Death in Cyprus

Death in Cyprus
Death in Cyprus  
Author(s) M. M. Kaye
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre(s) Mystery novel
Publisher Staples Press
Publication date 1956

Death in Cyprus (published in 1956) is an M. M. Kaye mystery novel. The story, set on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, focuses on 21-year-old Amanda Derington who, against her strict uncle Oswin's wishes, decides to have a holiday on the beautiful island. However, whilst on a boat to the island, she witnesses the murder of one of the passengers. But the longer she spends on Cyprus, the more she gets the feeling that she was the intended victim.

Plot summary


  • Amanda Derington, the protagonist
  • Steven Howard, a mysterious artist
  • Julia Blaine, the woman murdered
  • Alistair Blaine, Julia's husband
  • Persis Halliday, a romance writer
  • Claire Norman, a femme fatal
  • George Norman, Claire's husband
  • Glenn Barton, an employee of Oswin
  • Anita Barton, Glenn's former wife
  • Lumley Potter, an artist who Anita ran off with
  • Toby Gates, Amanda's prospective male-friend

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