Don't You Forget About Me (novel)

Don't You Forget About Me (novel)

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name = Don't You Forget About Me
title_orig =
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author = Unknown ghost writer for Cecily von Ziegesar
cover_artist =
country = United States
language = English
series = Gossip Girl
genre = Young adult novel
publisher = Poppy
release_date = 2007
media_type = Print (Paperback)
pages = 304 pp
isbn = ISBN 978-0316011846
preceded_by = Would I Lie to You
followed_by =

"Don't You Forget About Me" is the eleventh book in the Gossip Girl series created by Cecily von Ziegesar. It is the last ghost-written book in the series. [] [] It was released in April 2007.

Plot summary

Blair and Nate return from their sailing trip, very much in love, while Serena struggles to come to terms with her feelings for Nate. Upon returning home, Blair finds out that her mother is throwing her and Aaron, her stepbrother, a graduation party at the Metropolitan Museum. She also finds out that their family is moving to Los Angeles, because of Cyrus' work and her father and his partner Giles adopted two Cambodian twins named Ping and Pong. This leaves Blair irritated and enraged, not only at her family, but also at Serena, who has not confessed her love letter to Nate.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is still trying to cope with the fact that Dan was gay and that her sister was getting married to Piotr. Dan's mother, Jeanette, comes to visit,for the first time in about ten years, clearly pleased with her son's sexual orientation. She organizes a coming out party for him.

Nate's father, Captain Archibald, sends him to his old mentor, Captain Chips White, thinking that his strict and hard demeanor would get through to Nate and finally straighten him out. When Nate meets him, he discovers that Captain Chips was not the mentor his father knew. He encourages him to "...think with your balls, not with your dick."

Blair and Serena make up, after Blair discovers that her mother assigned Serena and Nate to pick out old pictures for her party. Meanwhile, Serena's movie, "Breakfast at Fred's" release date is pushed to a sooner date, revealing Ken Mogul's plans for a sequel and another movie starring Serena, leading Serena to have different ideas about going to Yale right away.

Nate finally confesses to Blair that he didn't get his high school diploma, so he wouldn't be going on to Yale with her. He also has to repeat senior year in order to earn it back. Blair gets mad and throws a shoe at Nate which leads Nate to run to Serena. She tells him that she loves him, and that she was thinking of deferring her admission to Yale. They have sex after revealing that they are in love with each other, but Nate loves Blair, too ...

Greg breaks up with a still sexually-oriented confused Dan, and Vanessa mistakes their 'goodbye hug' for love. She asks Blair for help with a makeover, which Blair gladly obliges. She treats her to a salon and a blond wig, something she wore at her sister's bachelorette party at Coyote Ugly bar. Vanessa feels sexy and wild at the bar and dances on the table, but the next day she looks at her make-up stained face and goes back to being her.

Blair finally calms down, and convinces her father to talk to the Dean of Admissions for Nate. She also makes up with him while dorm room shopping with her brother, Tyler, and the newly-returned Aaron.

Ruby's wedding day arrives. Dan reads his poem out loud to the guests while maintaining eye contact with Vanessa, establishing that he was not gay and that he still loved her. They make up at Blair's going away party for everyone heading off to school in the fall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The next day, Dan leaves for Evergreen while Vanessa stays behind for NYU.

At the going away party, Harold Waldorf tells his daughter that Nate could go to Yale. This makes Blair happy, because all of her plans about her and Nate "livng happily ever after" are finally coming true. She tells Nate, but upon seeing her and Serena hug at the end of Eleanor's slideshow, he makes plans of his own so he doesn't continue to come between their friendship anymore...

Blair and Serena meet at Grand Central, where Serena confesses that she told Nate she loved him. Before the train to New Haven leaves, they both receive a text message from Nate, saying that he loved them both and was going to sail with Captain Chips around the world. Instead of fighting with Serena, Blair laughs, and says that this was an ending they never expected.

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