List of female mystics

List of female mystics

= Bahá'í Faith=

* Táhirih
* Bahiyyih Khánum
* Ásíyih Khánum


*Alexandra David-Néel author of books on Tibetan Mysticism


*Beatrice of Nazareth Flemish nun
*Joan of Arc French saint
*Teresa of Avila Spanish saint
*Hildegard of Bingen German saint
*Heilwige Bloemart
*Hadewijch Dutch nun
*Margery Kempe
*Anna Kingsford
*Christina of Markyate
*Flower A. Newhouse
*Julian of Norwich
*Marguerite Porete
*Mother Shipton
*Catherine of Siena
*Mother Teresa


*Bhakta Ghosa
*Sant Gargi Vachaknavi
*Sant Maitreyi Medieval
*Sant Akkamadevi
*Sant Andal (Nachiar or Goda-devi)
*Sant Avvaiyar
*Sant Bahinabai
*Sant Janabai
*Sri Lalleshvari
*Sant Mirabai
*Mother Meera
*Sant Molla
*The Mother
*Sant Nirmala
*Sant Rupa Bhawani, saint-poetess [5]
*Sant Savata Mali
*Sister Nivedita
*Sant Sahajo
*Sant Sakhubai
*Sant Satyakam Jabali Modern
*Mata Amritanandamayi
*Ma Devi Jnanabhanishta
*Shree Maa
*Sri Sarada Devi
*Gurumayi Chidvilasananda


*Rabi'a al-Adawiyya
*Hazrat Babajan


New Age

*Alice Bailey
*Mabel Collins
*Elizabeth Clare Prophet


* Sun Bu'er


*Helena Blavatsky
*Annie Besant
*Helena Roerich

Other female mystics

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* [ Joan of Arc] - Joan of Arc Archive.

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