Strider 2

Strider 2

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title= Strider 2

developer= Capcom
publisher= Capcom
designer= Harumaru,
Nezumi Otoko,
released= 1999
genre= Platform
modes= Single Player
ratings= ESRB: E (Everyone) (Console port only)
platforms= Arcade, PlayStation
input= 8-way Joystick, 3 buttons
cabinet= Upright
arcade system= Sony ZN-2
display= Raster, 640 x 480 pixels (Horizontal), 65536 colors

"Strider 2", released in Japan as nihongo|"Strider Hiryu 2"|ストライダー飛竜2|Sutoraidā Hiryū Tsū ,is Capcom's 1999 sequel to the original "Strider". The game is actually the second sequel to "Strider" produced, following the U.S. Gold-produced "Strider Returns" released in vgy|1990, a game which Capcom was not directly involved. The Capcom-produced "Strider 2" makes no references to the western-only "Strider Returns", which is officially considered as non-canon.

Arcade version

In "Strider 2", the player takes control of modern-day ninja named Strider Hiryu who wields a deadly plasma-ejecting cypher named the Falchion, completing missions assigned to him. There are four starting selectable missions and a fifth is unlocked by completing them. Defeating the fifth mission unlocks the final boss mission where Hiryu will have to face off with powerful bosses which includes the rogue Strider Hien, Grandmaster Meio and a bioweapon named Caduceus. By completing all the missions, the player will unlock Strider Hien, who wields two ranged cyphers, as a playable character.

There are also special unlockable and powerful skills which will ease the player on their mission. Included are the Savage Slash (Midare-Giri in Japanese), Hassou Jump, Boost (unlimited if the game is beaten using Hien), and rapid slash.

PlayStation version

The following year, Capcom released "Strider 2" for the PlayStation (which is to be expected, given that the arcade used the Sony ZN-2 board, a very similar hardwareFact|date=June 2007). The game came in two CDs, one being an exact port of the original "Strider" arcade. Due to a bizarre labeling error, "all" American copies of the "Strider 2" disc were labeled as the original "Strider" disc, and vice versa.Fact|date=June 2007

If the player completes both games, and saves both achievements on the same memory card, "Strider 2"'s secret level "mission 00", a waterfall stage named Guyana Guaykinima Falls, is unlocked. []

This game, unlike "Strider Returns", was well received by reviewers. [] However, it did not sell very well.

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