan
* Abdul-Latif Rashid
* Naji Sabri
* Barham Salih
* Ezzedine Salim
* Talib Shabib
* Naji Shawkat
* Bakr Sidqi
* Bayan Baqir Solagh
* Hikmat Sulayman
* Jalal Talabani
* Abdul-Basit Turki
* Hoshyar Zebari
* Mohammed Amza Zubeidi

Politicians of Iraqi descent

* Binyamin Ben-Eliezer - is an Israeli politician and former soldier. He was the first Iraqi Jew to lead the Israeli Labour party.
* José Murat Casab - (born to Iraqi immigrants) Mexican politician and a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party also former Governor of Oaxaca.
* Ra'anan Cohen - former Israeli politician who served as a government minister during the early 2000s.
* Ran Cohen - Israeli politician and Knesset member for Meretz-Yachad. (Born in Baghdad to Iraqi parents)
* Saad Hariri - Lebanese Legislator (2005-), son of Rafik Hariri and an Iraqi mother.
* Dalia Itzik - is an Israeli politician affiliated with the Kadima party. [ [ Dalia Itzik becomes acting president] Jerusalem Post, 25 January 2007] She took office as the first female speaker of the Knesset on 4 May 2006.
* David Saul Marshall - was the leader of the Singapore Labour Front and became the first Chief Minister of Singapore in 1955. He was born into an Orthodox Jewish family of Iraqi ancestry in Singapore.
* Eliyahu Navi - Mayor of Beersheba, Israel. (Born in Basra).
* Ebrahim Daoud Nonoo - former member of the National Assembly of Bahrain and currently the CEO of the Basma.
** Houda Nonoo - politician and current Bahraini Ambassador to the United States. She is of Iraqi Jewish origin.

Religious leaders

* Muhsin al-Hakim
* Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr
* Basile Georges Casmoussa
* Mordechai Eliyahu - former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel
* Yitzchak Kaduri - was a renowned Mizrahi Orthodox Haredi rabbi and kabbalist
* Yitzhak Nissim - (1896 - 1981), former Sephardic Chief rabbi of Israel
* Ovadia Yosef - He is the former Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel and the current spiritual leader of the Shas political party in the Knesset (Israel's parliament).

ports personalities

* Bassim Abbas, footballer
* Haidar Abdul-Razzaq, footballer
* Haidar Aboodi, footballer
* Nashat Akram, footballer
* Najah Ali, Iraqi boxer who qualified for the 2004 Olympics in Athens
* Adnan Al-Kaissie, professional wrestler
* Abdul Wahid Aziz, Iraqi weightlifter, who won a bronze medal in the lightweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics.
* Ammo Baba, former Iraqi international football player and coach of the Iraq national football team.
* Youra Eshaya, footballer
* Faisal Faisal, footballer
* Ghanim Ghudayer, footballer
* Basil Gorgis, footballer
* Jassim Muhammad Haji, footballer
* Falah Hassan, footballer
* Louay Salah Hassan, footballer
* Khaldoun Ibrahim, footballer
* Salih Jaber, footballer
* Abbas Obeid Jassim, footballer
* Ihab Kareem, footballer
* Mahdi Karim, footballer
* Younis Mahmoud, Iraqi football striker and captain of the Iraq national football team. In 2007 he captained the Iraq football team to the Asian Cup glory. He currently plays for Al-Gharafa Sports Club in Qatar.
* Ahmad Mnajed, Iraqi national soccer team player, who plays for Al-Ansar in Lebanon.
* Emad Mohammed, footballer
* Karrar Jassim Mohammed, footballer
* Hawar Mulla Mohammed, Iraqi footballer who is known to be one of the best players in Iraqi national team. He currently plays for Anorthosis FC in Cyprus.
* Sarhang Muhsin, footballer
* Samal Saeed Mujbel, footballer
* Qusay Munir, Iraqi national soccer team player, who is a midfielder for Qatar SC in Qatar.
* Mohammad Nasser, Iraqi national soccer team player. Plays for Esteghlal Ahvaz in Iran.
* Yassir Raad, footballer
* Ahmed Radhi, footballer
* Ali Rehema, footballer
* Noor Sabri, footballer
* Saleh Sader, footballer
* Hussein Saeed, footballer
* Kadhem Sharif, Iraqi world-class wrestler and weightlifter
* Abdul-Razzaq Ahmed Taha, was a Iraqi chess player and former president of Iraqi Chess Federation.
* Thamer Yousif, footballer

ports personalities of Iraqi descent

* Moshe Agami - former Israeli professional soccer player who is best known for his time with Maccabi Haifa F.C..
* Riyadh Al-Azzawi - Iraqi-British kickboxer and the 2008 World Kickboxing Network World Champion.
* Rabeh Al-Hussaini - Iraqi-Filipino basketball player for Ateneo Blue Eagles.
* Faris Al-Sultan - German professional triathlete and winner of the 2005 Ironman Triathlon. Born in Munich to a German mother and Iraqi father.
* Avram Grant - former football manager of Chelsea F.C.. His mother is an Iraqi Jew.
* Colo Halit - Swedish football player (born in Iraq), who plays for IK Brage in Sweden. []
* Shwan Jalal - Iraqi-English football goalkeeper who plays for Bournemouth F.C.. He was also former goalkeeper at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, during 2002-2004.
* Seif Kadhim - Iraqi-Swedish footballer, who plays as midfielder position for Swedish football club Örgryte IS based in Gothenburg, in Sweden.
* Bovar Karim - Iraqi-Swedish footballer who currently plays for Tromsø I.L. in Norwegian Premier League.
* Malik Hassan Karim - French citizen who played for OC Agaza in Togo during 2005-2006. He had also played in the lower divisions in France, Bulgaria, and Portugal, and for first division clubs in Iraq and Lebanon. [ [ Iraqi Football Players in Europe: Malik Hassan Karim] ]
* Zia Shawel - [] first coach of the Assyrian Sports Club in Baghdad, [] he then played for Eintracht Frankfurt amauters for a season in 1961-62 in Frankfurt, West Germany, before coaching a local amateur team called Kelsterbach for 5 years. []
* Mohammed Yussuf - Mexican footballer who plays Midfielder for Juventus (Belize) in the Belizean Top Division.

Television and radio personalities

* Rosil Al Azawi, television presenter
* Suhair al-Qaisi, television presenter
* Laila Al Shaikhli, television presenter on Al Jazeera English
* Rola Bahnam, television presenter and former member of the Lebanese girl band The 4 Cats
* Ali Jaafar, (? - May 31, 2006), was a sports anchorman for Iraqi state television Al Iraqiya.
* Shaima Zubeir, television presenter

Television and radio personalities of Iraqi descent

* Kenza Braiga French TV reality show star of Iraqi origin.
* Peri Cochin, television host (French of Lebanese/Iraqi ancestry)
* Eli Yatzpan - Israeli television host and comedian

Writers & poets

* Hussain Mohammed Al-Amily, author
* Daisy Al-Amir, writer
* Shalash al-Iraqi, writer and blogger
* Walid al-Kubaisi, writer
* Nazik Al-Malaika, poet
* Thura Al Windawi, author
* Jamil Sidqi al-Zahawi, poet and philosopher
* Maria Theresa Asmar, author
* Al-Hariri of Basra - was an Iraqi poet, scholar of the Arabic language and a high government official of the Seljuk Empire. [ [ Assemblies of Al-Hariri] Shah, Amina. Octagon Press, 78 York Street London]
* Hafsa Bikri, poet
* Joseph Braude, author
* Judith Fathallah, author [ [ Survival by hope - WalesOnline ] ]
* Naeim Giladi - is an Anti-Zionist, and author of an autobiographical article and historical analysis entitled "The Jews of Iraq".cite journal
last = Giladi
first = Naeim
authorlink = Naeim Giladi
year = 1998
month = April-May
title = The Jews of Iraq
journal = The Link
volume = 31
issue = 2
pages = 1–13 | url =
format = PDF
accessdate = 2006-10-31
] The article later formed the basis for his originally self-published book "Ben Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated Jews".
* Hatif Janabi, poet and writer
* Jamal Jumá, poet and researcher
* Loolwa Khazzoom, editor and writer [ [ Yentl's Revenge: The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism: Books: Susannah Heschel,Danya Ruttenberg ] ]
* Betool Khedairi, author
* Moshe Levy, author
* Alia Mamdouh, author
* Dunya Mikhail, poet
* Abu Nuwas - (750–810) Born in Ahvaz, of Arab and Persian descent. He was one of the greatest of classical Arabic and Persian poets.
* David Rabeeya - (born 1938) is an author and professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies.
* Victor Sasson, writer
* Reuven Snir, writer
* Haifa Zangana, novelist, author and artist

Writers & poets of Iraqi descent

* Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen - Iraqi Australian poet
* Lorraine Ali - American reporter, editor, culture writer and music critic for "Newsweek."
* Khalid al-Maaly - German-Iraqi writer, poet and publisher
* Eli Amir, Israeli writer and activist
* Alon Ben-Meir, professor, writer and is the Middle East Project director at the World Policy Institute
* Ari Ben-Menashe - Israeli author of "Profits of War: Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network"
* Saul Fathi - Iraqi-born American Jewish author of stories on the plight of Sephardic Jews in Iraq.
* Amira Hess - Israeli poet and artist
* Julie Iny, author and activist
* Raed Jarrar, writer, architect and human rights activist
* Naïm Kattan - Canadian novelist, essayist and critic.
* Sam Kubba, author, businessman
* Jack Marshall (author), poet and author
* M.T. Mehdi - (1928-1999) Iraqi-American writer and pro-Palestinian activist.
* Sami Michael - Israeli author and the president of The Association for Civil Rights in Israel.
* Abdul Rahman Munif - (1933-2004) He was one of the most important Arabic novelists of the 20th century. Born in Amman to an Iraqi mother and Saudi father.
* Leilah Nadir, novelist and writer
* Zainab Salbi, writer, activist, co-founder and president of Women for Women International.
* Farrah Sarafa, poet
* Ella Shohat, writer and activist
* Ronny Someck - Israeli poet
* Rachel Wahba, writer
* Abraham Yahuda - Jewish writer, teacher and linguist. (Born in Jerusalem to a Jewish family originally from Baghdad).


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  • List of coalition military operations of the Iraq War — Operation Aloha redirects here. For the band, see Operation Aloha (band). Nordlicht redirects here. For the Kriegsmarine ship, see SS Nordlicht. Operation Falcon Freedom redirects here. For the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973… …   Wikipedia

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