Nave (BS)

Nave (BS)

Nave is a town and comune in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy, Italy. The commune is bounded by the comuni of Brescia, Caino, Lumezzane and Bovezzo. It is located in the Garza valley. "Note: this list must be checked, it appears to lack Concesio and Serle while Brescia may be spurious"

The origin of the name Nave ("Nae" in the local lumbard slang) is not certain. Some maintain it comes from "nava" (cfr. English "navel") meaning the valley basin in which Nave sits, others think it is a contraction from Latin "nam vallis", wide valley [] . Another possibility is it comes from Latin "navis" = ship (cfr. Italian "nave" with the same meaning) due to the overall shape of the town when seen from the Maddalena mountain. Notwithstanding this hypotesis being held as unprobable the coat of arms of the town sports a ship on it.

Originally Nave consisted in a series of loosely connected urban sections: Nave proper (Nave centro, "Nae"), Campanile ("Campanil"), Cortine ("Cǜrtine"), Dernago ("Dernac"), Mitria ("Mitria"), Monteclana ("Monteclana"), Muratello ("Möradel") which eventually connected together following urbanization. This is reflected by the fact that Nave does not have a main square, which is very uncommon for an Italian town.

A Lombard language tongue twister plays on "Nae" being both the name of the town and a past tense of the verb "nà" (English "to go", Italian "andare"): "en dè che nae a Nae go 'ncontrat el pret de Nae, 'l ma dìt en do che nae me go dìt che nae a Nae", which can be translated as: I was going to Nave when I met the priest of Nave, he asked me where I was going and I told him I was going to Nave.


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