Autonoe (disambiguation)

Autonoe (disambiguation)

Autonoe is the name of five characters in Greek mythology

*Autonoë, daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia.
*Autonoe, one of the Nereids. [Apollodorus, "Library", [ 1.2.7] ] [Hesiod, "Theogony", [ 240] ]
*Autonoe, one of the Danaids, daughter of Danaus and Polyxo. She married (and murdered) Eurylochus, son of Aegyptus and Caliadne. [Apollodorus, "Library", [ 2.1.5] ]
*Autonoe, daughter of Pireus. She became mother of Palaemon by Heracles. [Apollodorus, "Library" [ 2.7.8] ]
*Autonoe, one of the maids of Penelope. [Homer, "Odyssey", [ 18.178] ]

Other uses

Autonoe, one of the moons of Jupiter


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