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Sony ACID Pro is a professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software program, originally published by Sonic Foundry, now owned and run by Sony. When it was first launched in 1998 as a loop-based music sequencer, Acid Pro was the first-ever automatic audio loop-based music software of its kind, where someone could simply drag-and-drop an Acid loop file (for example a Drum or Bass loop) onto a track in Acid, and that loop would automatically adjust itself to the tempo and key of the song, with virtually no sonic degradation.

Due to this breakthrough, ACID became very popular with composers, producers, and DJs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, interested in quickly creating beats, music textures, or even complete compositions and orchestrations, that would work with virtually any tempo or key signature, and these loops would adjust automatically. To be able to do this, Sony's Acid Pro uses specially prepared or "Acidized" music wave files which can be prepared using an audio editing tool such as Sony Soundforge. (for more information on audio editing, see sound effect techniques).

Since then, this looping technique has been adopted by the majority of other Digital Audio Workstations on the market, which can also use these acidized loop files, though there are various compatibility problems between the Apple Mac platform, which uses AIFF files, and the PC platform which uses WAV files. To solve this problem, most publishers are now releasing special versions of "Acidized loops" that are customized for Acid Pro, and also for Apple Macs. Acid Pro runs on PCs with all versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 2000. It currently includes over 20 DirectX audio effects, employs the new Media Manager technology, the Beatmapper tool, and the Chopper tool, as well the ability to mix in 5.1 channel surround.

With Acid Pro 6 (released in Q3-2006), Sony introduced a full Digital Audio Workstation which also includes MIDI and multitrack audio recording with full support for ASIO, VST, and VSTI audio, plugins, and music synthesizer standards.

ACID Pro uses Acid Loops (meaning they contain tempo and key information for proper pitch transposition) painted out across the screen to create music tracks. Acidized loop sample CDs are available from Sony, as well as third party companies.

As with most sophisticated software packages, ACID is not a single software product but defines a family of products spanning a significant range of features. ["comparison chart with link to main homepage" cite web | title=ACID Family Comparison | work=ACID Music Studio at Sony Media Solutions | url= | accessmonthday=17 December | accessyear=2007] In a related-marketing effort, Sony has continued to support ACIDplanet, a content web site originally launched by Sonic Foundry which is aimed at current ACID users, prospective ACID users and the general public. It describes itself as "the Internet's premier site for music, video and unique artists". ["about" page with link to main homepage" cite web | title=What is ACIDplanet? | work=ACIDplanet ... your world of music | url= | accessmonthday=26 November | accessyear=2005]

Sonic Foundry sold the Vegas, ACID, Sound Forge, CD Architect, Siren, VideoFactory, ScreenBlast, and Batch Converter product lines to Sony Pictures Digital in July 2003.

Other Versions

* ACID XPress 5.0 is a free version of ACID Pro with a 10 track limit.Fact|date=September 2008


External links

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* [] Sony Acid Pro - Sony Media Software website.
* [] Sony Sound Forge - Sony Media Software website.
* [ ACID XPress 5.0 Free Version Of Sony ACID]
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