List of computer simulation software

List of computer simulation software

See Computer simulation

Open Source

* ASCEND (open source NLA/DAE modelling environment)
* Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research (free open-source Operations Research code)
* Facsimile - a free, open-source discrete-event simulation/emulation library
* NS2- A popular Open Source network simulator
* OPEN DESIRE Open Source Dynamic-system Simulation
* PDQ ("Pretty Damn Quick") an open-source computer modeling package
* SimPy an open-source discrete-event simulation package based on Python
* Physics Abstraction Layer - an open source physics simulation package


* 20-sim modeling and simulation software for bond graphs
* ACSL Advanced Continuous Simulation Language
* AIMMS Mathematical Modeling Software (commercial software, free trial license).
* AMESim platform for engineering system simulation.
* AnyLogic ideal simulation modeling tool for business and science.
* Arena
* Delsi 2.0 - Discrete-event simulation components for .NET 2.0
* Dymola modeling and simulation software based on the Modelica language.
* Extend Simulation Tools
* Flexsim
* Heptane modeling and simulation software for real-time systems
* Interconnect Driven Server
* Jigrein - Web based simulation (block diagrams, electrical systems, machines)
* Mathematica
* Modelica (an open standard for modelling software)
* NetSim - Network simulator for Academics and Research
* OpenEaagles Simulation Framework
* Powersim Software (System Dynamics)
* SimiGon Training and Simulation Software
* [ SIMUL8] Simulation software for modeling business processes and making risk free decisions.
* Simulations Plus - Modeling & simulation software for pharmaceutical research
* Simulink from The MathWorks (block diagrams, electrical mechanical systems, machines)
* True-World (modeling & simulation, system dynamics, 3D & 4D)
* Vanguard Software
* VisSim (block diagrams, machines)
* VISSIM (traffic)
* Visual Components

ee also

*Software choice for discrete event simulations
*Quantum chemistry computer programs
*Software for molecular mechanics modeling

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