Star of Threbe

Star of Threbe

The Star of Threbe is a fictional artifact in the animated series, W.I.T.C.H.



Long back when Meridian was a peaceful and happy place, a young girl, Weira (Elyon's mother), heir to the throne, wandered away from her parents and got lost.

Weira's parents were frantic, and beseeched the Mage for help. The Mage used the Heart of Kandrakar to create a locator stone, a seven-pointed star, designed to locate the current Princess (The Heart of Meridian). As the Mage says: "This star will summon for you one person who is lost, and when she finds it, it will render powerless anything or anyone that will prevent her from coming home, but if activated, the Star could never be destroyed and could one day serve your enemies..."

As expected, Weira was drawn to the Star, and it safely guided and guarded her back to her parents. Her father threw the Star into the Volcano of Threbe, hoping to destroy it, though to no avail.

Present Day

In the present day, Prince Phobos, wanting to find his long-lost sister, the Princess of Meridian, found the Star and ordered his faithful servant Cedric to put the Star in his bookshop, so it would attract his sister (The Heart of Meridian).

Elyon, drawn to the Star like Weira was, took it from the bookshop, unaware that Cedric was secretly watching her, thus finding out the identity of Phobos's long-lost sister.

Meanwhile, as the Guardians attempted to give Blunk a bath, they tried to fly into the air, but the Star, activating, rendered the Guardians and the Heart of Kandrakar powerless, like the Mage said, and the Guardians fell into the river, unable to stay in the air. Will discovers that they cannot change back into their original forms, and they sneak into the Silver Dragon, seeking Hay Lin's grandmother's, Yan Lin's help, who explains the legend to them and informs them that they shall continue to be rendered powerless until the Star passes to a new owner, which would be very grave news indeed, as Phobos would find Elyon at last. At the end of the episode the Guardians "do" receive their powers back and thus realizes what had occurred to make it so.

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