The Seven Pointed Star

The Seven Pointed Star

Infobox Album | Name = The Seven Pointed Star
Type = Album
Artist = Astralasia
Released = November 4, 1996 (UK)| Genre = Electronic: Goa, Trance, Ambient
Label = Magick Eye Records

"The Seven Pointed Star" Released 1996 on Magick Eye Records. This is the first album to feature new material reflecting their change in style of trance towards the realms of psychedelia. Old Astralasia fans may not like this new material, but the younger generation certainly do, as proved by the crowds. This album is split into two halves, the first kicking off with a series of excellent hard tracks. The later half of the album returns to the more ambient style of Astralasia old. Its quite a contrast, but one which works well, preventing the album becoming repetitive.

Track listing

# "The Seven Pointed Star " - 7:40
# "GreyArea " – 7:13
# "Four Moons" – 7:47
# "Whirlpool Kaos" – 8:37
# "Secret Samanta" – 8:34
# "God Forms On The Astral" – 4:29
# "Oh Cowell" – 8:29
# "Who Are You?" – 5:05
# "Astral Vision"
* "Beyond The Sirian Ray" 7:10
* "Dwellers On The Threshold" - 4:35
* "Good Nuit" - 3:00


* [ Official Website Discography]

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