1st Armoured Division (India)

1st Armoured Division (India)

The Indian 1st Armoured Division is part of II Corps and is headquartered at Patiala. It is part of the Indian Army's Western Command. It is considered to be the pride of the Indian Army. The 1st Armoured Division played an important role in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

The Division, also nicknamed the 'Black Elephant' or 'Airawat' Division, consisted in 1965 of the 17th Cavalry, The Poona Horse, the 4th Hodson's Horse, the 16th 'Black Elephant' Cavalry, the 7th Light Cavalry, the 2nd Royal Lancers, the 18th Cavalry and the 62nd Cavalry, the two first named being equipped with Centurions.

The 16th Light Cavalry was also equipped with Centurion tanks. The regiment was the leading element and suffered one officer casualty only. During the 1971 war the 16th's two squadrons stayed in defences, while its A Squadron took part in operations in a supporting role of an infantry brigade in Shakargarh sector and was highly decorated. Three out of the four officers of Alfa Squadron went on to become Lieutenant Generals in the Indian Army career while the fourth left the army and settled abroad.

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