List of air operations during the Battle of Europe

List of air operations during the Battle of Europe

This list of air operations during the Battle of Europe is a timeline of notable offensive and defensive air campaigns, operations, battles or engagements in the European Theater of Operations of World War II from the to Victory in Europe Day. The list includes combined arms offensive or defensive operations, defensive anti-aircraft warfare, and encompasses all continental geographic areas and islands within the territorial waters of belligerent European states.NOTE: Air offensive or defensive operations does not include cargo operations such as Operation Carpetbagger or reconnaissance from air. Also, the list does not include operations conducted by the air forces of the European belligerents solely over North Africa, the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, the Middle East or European neutral states.]
* American raid over petrol refineries in Pardubice, occupied BohemiaFact|date=December 2007
* American raid over Drohobych petrol refineryFact|date=December 2007
* Aerial Attack against German battleship "Tirpitz", in Altafjord
* April 5: British strike against aircraft factory in Tolon, France and raid over Munich.
* Some British daylight minor raids against Amiens (February 15, 1944), La Hage (April 11, 1944) and Copenhagen (March 21 1945), between other similar actions
* June 2: bridge
* June 8/9:
* June 12 0418 hrs: cite book |last=Hill|first=Roderic|authorlink=Roderic Hill|title=Air Operations by Air Defence of Great Britain and Fighter Command in Connection with the German Flying Bomb and Rocket Offensives, 1944-1945|year=October 19, 1948|publisher= |location= |pages=] began with a V-1 flying bomb striking Swanscombe ().403 were downed)cite book |last=Collier|first=Basil|title=The Battle of the V-Weapons, 1944-1945 |origyear=1964 |year=1976|publisher=The Emfield Press|location=Yorkshire|isbn=0 7057 0070 4 |pages=p174]
* July 23/24:

cite book |last=Levine |first=Alan J |title=The Strategic Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945
url= |format=html |accessdate=2006-06-30 |page=p140
] , but killed US Lieutenant General Lesley J. McNair
* August 13 & 17:
* August 27: raid is the first major raid by Bomber Command to Germany in daylight since 12 August 1941.
* September 8: launches on Paris and London
* September 1944: The Soviets shot down Allied aircraft during the Airdrops of the Warsaw Uprising


* January 1: firestorm consumes the picturesque centre of the city.
* March 14: viaduct
* March 17: s to date
* Daylight and night Red Army Air Force Bombing offensive from Stalingrad in Soviet Union to Germany Battle of Berlin

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