is a small suburb of Yokohama city located in the Midori-ku ward (緑区). It translates directly into a "Misty Hill". Kirigaoka is boud from the North-West by Tōmei Highway, from the North by Tōkaichiba (十日市場) neighbourhood, from the East by a nihongo|Niharu-shimin-no-mori|新治市民の森|Niiharushiminnomori forest and in the South by the another suburb called Wakabadai (若葉台).

There are 3 schools: Elementary, Middle and a High School.Kirigaoka also has 9 parks with the main park being called Kirigaoka-kōen (霧が丘公園).

One of the major areas with apartment complexes surrounded by a lot of greenery is called Kirigaoka Green Town (霧が丘グリンタウン). Part of the apartments are private and another part is for rent.

A koban, having a police officer on duty is located at the 3-chome 3-banchi 2-ban address. Nearby is a Post Office and a bus stop called Yūbinkyoku-mae (郵便局前).Kirigaoka is also home to a famous movie director Akira Kurosawa's - Kurosawa Film Studio.

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