List of collegiate churches in Scotland

List of collegiate churches in Scotland

There are no functioning Collegiate churches in Scotland today. It is thought that the first "Collegium" of canons with their own chapel was formed in St. Andrews in the 13thc., and it is thought that by the Reformation there were over 50 secular religious houses. The proscription of the Catholic faith in 1567, meant that these houses had to close.Although Scotland endured the Iconoclasm of the Reformation, there are still some handsome structures extant. Some Collegiate churches were converted into local parish Kirks, whilst others have fallen to ruin, some a mixture of the two.

As a response to the power of Mediæval Monastiscm, the rulers of Scotland in common with many other Northern European states tried to control the power of the church by encouraging local magnates to commission secular houses of worship within their lands, and often within their own fortalices.

These Collegiate Churches were often considered as private fiefdoms within certain families, as a means to ensure prayers for their souls and for the glory and immortality of their lines. By establishing or recreating previous monastic establishments as "Collegia" of Canons, helped to 'temporalise' authority over large areas of valuable land and increase the power of the crown.


*Saint Nicholas Collegiate Church


*Kilmaurs Collegiate Church

Dumfries & Galloway

*Lincluden Collegiate Church

East Lothian

*Bothan's Collegiate Church, Gifford
*Dunbar Collegiate Church
*Dunglass Collegiate Church
*Seton Collegiate Church
*St. Mary's Collegiate Church, Haddington


*Corstorphine Collegiate Church
*Edinburgh Collegiate Church
*Restalrig Collegiate Church


*Saint Salvator's Collegiate Chapel, St Andrews
*Strathmiglo Collegiate Church


*Dornoch Collegiate Church


*Crichton Collegiate Church
*Dalkeith Collegiate Church
*Collegiate Chapel of St. Matthew, Roslin


*Elgin Collegiate Church

Perth and Kinross

*Abernethy Collegiate Church
*Dunblane Collegiate Church
*Innerpeffray Collegiate Church
*Methven Collegiate Church

cottish Borders

*Peebles Collegiate Church


*Stirling Collegiate Church

West Dunbartonshire

*St Mary's Collegiate Church, Dumbarton

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* Glasgow Collegiate Church
*Semple Collegiate Church
*Easter Fowlis Collegiate Church
*Saint Nicholas Collegiate Church, Saint Andrews
*Brechin Collegiate Church
*Guthrie Collegiate Church
*Dunkeld Collegiate Church
*Fortrose Collegiate Church
*Tain Collegiate Church
*Lismore Collegiate Church
*Kilmun Collegiate Church

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*List of collegiate churches in the United Kingdom

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