Power Animal (Gaoranger)

Power Animal (Gaoranger)

The is used. Although there are numerous Power Animal combinations, only some made it on the show, the movie, and a few other sources.

In the finale, when Senki destroys the seventeen Power Animals aiding the Gaorangers and GaoGod, the other eighty Power Animals appear in the forms of colorful spheres and revive their fallen comrades. When they are united, all one hundred Power Animals use their "Heavenly Earth Roar Hundred Beast Animal Heart" to finally destroy Senki. A list of all 100 Power Animals and design sketches for combinations which didn't appear in the show was included as part of an art book showing renderings of all Super Sentai mecha up through "Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger".


*: GaoRed's totem Power Animal. Becomes GaoKing's upper torso or GaoKentaurus’ lower torso and feet.
*: GaoYellow's totem Power Animal. It can transform into GaoKing's head or become a waist for the GaoMuscle/GaoKnight formations. It is able to fire "Feather Bombs" from its wings when not in formation.
*: GaoBlue's totem Power Animal. Becomes a right arm part. Its formation special attack is nihongo|"Shark Shot"|シャークショット|Shāku Shotto and its dorsal fin is used as a small knife-like weapon called the nihongo|Fin Blade|フィンブレード|Fin Burēdo.
*: GaoBlack's totem Power Animal. Becomes GaoKing's, GaoMuscle's, and GaoKnight's lower torso and feet. In other formations, it adds Another Foot to the name. Its formation special attack is called nihongo|"Bison Kick"|バイソンキック|Baison Kikku or nihongo|"Double Bison Kick"|ダブルバイソンキック|Daburu Baison Kikku.
*: GaoWhite's totem Power Animal. Becomes a left arm part. Its formation special attack is called nihongo|"Tiger Attack"|タイガーアタック|Taigā Atakku, a punch attack that is usually used alongside GaoShark's Shark Shot.

Hundred Beast Armaments

*: One of GaoWhite's additional Power Animals, its jewel was embedded within a stone found with a scroll in the Liewan Shinto Temple. GaoElephant rested within Gazou Mountain until it was awoken by Tetomu. GaoElephant can perform Hundred Beast Armament, turning itself into the nihongo|Elephant Sword|エレファントソード|Erefanto Sōdo and the nihongo|Elephant Shield|エレファントシールド|Erefanto Shīrudo for GaoKing to use as nihongo|GaoKing Sword & Shield|ガオキングソード&シールド|GaoKingu Sōdo ando Shīrudo, using the finish attack being nihongo|"Powerful Bisection: Evil Crusher"|豪力両断イビルクラッシャー|Gōriki Ryōdan: Ibiru Kurasshā.
*: GaoYellow's additional Power Animals (he carries the jewels but gives them to Blue and White when used) who originally appeared as mysterious boys in black and white respectively. After GaoYellow retrieved flowers for GaoBear and GaoPolar, they gave him two seeds that turned into their Gao Jewels. GaoBear uses the power of fire and transforms into a left arm part. GaoPolar uses the power of ice and transforms into a right arm part. When added to another combination with GaoPolar, nihongo|Double Knuckle|ダブルナックル|Daburu Nakkuru is added to that formation's name and they would then destroy the enemy with the Bear Strike attack. If only one is used, nihongo|Knuckle|ナックル|Nakkuru is added, as seen in episode 38 when GaoBear was added alone with GaoKing. Their specialty move other than Bear Strike is nihongo|"Whirling Frenzy"|巴大車輪|Tomoe Daisharin, where the two join their feet together and rapidly spin towards the enemy when they are not in a mecha formation, and nihongo|"Ice Fang Blaze :Bear Strike"|氷牙炎滅ベアーストライク|Hyōga Enmetsu: Beā Sutoraiku, where blasts are fired from the mouths of GaoBear and GaoPolar. While under Loki's control, GaoHunter Double Knuckle used nihongo|"Spirit Blaze: Bear Strike"|精霊炎滅ベアーストライク|Seirei Enmetsu: Beā Sutoraiku. GaoBear and GaoPolar didn't initially accept GaoLion, and GaoLion was injured.
*: GaoBlue's additional Power Animal. It was originally in the form of a crane and sent dreams to Kai where GaoKing was no match for Boat Org and that they needed the “spotted spear” to win. When the dream began to come true, Tetomu realized that a Power Animal was calling to him. When GaoBlue called out to the Power Animal, the crane he used earlier during their fight against Boat Org revealed its true form as GaoGiraffe. GaoGiraffe can transform into the nihongo|"Giraffe Spear"|ジュラフスピアー|Jurafu Supiā, a right arm with its head is covered by a pointed helmet, adding the word nihongo|Spear|スピアー|Supiā when used with the GaoKing, GaoHunter, or GaoMuscle formations. Its finishing move is nihongo|"Demon Penatration Neck Thrust"|悪鬼貫徹ネックスラスト|Akki Kantetsu Nekku Surasuto, where its head is fired from its neck, and the enemy is pierced by its helmet. When combined with GaoHunter when it was evil, its attack was nihongo|"Spirit Penatration Neck Thrust"|精霊貫徹ネックスラスト|Seirei Kantetsu Nekku Surasuto. GaoGiraffe made a cameo in "Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger".
*: One of GaoBlack's additional Power Animals, chanting nihongo|"Madi"|マジ|Maji. He, along with GaoRhinos, was summoned by GaoBison to help against Loki after GaoBison was badly injured by Lawnmower Org. GaoMadillo originally appeared in a miniaturized form in the guise of soccerball when it gave their jewels to GaoBlack. When used in combination with GaoRhinos, GaoMadillo goes into GaoRhinos's right foot. GaoMadillo was once used by GaoKing Another Arm as a bowling ball for the nihongo|"Super-Fast Rotation Tornado GaoMadillo Spin"|超速回転トルネードガオマジロスピン|Chōsoku Kaiten Torunēdo GaoMajiro Supin technique in order to counter Bowling Org's bowling ball.
*: One of GaoBlack's additional Power Animals. Becomes the lower torso and feet for GaoIcarus. It arrived after GaoMadillo gave their two GaoJewels to GaoBlack. The two often replace GaoBison and GaoEagle as legs for GaoKing and GaoMuscle, adding the word nihongo|Striker|ストライカー|Sutoraikā. GaoRhinos’ formation special moves are "Rhino Shoot", nihongo|"Rhinos Kick"|ライノスキック|Rainosu Kikku and nihongo|"Striker Bomber"|ストライカーボンバー|Sutoraikā Bonbā, where GaoMuscle Striker rapidly spins and delivers punches to the enemy. With GaoKing Striker, its finishing move is "Strong Flash Kick Rhino Shoot", where GaoMadillo crawls out of GaoRhinos and curls up into a ball that is kicked at the opponent like a soccer ball, whereas with GaoMuscle Striker, its finishing move is nihongo|"Strong Kick Blast Rhino Shoot"|強蹴爆砕ライノシュート|Kyōshū Bakusai Raino Shūto.
*: One of GaoWhite's Additional Power Animals. Transforms into a left arm part where its antlers are used as a weapon, called the nihongo|Deer's Scissors|ディアスシザース|Diasu Shizāsu with which it can heal injured Power Animals with its nihongo|"Deers Healing"|ディアスヒーリング|Diasu Hīringu, which can also immoblize Orgs via nihongo|"Capture Ring"|キャプチャーリング|Kyapuchā Ringu. In the past, Shirogane and Murasaki used to play music for it. But after Murasaki's throat was injured by some Orgettes, it became angry at Shirogane for failing to protect Murasaki and left. With some help from Tetomu, GaoSilver was able to play for GaoDeers once again and it gave Tetomu its jewel. Afterwards, Tetomu gave its jewel to GaoWhite. When used with GaoKing or GaoMuscle, it adds the word nihongo|Cross Horn|クロスホーン|Kurosu Hōn to that formation’s name. Its signature moves are nihongo|"Cleansing Radiance Manifestation Bubble Capture"|清輝顕現バブルキャプチャー|Seiki Kengen Baburu Kyapuchā to seal enemies and nihongo|"Natural-Reverse Horn Crash"|天地逆転ホーンクラッシュ|Tenchi Gyakuten Hōn Kurasshu for a final blow.


nihongo|GaoMuscle|ガオマッスル|GaoMassuru: Called the nihongo|"Muscular Warrior"|筋肉の戦士|Kinniku no Senshi, it is the combination of GaoGorilla, GaoBear, GaoPolar, GaoBison & GaoEagle. GaoMuscle originally served as a replacement while GaoLion was badly injured. It wields an anchor and chain, called the nihongo|Muscle Anchor|マッスルアンカー|Massuru Ankā, and two shoulder cannons called the nihongo|Muscle Crackers|マッスルクラッカー|Massuru Kurakkā. It has the nihongo|"Muscle Bear Hug"|マッスルベアハッグ|Massuru Bea Haggu technique and its finishing moves are nihongo|"Unmatched Strength: Muscle Lariat"|剛力無双マッスルラリアット|Gōriki Musō: Massuru Rariatto, where it strikes with energized punches.
*: One of GaoRed's additional Power Animals. Becomes GaoMuscle’s upper torso and head. During the Gaorangers' journey to find the shining mushroom, GaoGorilla pulls them back in time to a period where a forest was still untouched by construction. It was awakened by a woman that the Gaorangers befriend and it traveled back to the present time with the Gaorangers. Its special attack is nihongo|"Banana Bomb"|バナナボム|Banana Bomu, where it throws explosive bananas at the enemy.

oul Bird

Referred to as the "GaoHeart", nihongo|Soul Bird|ソウルバード|Sōru Bādo is special creature that can increase the power of the Gaorangers' Power Animal combinations, excluding GaoHunter. Originally, Tetomu performed a ritual to turn Kage Mushroom into the nihongo|Gao Egg|ガオの卵|Gao no Tamago that then hatched into a small blue bird that Kakeru named nihongo|Pyochan|ピヨちゃん|Piyochan. During the battle against Shuten, Piyochan matured into the Soul Bird to heal the Power Animals and help the Gaorangers defeat Shuten. Since then the Soul Bird has been used as the cockpit in the formations, at the command "Soul Drive, GaoKing!" or "GaoMuscle!". When used with GaoKing, "Animal Heart" is upgraded to "Super Animal Heart", where the blast attack is not only shot from the Power Animal's mouths, but from a cannon inside the Soul Bird as well. In the "Gaoranger Vs. Super Sentai" Movie, "Super Animal Heart" was enhanced by the power from the giant robots of the previous Sentai teams during the battle against Rakushaasa.

When the Vase Org had transported GaoKing and GaoHunter into another dimension, a feather from Pyo escaped and became Yo, an evil, red-eyed version of Pyo, while in place of the trapped Pyo, a pure good Pi was left. Eventually, Tetomu convinced Yo to help the Gaorangers and become the Soul Bird and GaoMuscle Striker was formed for the first time. After the Vase Org was defeated, the two Soul Birds became one again.


nihongo|GaoHunter|ガオハンター|GaoHantā: Combination of GaoSilver's Power Animals, their formation referred as nihongo|"Advent"|降臨|Kōrin compared to the other combinations. It is armed with the nihongo|Crescent Boomerang|クレセントブーメラン|Kuresento Būmeran and nihongo|Ligator Blade|リゲーターブレード|Rigētā Burēdo. One thousand years ago, it was first formed when the three Power Animals of Shirogane were exposed to Thousand-Year Evil as part of Shirogane's plan to kill Hyakkimaru. In the end, GaoHunter became a cursed incarnation of itself, the nihongo|"Wicked King"|邪なる王|Janaru Ō nihongo|GaoHunter Evil|ガオハンターイビル|GaoHantā Ibiru, with its components reduced to nihongo|Demon Beasts|魔獣|Majū, came by the Loki's command nihongo|"Demon Beast Summon!"|魔獣召還|Majū Shōkan, joining together under the command nihongo|"Demon Beast Combine"|魔獣合体|Majū Gattai. In its cursed form, it has a horn and its face is hidden, able to perform the nihongo|"Evil Sixteenth Night Cut"|魔性十六夜斬り|Mashō Jūrokuya Giri and could merge with GaoGiraffe, GaoBear and GaoPolar with the command nihongo|"Demon Beast Armament!|魔獣武装|Majū Busō.

After the Dark Mask was broken by GaoKing Striker and Shirogane transformed into GaoSilver in Episode 24, GaoHunter assumes his true form, nihongo|GaoHunter Justice|ガオハンタージャスティス|GaoHantā Jasutisu, the nihongo|"Hunter of Justice"|正義の狩人|Seigi no Kariudo. Its finishing moves are nihongo|"Heaven and Earth Quake: Beast Hurricane"|天地震撼ビーストハリケーン|Tenchi Shinkan Bīsuto Harikēn, a blast attack from GaoLigator's mouth, similar to GaoKing's Animal Heart, and nihongo|"Demon Rush: Revolver Phantom"|悪鬼突貫リボルバーファントム|Akki Tokkan: Riborubā Fantomu, where it dashes into its opponent with the Ligator Blade spinning a drill. It is also able to perform combination attacks with other formations, such as nihongo|"Beast Gods as One Animal Burst"|獣神一体アニマルバースト|Jūshin Ittai: Animaru Bāsuto with GaoKing and nihongo|"Double God Impact"|ダブルゴッドインパクト|Daburu Goddo Inpakuto with GaoGod. GaoHunter Justice can also do a GaoHunter version of the Evil-Crushing Seijuu Orbs attack called nihongo|"Hunter SeiJuu Orb"|ハンター聖獣球|Hantā Seijūkyū with GaoMadillo. In Episode 40, after GaoGod took away the other Gaorangers Power Animals, GaoHunter had to battle alone against Tinplate Org. But with the energy that the other Gaorangers drew in from their totem Power Animals, GaoHunter was temporarily powered up into nihongo|GaoHunter Blue Moon|ガオハンターブルームーン|GaoHantā Burū Mūn, a form where GaoLigator turns blue and GaoHunter’s eyes glow green. As Blue Moon, "Blue" precedes the standard attack names, and GaoHunter is able to perform a different version of the "Evil Sixteenth Night Cut" called the nihongo|"Ligator Blade Crecent Moon Cut"|リゲーターブレード三日月斬り|Rigētā Burēdo Mikazuki Giri. Its finishing move is nihongo|"Roaring Moonlight: Blue Moon Heart"|月下咆哮ブルームーンハート|Gekka Hōkō: Burū Mūn Hāto. But GaoHunters' components would be resting for weeks afterwards to regain their full strength from the stress of Blue Moon Mode.
*: GaoSilver's totem Power Animal. Acts as a left arm part. Its formation special attack is nihongo|"Wolf Attack"|ウルフアタック|Urufu Atakku, whereas it is known as nihongo|"Blue Wolf Attack"|ブルーウルフアタック|Burū Urufu Atakku in Blue Moon Mode. It can also combine with other mecha when the GaoHunter formation is not possible, adding the name nihongo|Another Arm|アナザーアーム|Anazā Āmu. GaoWolf can also transform into GaoSilver's wolf-themed motorcycle, the nihongo|Wolf Roader|ウルフローダー|Urufu Rōdā.
*: One of GaoSilver's additional Power Animals. Acts as a right arm part. Its formation special attack is nihongo|"Hammer Shot"|ハンマーショット|Hanmā Shotto, whereas it is known as nihongo|"Blue Hammer Shot"|ブルーハンマーショット|Burū Hanmā Shotto in Blue Moon Mode. Like GaoWolf, it can also combine with another mecha if the GaoHunter formation is not possible.
*: One of GaoSilver's additional Power Animals. It becomes GaoHunter’s main body and feet. Its tail combines with GaoHammerhead's dorsal fin to become the Ligator Blade weapon for GaoHunter.


nihongo|GaoIcarus|ガオイカロス|GaoIkarosu: Called the nihongo|"Heavenly Spirit King"|天空の精霊王|Tenkū no Serei Ō, it is the combination of GaoFalcon, GaoGiraffe, GaoDeers, GaoRhinos, and GaoMadillo. GaoIcarus first appeared in Episode 31 to fight against Ultimate Form Ura. It is capable of flight by using GaoFalcon's wings, or it can use them as a shield, called nihongo|Defense Mode|ディフェンスモード|Difensu Mōdo. The eye designs on GaoFalcon's wings are able to freeze an Org in place with the nihongo|"Icarus Bind"|イカロスバインド|Ikarosu Baindo technique. Its finishing move is nihongo|"Ultimate Heavenly Technique Icarus Dynamite"|究極天技イカロスダイナマイト|Kyūkyoku Tengi Ikarosu Dainamaito, which is an enhanced version of nihongo|"Rhino Shoot"|ライノシュート|Raino Shūto where GaoIcarus performs a flip kick while in midair to propel GaoMadillo and bombard the Org from above after performing nihongo|"Strong Flash Kick Rhino Shoot"|強蹴一閃ライノシュート|Kyōshū Issen Raino Shūto. Once when all the other Power Animals but GaoFalcon that make up GaoIcarus were badly damaged from Steam Engine Org, GaoFalcon fused with GaoWolf, GaoHammerhead, and GaoBison to create nihongo|"New Heavenly Spirit King"|新たなる天空の精霊王|Aratanaru Tenkū no Serei Ō nihongo|GaoIcarus Another Foot and Arm|ガオイカロスアナザーフット&アーム|GaoIkarosu Anazā Futto ando Āmu. In this form, it is also armed with the Ligator Blade and its finishing move is called nihongo|"Demon Destruction Icarus Breaker"|悪鬼撃滅イカロスブレイカー|Akki Gekimetsu Ikarosu Bureikā, where GaoIcarus dashes forward and drives the Crescent Boomerang into the enemy with the Ligator Blade. Along with GaoRed, GaoIcarus appear in the bonus stage for the Playstation game "Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger"
*: The nihongo|Ultimate Power Animal|究極のパワーアニマル|Kyūkyoku no Pawā Animaru, also called the nihongo|"Fiery Wings"|炎の翼|Honō no Tsubasa, is one of GaoRed's additional Power Animals, forming GaoIcarus' main body. It is summoned by the Falcon Summoner, comes out of a volcano in a Phoenix-like fashion. After Ura killed all the Gaorangers except for GaoRed and GaoSilver, the other Gaorangers in the afterlife were able to put a puzzle together that not only awakened GaoFalcon, but it also returned them to life.


nihongo|GaoKentaurus|ガオケンタウロス|GaoKentaurosu: Called the nihongo|"Great Hero"|大いなる勇者|Ōinaru Yūsha or nihongo|"Great Sage"|偉大なる賢者|Idai naru Kenja, it is the combination of GaoFalcon, GaoShark, GaoTiger, GaoElephant, and an enlarged GaoLion. In Episode 43, when Dorodoro trapped the Gaorangers in hell where the spirits of the previous fallen Orgs were, they were unable to summon their Power Animals when Dorodoro became giant. At that time, Tetomu was Rasets' prisoner who wanted her to cook for him, but she was then rescued by the totem Power Animals. Remembering how the Gaorangers loved her cooking, she casts a spell on a piece of food and sends it into GaoLion's mouth causing it to grow larger. GaoFalcon then combined with GaoLion and the others, and they crossed into the dimension where the Gaorangers were fighting. GaoKentaurus then destroyed the spirits of the fallen Orgs and Dorodoro. GaoKentaurus was also used to finish off Rasets in the following episode. Able to use "Icarus Bind", followed by its finishing move nihongo|"Ultimate Sword Technique: Dance of the Beast King"|究極剣技・獣王の舞|Kyūkyoku Kengi: Jūō no Mai.


nihongo|GaoGod|ガオゴッド|GaoGoddo: The nihongo|"God of the Power Animals"|パワーアニマルの神|Pawā Animaru no Kami, comprised of the five nihongo|God Power Animals|ゴッドパワーアニマル|Goddo Pawā Animaru. Tetomu refers to him as nihongo|Wild God|荒神様|Aragami-sama. As GaoGod, his attacks are nihongo|"Beast God: Wild God Sword"|神獣荒神剣|Shinjū: Aragamiken and nihongo|"Heaven's Punishment: Power Arrow"|天誅パワーアロー|Tenchū: Pawā Arō, where he shoots his sword like an arrow. He was used by the ancient Gaorangers and was made from older versions of the current Gaorangers' totem Power Animals: nihongo|GaoLeon|ガオレオン|GaoReon, who forms the torso and is the black version of GaoLion; nihongo|GaoCondor|ガオコンドル|GaoKondoru who forms the head and is a blue bird similar to GaoEagle, the only difference is that the parts on its tail that become the horns on GaoGod's helmet are used as the bow for the Power Arrow; nihongo|GaoSawshark|ガオソーシャーク|GaoSōshāku, who forms the right arm, and is a maroon shark with a saw bill that is used as GaoGod's sword, making it slightly similar to GaoShark; nihongo|GaoBuffalo|ガオバッファロー|GaoBaffarō, who forms the legs and is similar to GaoBison; and nihongo|GaoJaguar|ガオジャガー|GaoJagā, who forms the left arm and is similar to GaoTiger. In the movie, he was piloted by GaoSilver. GaoGod was killed 1,000 years ago by Hyakkimaru, which forced Shirogane to don the Dark Mask. In the present day, he appeared in spirit form to help the Gaorangers restore Shirogane to normal, including temporarily eclipsing the full moon which caused Loki to temporarily revert back to Shirogane. Later, as GaoRed & GaoSilver were fighting Ura, he took the form of the human boy nihongo|Futaro|風太郎|Fūtarō and guided the four Gaorangers in the afterlife. When they awakened GaoFalcon and were resurrected, he was as well. As Futaro, he was unaware of his true form at first, but slowly began to remember after meeting his old friend, Shirogane, and listening to Tetomu perform Murasaki's song. After seeing how the humans had polluted Earth, he transformed into GaoGod and took the Power Animals from the Gaorangers, deeming that humanity does not deserve their help because humans are wasteful creatures and only pollute the Earth. But after the Gaorangers showed their will to protect the Earth and its creatures, he revealed to had been actually testing them as he aided GaoHunter Blue Moon. He returned the Power Animals and left the duty to protect the Earth in the hands of the Gaorangers. He later returned to notify the Gaorangers of the final Org, help Tetomu in sealing the Matrix and in the fight against Senki, where he was killed again, but was revived with the others and the God Power Animals helped destroy Senki. As Futaro he was last seen attending a picnic with his friends in the credits of the final episode.


nihongo|GaoKnight|ガオナイト|GaoNaito: Called the nihongo|"Spirit Knight of Fire"|炎の精霊騎士|Honō no Seirei Kishi, it is the combination of GaoKong, GaoEagle, GaoShark, GaoTiger, GaoBison, and GaoElephant along with Soul Bird. Its finishing move is "All Together Natural Big Burn Final". This and GaoKong are exclusive only to the Gaoranger movie.
*: A red version of GaoGorilla that is the guardian of the island. Its Gao Jewel was formed when the two pieces of the ruby were joined on an alter during three simultaneous eclipses, and it was then awakened from the volcano. It attacks with flaming palm trees.


In the final episode, four Power Animals are seen among the 100 in the orbs. nihongo|GaoMouse|ガオマウス|GaoMausu, nihongo|GaoPeacock|ガオピーコック|GaoPīkokku, nihongo|GaoStingray|ガオスティングレイ|GaoSutingurei, and nihongo|GaoHorse|ガオホース|GaoHōsu.

*nihongo|GaoPanda|ガオパンダ|GaoPanda: Exclusive only to the GaoAccess CD. It had a nihongo|Bamboo Hurricane|バンブーハリケーン|Banbū Harikēn attack. It quickly disappeared after it arrived.
*nihongo|Flame Pyo|炎のピヨちゃん|Honō no Piyochan: A red version of Pyo that appeared in the Gaoranger vs. GaoSilver special. After it hatched, it split into six GaoHearts for the Gaorangers.
*nihongo|GaoMuscle Shark & Tiger|ガオマッスルシャーク&タイガー|GaoMassuru Shāku ando Taigā / nihongo|GaoCracker|ガオクラッカー|GaoKurakkā: It is where GaoShark and GaoTiger could replace GaoBear and GaoPolar in the GaoMuscle formation. While the official art book lists this formation as GaoMuscle Shark & Tiger, many resources call this formation GaoCracker. Although there was an official picture in the Super Sentai Robo Art Collection, it never appeared on the show.

The Hundred Beasts

This is the list from the art book mentioned above. Sequences 34-38 and 54-58 are homages to "Choujin Sentai Jetman" and "Ninja Sentai Kakuranger" respectively.

ome of the Hundred Beasts

Pictures and text surrounding this table in the book depict and describe several of the unused Power Animals, four of which appeared in the final episode as cameos. "Young" Power Animals, such as Soulbird, do not appear on the list, but two others shown and described include KoWallaby (considered part of Power Animal #26 GaoWallaby) and Mini Manta (considered part of Power Animal #29 GaoManta). There are also two distinct versions of Power Animal #31 GaoBat, a "good" version and "evil" version.
*: Though it made only a cameo, GaoPeacock is the most well described and depicted additional Power Animal. GaoPeacock attaches to GaoKing's back to form nihongo|GaoKing Swordmaster|ガオキングソードマスター|GaoKingu Sōdomasutā. GaoPeakock's tail can shift from an at-rest tail-like position on GaoKing Swordmaster to a position faned out behind its back from which weapons may be drawn. The centermost "feather" of the tail becomes a sword, the two "feathers" immediately next to it on either side combine into a double-headed sickle weapon, the next pair of "feathers" are a pair of smaller swords, and the final outer-most "feathers" become a three-section staff. GaoShark or GaoTiger appear to be necessary arms in the combination to hold the weapons normally. GaoPeacock's wings are half retracted behind the combinations shoulders, but are shown to be optionally able to extend fully.
*: This combination is essentially "GaoKing Striker Double-Knuckle Swordmaster" with nihongo|GaoCobra|ガオコブラ|GaoKobura in its foot in place of GaoMadillo (which is standard for the "Striker" legs). Additional parts are shown attached to GaoBear and GaoPolar to enable the use of the "Swordmaster" weapons from GaoPeacock, but it is not specified whether these are optional parts of GaoPeacock or parts of GaoCobra. GaoCobra separated from the combination is not shown.
*: From text, GaoWallaby is apparently an adult female Wallaby with a pouch, and carries nihongo|KoWallaby|子ワラビー|KoWarabii (the Japanese prefix ko- indicates a child version as in the term koneko for kitten), though a picture of the two separated from a combination is not shown. GaoWallaby forms shoulder cannons and a left gauntlet on nihongo|GaoMuscle Magnum|ガオマッスルマグナム|GaoMassuru Magunamu and KoWallaby forms a right gauntlet/cannon on the combination.
*: A completely new combination formed from GaoPeacock (back and part of torso), GaoWallaby (forming both the torso and legs), KoWallaby (forming the head), nihongo|GaoTortoise|ガオトータス|GaoTōtasu (forming the left arm), and nihongo|GaoToppy|ガオトッピー|GaoToppī (forming the right arm). Neither GaoTortoise nor GaoToppy's arm forms are shown as having hands as detail shots are shown of the blade weapons on each, and no method for employing the "Swordmaster" weapons is shown or mentioned.
*: Both GaoManta and nihongo|MiniManta|ミニマンタ|MiniManta are shown separated as well as in combinations. GaoManta attaches to GaoKing's back with its detached tail forming a new large sword held by the GaoShark arm to form nihongo|GaoKing Aquadiver|ガオキングアクアダイバー|GaoKingu Akuadaibā. MiniManta's placement, if any, on this combination is not visible nor mentioned in the text.
*: GaoBoar has a spinning joint located in its forehead and pulls a cart that is equipped with two large cannons and carries a pair of drill attachments. A drill can be attached to the joint in GaoBoar's forehead. GaoBoar becomes a left arm on GaoMuscle with a drill attached, and the cart becomes back-mounted shoulder cannons to form nihongo|GaoMuscle Longhorn|ガオマッスルロングホーン|GaoMassuru Ronguhōn. Specifically, nihongo|GaoMuscle Striker Longhorn|ガオマッスルストライカーロングホーン|GaoMassuru Sutoraikā Ronguhōn is depicted and named.
*: The "good" version of GaoBat splits to form a right arm and wings on GaoHunter, forming nihongo|GaoHunter Phantom|ガオハンターファントム|GaoHantā Fantomu.
*: A completely new combination formed from GaoManta (torso, and legs), MiniManta (chestplate), GaoBoar (left arm, with cart forming back, head, and shoulder cannons), and GaoBat (right arm and wings).
*: An enemy combination formed from nihongo|GaoDile|ガオダイル|Gaodairu (torso, legs, and shoulder cannons), the "evil" version of GaoBat (head and chest armor), nihongo|GaoJaws|ガオジョーズ|GaoJōsu (left arm), and GaoHammerhead (right arm). As is visible from the image, and is mentioned in the text, GaoDile and GaoJaws would be recolors of GaoLigator and GaoShark, with later slightly modified to be a left arm instead of right.
*: GaoSwallow forms a right arm with a spinning action that launches a boomerang weapon. It forms combinations such as nihongo|GaoKing Boomerang Arm|ガウキングブーメランアーム|GaoKingu Būmeran Āmu.
*: GaoMole attaches to the spinning mechanism of GaoSwallow's arm form to create combinations such as nihongo|GaoKing Drill Arm|ガウキングドリルアーム|GaoKingu Doriru Āmu.
*: GaoPenguin attaches to the spinning mechanism of GaoSwallow's arm form to create combinations such as nihongo|GaoKing Ice Sword Arm|ガウキングアイスソードアーム|GaoKingu Aisu Sōdo Āmu.
*: A small robot formed from GaoSwallow (torso, arms, and head), GaoMole (right leg), and GaoPenguin (left leg). GaoMercury is notably only about the size of a single arm from one of the other combined robos of Gaoranger.
*: A very large Power Animal. It is shown that the toy design would be motorized, and possessed and attachment that could expand into a large platform to be towed by GaoMammoth. GaoMammoth can also transform into a centaur-like mode, with the transformation being a motorized automatic feature of the toy design.


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*Super Sentai

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