Picone identity

Picone identity

In mathematics, in the field of ordinary differential equations, the Picone identity, named after Mauro Picone, is a classical result about homogeneous linear second order differential equations. It is useful in studying the oscillation of such equations and has been generalized to other type of differential equations and difference equations.

The Picone identity is used to prove the Sturm-Picone comparison theorem.

Picone identity

Suppose that "u" and "v" are solutions of the two homogeneous linear second order differential equations in self adjoint form:(p_1(x) u')' + q_1(x) u = 0 , and:(p_2(x) v')' + q_2(x) v = 0. ,Then, for all "x" with "v"("x") ≠ 0, the following identity holds:left(frac{u}{v}(p_1 u' v - p_2 u v') ight)' = left(q_2 - q_1 ight) u^2 + left(p_1 - p_2 ight)u'^2 + p_2left(u'-v'frac{u}{v} ight)^2.

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* Sturm-Picone comparison theorem


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