Naval Aviation Badge

Naval Aviation Badge

Infobox Military Award
name=Naval Aviation Badge

awarded_by=the Republic of the Philippines
type=Military Badge
eligibility=Military Personnel (Officer only)
for=for requirements as prescribed in the Philippine Air Force for requirements as prescribed in the Philippine Air Force Manual 17-1, dated July 1978, Aircrew Management
status=Currently Awarded
description=The Naval Aviation Badge consists of the seal of the Republic of the Philippines in relief superimposing an anchor placed at the center. A gold-plated pair of wings are placed on both sides of the seal. The anchor is an upright gold-plated resting midway at the span of the wings. The Naval Aircrew Badge has a golden rope around the ring where a seal of the PN is placed at the center; while the Honorary Aviation Badge has an anchor superimposed on the ring surrounded by a rope.

On the Naval Aviation Badge, the wings symbolize aviation and air activities; the anchor signifies that the awardee is under the naval command while the seal of the Republic of the Philippines signifies that such deed is in honor of the country.

This is awarded by the Flag Officer-in-Command to commissioned officers of the Philippine Navy; to any military personnel assigned with the Naval Air Group; and to military and civilian personnel, foreign and civilian dignitaries.

The badge has three categories:

*Naval Aviation Badge - To earn this badge, one must be a Commissioned Naval Officer; must be a graduate of Basic Pilot Training conducted by the Philippine Navy or any Aviation/Flying School or Academy recognized by the PN; must have been checked out in any PN type aircraft; must be on flying status; and must have logged at least 175 flying hours in any fixed-wing type aircraft or 150 hours in any rotary winged type of aircraft.

To earn this badge, one must be assigned with the Naval Air Group; must be professionally and physically qualified to perform the skills required by appropriate and current naval aviation job classifications; and must be required by orders to participate in regular and frequent aerial flights.
*Honorary Aviation Badge - This is awarded to individual military or civilian personnel who have contributed to the development and training of the Naval Air Group; to foreign dignitaries who are known exponents of aerospace science; to civilian dignitaries who have contributed to the development of aerospace technology; and to the other personages whose achievements have directly or indirectly contributed to the advancement of aerospace technology.

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