LAW 80

LAW 80

Infobox Weapon
name= LAW 80

origin=flagcountry|United Kingdom
type= Rocket-propelled grenade (Anti-tank)
used_by=British Army, Jordan, Oman
manufacturer=Hunting Engineering
weight= 10 kg (22 lbs)
length= 1500 mm (59 in) firing 1000 mm (39 in) carrying
caliber=94 mm
max_range= 500 m

The LAW 80 (Light Anti-armour Weapon 80), sometimes erroneously referred to as LAW 94, is a man-portable one-shot disposable anti-tank weapon used by the British Army and others.


The weapon consists of an extendable launch tube with an integrated 9 mm spotting rifle and 1× sight. The spotting rifle has five rounds of ammunition, and is ballistically matched to the rocket. The rounds it uses are quite unusual, consisting of a 9 mm tracer bullet loaded in a necked up 7.62 mm NATO shell casing, with a .22 Hornet blank mounted in the base of the larger case, providing the propellant charge. Upon firing, the .22 cartridge case pushes out of the back of the 7.62 mm casing, unlocking the breech of the spotting rifle in a form of primer actuation. [ [ 9 x 51mm SMAW - International Ammunition Association] ] The spotting rifle on the USMC Mk.153 Mod.0 SMAW was derived from LAW 80.

To launch the rocket the firer removes the large protective end caps and extends the rear of the launch tube, opens the sight, and moves the arming lever to "armed". The weapon is then in spotting rifle mode. To fire the rocket, the firer moves a charge lever forward with his firing hand thumb. The rocket motor burns out before it leaves the launch tube, the resulting blast being directed rearwards from the launch tube. The rocket then coasts to the target, arming itself after it has passed a certain arming distance. The warhead is a HEAT shaped charge and can reportedly penetrate 700 mm of armour (RHA).


* Contractor: Hunting Engineering
* Calibre: 94 mm
* Launcher length:
** Firing mode: 1.5 m
** Carrying mode: 1 m
* Weight:
** Carrying weight: 10 kg
** Shoulder weight: 9 kg
** Projectile weight: 4.6 kg
* Dispersion: approx 1 mil
* Warhead arming range: 10 to 20 m
* Effective range: 20 to 500 m
* Fuze:
** Type: Piezo-electric impact fuze, scrub and foliage proof
** Graze angle: <= 10°
* Temperature range: -46 °C to +65 °C
* Rear danger area: < 20 m
* Shelf life: 10 years





:Entered British service in 1987 replacing the L14A1 84 mm Carl Gustav recoilless rifle and M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon (Rocket 66mm HEAT L1A1) anti-tank weapons. It is currently being replaced by the L2A1 Interim Light Anti-tank Weapon (ILAW), which in turn will be replaced by the Next-generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (MBT LAW).


Addermine is an acoustic sensor system which utilises the LAW 80 as a kill mechanism to create an off-route mine. It can also be command detonated from up to 200 m away.



* "Jane's Infantry Weapons 2005-2006"
* "Jane's Infantry Weapons 1991-1992"

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