Ministry of Employment (Sweden)

Ministry of Employment (Sweden)
Ministry of Employment
Formed 1974 (1974)[1]
Ministers responsible Hillevi Engström
Erik Ullenhag
Kingdom of Sweden

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The Ministry of Employment (Swedish: Arbetsmarknadsdepartementet) is a ministry in the Swedish government responsible for labour market and working life policy.

The ministry offices are located at Jakobsgatan 26 in central Stockholm.



The Ministry of Employment was established in 1974, when the Ministry of the Interior (Swedish: Inrikesdepartementet) was split in to two new ministries. The Ministry of Employment assumed responsibility for labour market, labour protection and immigration issues. Housing policies were transferred to a new Ministry of Housing (Swedish: Bostadsdepartementet).

On January 1, 1999 the issues of the Ministry of Employment were transferred to the new Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications (Swedish: Näringsdepartementet).

On January 1, 2007, the ministry was reinstituted after a decision by the new government that took office on October 6, 2006.


The Ministry of Employment has about 90 employees, including 6 political appointees.

The ministry is headed by the Minister for Employment, Hillevi Engström (m). The state secretary, Eva Uddén Sonnegård, rank second to the minister in directing the day-to-day business of the ministry. Furthermore, each minister has a political staff including political advisors and press secretaries. The political staff assist the ministers by preparing political issues, planning and coordination and contacts with the media.

Other senior officials are the Director-General for Administrative and Legal Affairs and the Administrative Director. Below the executive level, the ministry is divided into divisions, offices and secretariats.

Government agencies

The Ministry of Employment is principal for the following government agencies:

  • The Council for Employee Representation on Boards of Directors (Nämnden för styrelserepresentationsfrågor)
  • The Council for the European Social Fund in Sweden, Swedish ESF Council (Rådet för Europeiska Socialfonden i Sverige, Svenska ESF-rådet)
  • The Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation (Institutet för arbetsmarknadspolitisk utvärdering, IFAU)
  • The Labour Court (Arbetsdomstolen)
  • The National Advisory Board on Patent Rights and Compensation Settlements for Inventions at Work (Statens nämnd för arbetstagares uppfinningar)
  • The National Mediation Office (Medlingsinstitutet, MI)
  • The National Institute for Working Life (Arbetslivsinstitutet)
  • The Swedish ILO Committee (Svenska ILO-kommittén)
  • The National Labour Market Administration (Arbetsmarknadsverket, AMV)
  • The Swedish Unemployment Insurance Board (Inspektionen för arbetslöshetsförsäkringen, IAF)
  • The Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket, AV)


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