List of places named for Pope John Paul II

List of places named for Pope John Paul II

This is a partial list of places named in honor of Pope John Paul II:


* The airport of Bari, in Italy, is named Bari "Karol Wojtyla" International Airport; Airport codes|BRI|LIBD.
* The airport of Kraków is named John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice; Airport codes|KRK|EPKK.
* The airport of Ponta Delgada, in Portugal, is named João Paulo II Airport because he visited that city; Airport codes|PDL|LPPD.

Parks and green areas

* Medellin, Colombia; 1986. El Parque Juan Pablo II, o Aeroparque Juan Pablo II es un parque acuático, ubicado en la ciudad colombiana de Medellín, al lado del Aeropuerto Olaya Herrera. Cuenta con una gran variedad de piscinas, con poleas, toboganes, de olas. También cuenta con un sendero para la práctica de los deportes sobre ruedas. Además cuenta con un coliseo y una concha acústica, empleada para espectáculos.
* Cremona; on May 6, 2006. [it e-Cremona, [ "Comune: i giardini pubblici saranno intitolati a Giovanni Paolo II"] 2006-5-5.]
* Milan; on January 19, 2007. [ it Comune di Milano, [ "Toponomastica. Milano dedica una via a De Andrè e Gaber, un parco a Giovanni Paolo II e Oriana Fallaci"] .]
* Pisa; on March 20, 2006. [it Comune di Pisa, [ "Delibera n°22"] .]
* Rimini; on January 9, 2007. [it, [ "Al Papa Giovanni Paolo II dedicato il parco del PEEP Fiera"] .]
* Verona; on December 20, 2006 [it Comune di Verona, [ "Delibera Giunta comunale del giorno 20 Dicembre 2006"] .]
* Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA; in June, 2001. [ [ "Mass Dept. of Conservation and Recreation" Retrieved on 22 June 2008] ]


* In Biella.
* In Cesena in the Province of Forlì-Cesena.
* In Frosinone since 2005-04-20 to commemorate the mass which the Pope celebrated in. [it Comune di Frosinone, [] .]
* In Montescaglioso, in the Province of Matera, since 2007-01-06. [it, [ "Inaugurazione piazza: Giovanni Paolo II"] .]
* In Paris, on August 15, 2006; the "place du Parvis-Notre-Dame" (french for "Notre-Dame square") was renamed "Parvis Notre-Dame - Place Jean-Paul II" ("Notre-Dame - John Paul II square") after a ceremony and a religious procession with the Archbishop of Paris André Vingt-Trois and the mayor Bertrand Delanoë. In the squere now is located a stone where is written: «"Amour et Vérité se rencontrent. Justice et Paix s'embrassent" L'hommage du monde et de Cambrai.»
* In Warsaw "Aleja Jana Pawła II".
* In Wrocław "Plac Jana Pawła II"
* In Ponte San Nicolò in the Province of Padua.
* In Sofia the "John Paul II Square" was named for him on the occasion of his visit to Bulgaria in 2002.
* In Jersey City, NJ at St. Peter's Preparatory School, the section of Warren Street between the streets of Grand and York was renamed Pope John Paul II Square.
* In Las Condes, Santiago de Chile: "Plaza Juan Pablo II", named after his visit to the southern country.
* In Dunaújváros, Hungary "II. János Pál pápa tér". [hu Announcement of the City of Dunaújváros]
* In Coimbra, Portugal, "Praça João Paulo II" [ [,-8.419905&spn=0.003925,0.010042&z=17 Google Maps] ] , inaugurated 15 May 1982, on the first visit to Portugal.

Railway stations

* The train station of Roma Termini was entitled to him on 23 December 2006. [it [ News on italian railways official website.] ]



* In Ostia.
* In Lecce.
* In Cimbro-Cuirone, in the Province of Varese; it's the first school named "Giovanni Paolo II" (since 2005-12-28). [it Comune di Vergiate, [ "Intitolazione della scuola primaria di Cimbro/Cuirone a Karol Wojtyla"] .]
* In Peschiera del Garda, in the Province of Verona.
* In Tropea, in the Province of Vibo Valentia.


* In Brasilia, there is a Marist School: "Colégio Marista João Paulo II".


* In Barrie, Ontario. (Pope John Paul II Catholic School)
* In London, Ontario. (John Paul II Catholic Secondary School)
* In Hamilton, Ontario.
* In Scarborough, Ontario. (Pope John Paul II Secondary School)
* In Thunder Bay, Ontario. (Pope John Paul II School)

New Zealand

* In Greymouth, have a Marist High School: "John Paul II High School".


* John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
* Elementary school in Oksa, in Jędrzejów County
* Elementary school in Dalachów, in the Opole Voivodeship.
* Economic High School in Złotów
* Elementary School in Łomża
* Secondary School in Sochaczew
* Elementary School in Zielonki
* Elementary school in Nowy Sącz in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship

United Kingdom

* Secondary school in Glasgow, Scotland.

United States

*John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, California
*See Pope John Paul II Catholic High School
* [ John Paul II Catholic School] in Houston, Texas
*John Paul II High School in Plano, Texas
* []

Roads and avenues

* In Aachen, Germany - a section of the Klostergasse (near the city's cathedral was renamed Johannes-Paul-II.-Straße.
* In Altopascio in the Province of Lucca.
* In Noceto in the Province of Parma. [it, [ "Manifestazione in memoria di Giovanni Paolo II"] .]
* In Montevago, Province of Agrigento.
* In Pieve a Nievole, in the Province of Pistoia.
* In Vercelli.
* In Złotów, Poland, John Paul II Roundabout ("Rondo Jana Pawła II").
* In Puebla City, Mexico: John Paul II Circuit ("Circuito Juan Pablo II")
* In Mexico City, Mexico: John Paul II street ("Avenida Juan Pablo II") is the residence where he used to stay at his four visits to the city.
* In El Alto, Bolivia: John Paul II Avenue ("Avenida Juan Pablo II".)
* In Chicago, Illinois, United States: Pope John Paul II
* In San Salvador, El salvador: Alameda Juan Pablo II
* In Lisbon, Portugal (neighbourghood of Chelas): Avenida João Paulo IIDrive. [ [,-87.693644&spn=0.016856,0.029011&z=15&iwloc=addr&om=1 Google Maps] ]
* In Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, in the Province of Catania: Pope John Paul II street ("Via Giovanni Paolo II").
* In Solarino, in the Province of Syracuse: Pope John Paul II street ("Via Giovanni Paolo II").
* In Chihuahua, Chihuahua, in Mexico: John Paul II Boulevard ("Blvd. Juan Pablo II").
* In Trujillo, Peru, the avenue John Paul II, near the Papal Square ("Ovalo Papal") were the pope offered a mass during his trip to Peru.
* In Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland, John Paul II Avenue ("Aleja Jana Pawła II").
* In Wrocław, Poland, John Paul II Square ("Plac Jana Pawła II").
* In Jędrzejów, Poland, John Paul II street.
* In Victoria, Gozo, John Paul II street ("Triq Gwanni Pawlu II")
* In Pecs, Hungary, John Paul II street, the road on which John Paul II entered the city on his visit in 1991.

Natural places

* In 2005, a 2424 m (7900 ft) peak previously named "The Gendarme" was renamed "Pope John Paul II" at a ceremony celebrated by the Cardinal Josè Saraiva Martins in a medieval chapel on what would have been the Pope's 85th birthday [cite news|url= |title=Peak is named after late pontiff |publisher=BBC News |date = 2005-05-18] [it Corpo Forestale dello Stato, [ "Comunicato stampa. Cima Giovanni Paolo II"] .] The 2,424-metre (7,900 feet) The Pope who felt mountains were "a special place to meet God" often visited the Gran Sasso saying it reminded him of the mountains of his native Poland. After that dedicatio was born the association "cima Giovanni Paolo II" chairman by Gianni Alemanno.
* Ioannes Paulus II Peninsula on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named for Pope John Paul II in recognition of his outstanding contribution to world peace and understanding among people.A street in Victoria the capital of Gozo (Malta) was named after Pope John Paul II and a monument with his figure was erected at its beginning. The street leads to the national shrine dedicated to Our Lady of ta' Pinu.


* The Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, D.C. is named for and dedicated to him.
* The public canteen of the needy in Rome was named for him by Pope Benedict XVI.
* The main library of the National University of Ireland, Maynooth was named after Pope John Paul II to mark his visit to the college


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