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Jordan Burns
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Strung Out is a punk rock band from Simi Valley, California, USA formed in 1992. They are known mainly for their musical style, which fuses aspects of punk rock and heavy metal to form their primary sound. They have released seven albums on Fat Wreck Chords and appeared on numerous compilations and skate/surf videos. They have played on the Warped Tour and continue to tour internationally.


The band formed in 1992 in Simi Valley, California. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Jason Cruz, guitarists Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos, bassist Jim Cherry and drummer Adam Austin. After releasing a self-titled 7" record, they became one of the first bands to be signed to Fat Wreck Chords, the record label owned and operated by Fat Mike of the band NOFX. Austin left the band in 1992 and was replaced by Brad Morrison who also left the band and was replaced on drums by Jordan Burns, formerly of fellow Simi Valley natives Ten Foot Pole. Their first album, "Another Day in Paradise", was released in May of 1994. "Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues" followed in 1996. In 1998 they released "The Skinny Years...Before We Got Fat", a compilation album of their pre-Fat Wreck Chords material.

The band showed notable musical growth on their 1998 album Twisted by Design, which was both speedy and technical but also with darker overtones. The album established a mixture of the fast, poppy sound the band had established with Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues but mixed it with more atonality and more abstract song structures. Bassist Jim Cherry left the band in 1999 and went on to play in Pulley and Zero Down, but died of heart failure in 2002. He was replaced by Chris Aiken, whose musical background had a strong impact on the 2000 album The Element of Sonic Defiance.

In 2002 the band released their fourth full-length album "An American Paradox", their first release to appear in the Billboard Top 200. The initial production run contained a bonus song entitled "Don't Look Back". A video was filmed for the song "Cemetery" and was included on several punk rock video compilations. In 2003 they recorded and released a live album as part of the Fat Wreck Chords "Live in a Dive" series. "Exile in Oblivion", was released in 2004, with a video filmed for the song "Analog." Strung Out recently finished recording their sixth full-length album, "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles", which was released June 12, 2007.

While on tour with Evergreen Terrace in the fall of 2007 they hit a touch of bad luck. The band was set to play a show at The Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia PA. They checked into their rooms and Aiken happened to look out the window and see the van driving out with trailer connected. They called 911 but unfortunately the police were pre-occupied by the double homicide that had occurred down the street from their hotel. All of their equipment, merchandise, and personal belongings were in that trailer. With the help of their supporting acts, I Am Ghost and Evergreen Terrace, they didn't cancel the tour and were able to continue by playing on their equipment and traveling in their vehicles. Ironically the same thing happened to ska/punk act Suburban Legends at the same hotel and everything.

When they are not touring or making music, Jason Cruz enjoys life as an artist, Jordan is a co-owner of Moto XXX along with NOFX drummer Erik Sandin. Rob Ramos works in the film industry, and Jake gives occasional musical lessons.

Band Members

Current members

*Jason Cruz - vocals
*Jake Kiley - guitar
*Rob Ramos - guitar
*Chris Aiken - bass
*Jordan Burns - drums

Past members

*Brad Morrison - drums (1992 - 1993)
*Jim Cherry - bass (1992 - 1999) (d. 2002)
*Adam Austin - drums (1990 - 1992)



*"Another Day in Paradise" (1994)
*"Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues" (1996)
*"Twisted by Design" (1998)
*"An American Paradox" (2002)
*"" (2003)
*"Exile In Oblivion" (2004)
*"Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" (2007)

7"s and EPs

*"Strung Out" 7"
*split 7" with Jughead's Revenge
*split 7" with Blount (1995)
*"Crossroads and Illusions" (1998) CD-EP
*"The Element of Sonic Defiance" (2000) CD-EP
*Fat Club 7" (2001)

Compilations and Soundtracks

*"The Skinny Years...Before We Got Fat" (1998)
*"" (2004)

Non-album tracks and B-sides listed below:
*"Punk Sucks" compilation (1995) - "Support Your Troops"
*"Punk Bites" compilation (1996) - "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" (demo version)
*"The Fearless Flush Sampler" compilation (1997) - "Jacqueline", "Season Of The Witch"
*"Punk Bites Vol. 2" compilation (1997) - "Just Like Me" (demo version)
*"Fat Music Vol. III: Physical Fatness" compilation (1998) - "Ultimate Devotion" (demo version)
*"The Show" soundtrack (1998) - "Betrayal"
*"As a Matter of Fact" compilation (1998) - "Jacqueline," "American Lie," "Through Your Fingers"
*"Before You Were Punk 2" compilation (1999) - "Every Breath You Take" (originally performed by The Police)
*"Short Music for Short People" compilation (1999) - "Klawsterfobia"
*"Fat Music Vol. V: Live Fat, Die Young" compilation (2000) - "Novacain"
*"Punk Goes Metal" compilation (2000) - "Bark at the Moon" (originally performed by Ozzy Osbourne)
*"Beyond Cyberpunk" compilation (2001) - "Betrayal" (new version)
*"Fat Music Vol. VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence" compilation (2001) - "Your Worst Mistake"
*"Punk Goes Acoustic" compilation (2003) - "Velvet Alley" (acoustic version)
*"Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1" compilation (2004) - "No Voice of Mine" (demo version)

*"Punk Rock Mixtape 2006" compilation (2006) - "Analog"
*"Kingrock Entertainment, Listen Up, Vol. #1 - "All the Nations"


Music Videos

*"Bring Out Your Dead" from "Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues" - appears on "Peepshow" VHS (Fat Wreck Chords 1997)
*"Mind Of My Own" from "Twisted By Design" - appears on "Peepshow Vol. 2" VHS (Fat Wreck Chords 1998)
*"Cemetery" from "An American Paradox" - appears on "Peepshow Vol. 3 "DVD (Fat Wreck Chords 2003) and "Cinema Beer Buddy" DVD (Hopeless Records 2002)
*"Analog" from "Exile In Oblivion"
*"Calling" from "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles"


Album - Billboard (North America)
*Peak Position: The Billboard 200 #185 in 200]

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