HIV/AIDS in Japan

HIV/AIDS in Japan

The spread of HIV and AIDS in Japan has been increasingly acknowledged as a serious problem in recent years. ["The Nation": ' [ New HIV Infections Hit High in Japan] .' 7 February 2007.] According to the study of the World Health Organization, the number of HIV cases in Japan is at least 17,000. [HIV report, World Health Organisation, '] This equates to .001% of the population of Japan, one of the lowest ratios of HIV in the world.

In 2006, new cases reached a record high. ["Yahoo Asia": ' [ Japan reports record new HIV infections, AIDS patients in 2006] .']

Official figures for July-October 2006 [ [ エイズ動向委員会報告メニュー] . [ English translation] .] from Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare showed that just over half of domestic HIV/AIDS cases were amongst homosexual men, with the remainder transmitted through heterosexual sex, drug abuse, in the womb or via unknown means.

Independent research has suggested that actual infection rates may be much higher, especially amongst the young. [BBC: ' [ Japan's Aids time bomb] .' 13 July 2004.]

Historically, HIV in Japan has been associated with tainted blood products. ["CBS": [ Japan: Convictions In Blood Scandal] .' 2000.] Overall awareness of sexually transmitted infection remains low. ["Mainichi Daily News": ' [ Everybody's talking sex in Japan, but nobody's hearing AIDS] .' 24 February 2004.]


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