Pomor dialects

Pomor dialects

Pomor dialects are a group of Northern Russian dialects widespread among the Pomors of the former Arkhangelsk Governorate and northern parts of the Olonets and Vologda Governorates.

The dialects are heavily influenced by Novgorod patois and there are a significant number of archaisms and borrowings from Finno-Ugric and Scandinavian languages.


The study of the Pomor dialects was undertaken by I. S. Merkuryev (1924-2001), a professor of philology and author of several books including "Живая речь кольских поморов" ("The Living Speech of the Kola Peninsula Pomors").

Pomor dialects in literature

The Pomor dialects are widely used in the works of the writers and folklorists Boris Shergin and Stepan Pisakhov. Influences from them can be seen in the poetry of Nikolai Klyuev.

Pomor dialects in film

Pomor dialects are spoken in the animated films of Leonid Nosyrev, many which are adaptations of stories by Shergin and Pisakhov. One example is "Laughter and Grief by the White Sea" (1987).

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