Inženýrská odysea (TV series)

Inženýrská odysea (TV series)

Infobox television
show_name = Inženýrská odysea / Engineer Odyssey

size =
caption =
format = drama miniseries
runtime = 60
creator = Evžen Sokolovský and Jaroslav Dietl
starring = Jaroslav Satoranský
Petr Kostka
Michal Dočolomanský
Eva Jakoubková
Eliška Balzerová
Ilja Prachař
country = Czechoslovakia
network = Czechoslovak Television
first_aired = 1979
last_aired = 2006
num_episodes = 13 (List of Engineer Odyssey episodes)
language = Czech, Slovak
imdb_id = 0790505

Inženýrská odysea (Engineer Odyssey) is a Czechoslovak TV series about three young students and their lives.


The story begins at the college where three young students, Zbyněk, Vašek and Jano, are roommates. They decide to work for the same company after their studies, but after army service they go to different cities.

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