Dialects of Central Iran

Dialects of Central Iran

There are several Western Iranian dialects which are spoken in Central Iran.


They include the following groups (according to Lecoq 1989):
* Tafresh: Ashtiani, Amora’i, Kahaki, Vafsi, Judeo-Hamadani, Judeo-Borujerdi, Alviri, Vidari
* Northwestern: Mahallati, Vanishani, Khunsari (Khwanshari), Judeo-Golpaygani, Judeo-Khunsari
* Northeastern: Arani, Bidgoli, Delijani, Nashalji, Abuzaydabadi, Qohrudi, Badrudi, Kamu’i, Jowshaqani, Meyma’i, Abyana’i, Farizandi, Yarandi (Yarani),Soi (Sohi), Badi, Natanzi, Kasha’i, Tari, Taqi, Judeo-Kashani
* Southwestern: Kafroni, Gazi, Sedehi, Ardestani, Nohuji, Sajzi, Jarquya’i, Rudashti, Kafrudi, Judeo-Esfahani
* Southeastern: Dari (Yazdi), Kermani, Nayini (Na’ini), Zefra’i, Anaraki, Varzenei, Judeo-Yazdi, Judeo-Kermani, Tudeshki, Keyjani, Abchuya’i
* Kavir: Khuri, Farvi, Farroki, Mehrjani
* Sivandi: Sivandi

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* List of Northwestern Iranian languages


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* [http://www.eva.mpg.de/lingua/files/NWIran.html A Description of the Northwest Iranian Project at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology]
* [http://f27.parsimony.net/forum67894/messages/526.htm Vafsi and Gurchani]

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