The Subject Bible

The Subject Bible

The Subject Bible is an edition of the King James Bible which combines a traditional Bible text with a topical Bible in a single volume.

This Bible was prepared by Dr. Everette Gaddy. Gaddy is "a Tennessee bible salesman" [ [ Someone who interviewed Gaddy] ] He published The Subject Bible through Assurance Publishers. [ [ A discussion with review] ] Gaddy's first name is alternately spelled "Everett". He is featured on a program called Bible Discovery on the Daystar Network. [ [ Bible Discovery] ] He is said to be a "world renowned theologian" [ [ On the shopping page] ] but nowhere is a "curriculum vitae" which explains any specifics of Gaddy's contributions to theology.

The Subject Bible is perhaps best known because of a thirty-minute informercial which was produced to sell the Bible to a wide audience. The infomercial features Dr. Gaddy and the host, Dr. Jerry Goff, [ [ Dr. Jerry Goff official web site] ] the creation and features of the Bible, in a candid and often unscripted informal conversation, interspersed with segments encouraging viewers to order a copy of The Subject Bible. (Goff is billed in the infomercial as a Bible scholar, but his biography [ [ Dr. Jerry Goff bio] ] lists him as a Gospel musician. But he is "a professor of church history and New Testament documents at Christian Life College". [ [ interview] ] )

In addition to the infomercial, The Subject Bible can be purchased from different sources online. [Such as [ The KJV Store] and others. The KJV Store has a sample of the Bible's pages available. Note that online sources typically offer the Bible for a lower price than the infomercial.] The main Bible text augments the Bible verses with notes about the subjects the verses discuss. The notes reference the back of The Subject Bible, which has a topical list of subjects along with the text of verses which pertain to that subject.

The list of verses by subjects appears to be taken from work by Dr. Roswell Dwight Hitchcock, [ [ obituary] ] whose name is visible on the title page. Hitchcock is well-known for preparing "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible". [ [ "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible"] ]

The King James text is augmented by definitions of rare, obsolete, and archaic words. Example: In the verse 1 Corinthians 16:22, both the words "anathema" and "maranatha" which appear in the KJV text are underlined, and definitions are supplied at the end of the verse. The Subject Bible appears to have about the same number of definitions as Thomas Nelson's Read-Along-Translations in editions of the KJV from that publisher which do not contain their more extensive center-column note system.

Similarly, in the Old Testament, the passage in Isaiah 3:22 is used as an example. This verse is part of a long list of clothing and personal effects in 16th century English that is so obsolete that it defeated the "King James Bible Commentary" to the point that no commentary is even offered, and instead the NASB translation is quoted without further elaboration. The Subject Bible tranlsates the words "wimple" and "crisping pins" into modern English.

Other than its subject notes and word definitions, The Subject Bible has no other study notes of any sort, which means it is non-denominational and non-sectarian.

The Subject Bible is unlike any other King James Study bible available today. There are many other study bibles such as the Thompson Chain, Scofield, Ryrie, and Dake that have impressive cross-referencing systems for sure. But none of these bibles can claim that every single verse of the King James Bible appears somewhere within its referencing system. Such is the case for the KJV Subject Bible. All 31,000 plus verses of the King James bible do appear once within the "Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects" which is the 2nd half portion that makes up the Subject Bible. There is also no other bible that allows you to research a particular subject or topic by organizing every single verse of the bible that deals with that topic onto 1 page that is convenient for referencing.

This is where the "Alphabetical Subject Index" at the back of the Subject Bible comes in handy. You can look up a subject alphabetically (such as angels, baptism, peace, or salvation) and then flip to the page number in the Whole Bible Arranged by Subjects that it lists. On that page # you will find all of the verses (the full text and Scripture reference) pertaining to the subject that you just looked up. This is much faster and easier than flipping around verse by verse using a chain-referencing system such as in the Thompson or Scofield. It is also worth noting that the makers of the Thompson Chain Reference bible claim that their bible is "influence free" meaning that they only use references throughout the text and let the Scripture "be its own best commentary." Yet at the back of the Thompson Bible, there are hundreds of pages of a commentator's notes on what they think certain subjects are talking about. The Subject Bible, which is free from any commentary, study notes, and therefore opinions of any kind would be much more accurately titled as "influence free".

The KJV Store ( seems to offer the most information and instructions on how to use the Subject Bible effectively. It also appears to be the only source where you can actually "Look Inside" the Subject Bible by looking at the page samples that are viewable on their website.


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