Italian People's Party (1919–1926)

Italian People's Party (1919–1926)

The Italian People's Party ("Partito Popolare Italiano", PPI) was a christian-democratic political party in Italy.

It was created in 1919 by the priest Don Luigi Sturzo. The PPI was backed by Pope Benedict XV to oppose the socialist party which had become an ever increasing threat. In political elections, in 1919, PPI obtained 20% of the vote. In 1921, the party confirmed the results of the 1919 elections. The PPI was a second Italian party after the Italian Socialist Party. The party was divided into two factions: "catholic democratic" and "moderate clericalist". Catholic democrats were favourable to accord with socialist. The clericalist were adverse and wanted an accord with liberal-conservative parties.

PPI was declared illegal by the Fascist regime in 1925. The presence of some members in Benito Mussolini's first government divided the party in two factions. The filo-fascist faction abandoned PPI and came into fascist party.

Most of its members later founded Christian Democracy.

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