List of discrete event simulation software

List of discrete event simulation software

This is a list of discrete event simulation software.

* AnyLogic is a graphical general purpose simulation tool which supports discrete event (process-centric), system dynamics and agent-based modeling approaches. In discrete event simulation it root to the same approach as GPSS, but provides additional facilities: combining different approaches, dynamic animation, DB-connectivity, DXF-import, rich experimental framework etc..

* SIGMA is based on the simple and intuitive Event Relationship Graph (sometimes called an ERG or Event Graph) approach to simulation modeling. SIGMA has been proven able to represent any computer program, with modeling power referred to in computer science as Turing Complete. SIGMA is specifically designed to make the fundamentals of simulation modeling and analysis easy.

* Facsimile is a free, open-source discrete-event simulation/emulation library.

* GPSS is the time tested and trust DES platform: different implementation are available through vendors.

* Simula was the first object-oriented programming language, and was designed specifically for simulation

* SimPy is an Open Source process-oriented discrete event simulation package implemented in Python. It is based on Simula concepts, but goes significantly beyond Simula in its synchronization constructs.
* [ SimEvents] is a discrete-time simulation tool offered by The MathWorks as an add-on package for Simulink and MATLAB.
* [ ExtendSim] is a graphical general purpose environment for discrete event, continuous, discrete rate, and agent based simulation.
* [ SIMUL8] is the globally recognized standard for Business Process Simulation and has a user base in every country of the world.
* [ WITNESS] from the Lanner Group is a globally recognized standard for Business Process Simulation, and has led the market for more than 20 years.

* "PLANT SIMULATION" ("eM-Plant", "SiMPLE++") was one of the first commercial, object-oriented simulation tools with a graphical UI and an integrated simulation language (SimTalk), details see at [ SIEMENS PLM]
* [ CACI's SIMPROCESS] is used for process simulation.
* [ jemula] is an open-source event-driven simulation environment in JAVA.


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