Sex (disambiguation)

Sex (disambiguation)

Sex is a process of combining and mixing genetic traits, often resulting in the specialization of organisms into male and female reproductive roles.

It may also refer to:

*Sexual reproduction
*Sexual attraction
*Sex symbol
*Sexual intercourse
*Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior
*Chicken sexing

*"Sex" (play), a 1926 play by Mae West
*"Sex (book), a 1992 book by entertainer Madonna and photographer Steven Meisel
*"Sex" (film), a 1920 film directed by Fred Niblo
*"Sex (TV series)", an Australian television series that ran on the Nine Network from 1992 to 1993
* "", a 1999 documentary film about porn star Annabel Chong
*SEX (boutique), a boutique on Kings Road in the Chelsea district of London
*"Sex" (Tila Tequila EP), a Tila Tequila EP
*Sex, a song by Frank Zappa appearing on the 1983 album "The Man from Utopia".
*Sex, an OOMPH!'s single.
*S.E.X. refers to Sports Entertainment Xtreme, a professional wrestling stable
*Sex (Kath & Kim episode), the pilot episode of the Australian comedy series "Kath & Kim"

From Latin "" "six" (see also numerical prefix)
*Sex, an abbreviation for the constellation Sextans
*Sextet: a group of six musicians
*Sexagenarian: a person who is six decades old
*Sextuplet: six children born at the same time to the same mother
*Sexdactyly: a genetic condition which causes people to have 6 fingers instead of the usual 5
*Sextant, a measuring instrument in the shape of 1/6 of a circle
*Sextilis, the sixth month of the early Roman calendar

* "SEX (computing), an assembly language mnemonic often used for the "Sign EXtend" machine instruction found in the PDP-11 and many other computer architectures

*From "seax", Saxon:
**Wessex, Essex, Sussex, Middlesex
*Sexi, a Phoenician colony in modern-day Spain

ee also

*Sexus (a disambiguation page)

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