SCE is an abbreviation with multiple meanings:

* Saturated calomel electrode, this is a commonly used reference electrode used in pH measurement and general aqueous electrochemistry.
* School of Continuing Education, an adult continuing education school in Orange County, California
* Scottish Certificate of Education was a certificate of the Scottish Secondary Education system incorporating Standard and Higher Grades.
* Service Children's Education is a support agency acting as a Local Education Authority for British service schools overseas.
* Service Creation Environment, a development environment used to create the services present in an Intelligent Network.
* Service Cryptologic Elements, the cryptologic components of each military service within the United States Department of Defense.
* Signal Conditioning Equipment, an Apollo spacecraft CSM instrumentation subsystem
* Southern California Edison, a regional electrical power supplier
* Scalable Cluster Environment, a software project for cluster computing.
* Society of Christian Ethics, a non-denominational scholarly association that promotes discourse and debate on Christian ethics.
* Sony Computer Entertainment is a division of Sony Corporation which produces PlayStation hardware and games including online games.
* Starfleet Corps of Engineers, a series of books from the fictional "Star Trek" universe.
* IATA code for University Park Airport in State College, Pennsylvania.
* Sister Chromatid Exchange: occurs normally in somatic cells with no phenotypic effect as sister chromatdis contain the same information. May be used to test mutagenity when one of the sisters is labelled with BrDU (brome-dezoxy-uridine)
* SCE European Cooperative Society European legal society for companies or individuals from different EU states
* Singapore Combat Engineers
* Subcutaneous emphysema, air trapped in the subcutaneous layer of the tissues.

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