Vanadium oxide

Vanadium oxide

Vanadium oxide may refer to:

* Vanadium(II) oxide (vanadium monoxide), VO
* Vanadium(III) oxide (vanadium sesquioxide "or" trioxide), V2O3
* Vanadium(IV) oxide (vanadium dioxide), VO2
* Vanadium(V) oxide (vanadium pentoxide), V2O5

In addition to these principal oxides of vanadium, various other distinct phases exist:

* Phases with the general formula VnO2n+1 exist between V2O5 and VO2. Examples of these phases include V3O7, V4O9 and V6O13. Wells A.F. (1984) "Structural Inorganic Chemistry" 5th edition Oxford Science Publications ISBN 0-19-855370-6 ]

* Phases with the general formula VnO2n−1 exist between VO2 and V2O3. Called Magnéli phases for [ Arne Magnéli] Greenwood&Earnshaw] , they are examples of crystallographic shear compounds based on the rutile structure. Examples of Magnéli phases include V4O7, V5O9, V6O11, V7O13 and V8O15.

Many vanadium-oxygen phases are non-stoichiometric.


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