Unforgettable (novel)

Unforgettable (novel)

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name = Unforgettable
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image_caption = First edition cover
author = Unknown ghost writer for Cecily von Ziegesar
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country = United States
language = English
series = The It Girl
genre = Young adult novel
publisher = Little, Brown
release_date = June 2007
media_type = Print (Paperback)
pages = 256 pp (first edition, paperback)
isbn = ISBN 978-0316113489 (first edition, paperback)
preceded_by = Reckless
followed_by = Lucky

Unforgettable is the fourth book in The It Girl series, released in 2007. It was written by a ghostwriter with suggestions from Cecily von Ziegesar. [http://nymag.com/nymetro/arts/books/12058/index2.html] Aimed toward young adults, it is a spin-off from the bestselling "Gossip Girl" series.

Plot summary

After being torn between Callie Vernon and Jenny Humphrey, Easy Walsh makes his decision. Easy dumps Jenny for Callie, but too bad-Jenny and Callie made a pact to put their friendship before relationships with Easy in front of the whole school. It couldn't be a worse time for Callie. But who cares, right? Easy was her boyfriend to begin with and Callie will certainly not give him up for her sticky sweet sophomore roommate.

Meanwhile, Brett Messerschmidt is still upset about the breakup with Jeremiah. After Jeremiah lost his virginity to Elizabeth, Brett had enough with guys. Surprisingly, Brett finds love in the most unexpected place: Kara Whalen, and confides in the most unexpected person: Heath Ferro. Not ready to declare her sexuality to the student body, Brett keeps the relationship a secret by bribing Heath, a horrible gossip, with sexy pictures of her and Kara.

Tinsley Carmichael does the unexpected and hooks up with a freshman, Julian McCafferty. However, Tinsley finds Julian growing increasingly more distant and she can't figure out what boy in his right mind could get bored with her.

Brandon Buchanan is completely over Callie and Jenny and is completely in love with Elizabeth, a unique and spunky girl who goes to Jeremiah's school. However, Elizabeth is afraid of being tied down to commitment so they decide to be free to see other people as well as each other, much to Brandon's discontent. Although one evening Brandon sneaks off campus to see Elizabeth, except Atherton is there... and things get a little steamy for the three of them.

At a special off-campus party hosted by Tinsley, Callie sneaks behind Jenny's back as Jenny sneaks off with Julian. Much to Callie's delight, Easy proclaims his love for her and they sleep together in a barn while the party rages on. Jenny walks in on them and realizes what's going on, running out of the barn before they see her and finding Julian behind it. They talk and realize their feelings for each other, finally kissing. Unfortunately, this was cut short by a fire, started by Tinsley when she sees them, throwing Julian's lighter at them and running off before she saw where it landed. Suddenly, when the group returns to Waverly, rumors are flying about who actually started the fire. When Jenny confronts Callie about what she saw, several motives and suspects are suggested by the two of them and other guests of the party.

Brett and Kara's secret is exposed when an intoxicated Callie lets the secret slip at the off campus party after Kara tells Callie the secret after a Women of Waverly, the club started by Brett for girls to talk about their problems, meeting. The entire student body knows that their prefect is a lesbian. Fueled by anger, Brett is hungry for revenge.

Dean Marymount finds out about the fire in the barn and is planning to expel whoever was responsible. Tinsley and Callie seize this chance to frame Jenny and get rid of her once and for all.

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